The Rise of Fan Favorite You tube sensation & Bodybuilder “Daddy” Noel Deyzel

The Rise of Fan Favorite You tube sensation & Bodybuilder Daddy Noel Deyzel

Noel Deyzel is a Tiktok celebrity, YouTuber, businessman, and social media influencer living in South Africa. He is famous for posting workout videos on a variety of social media sites. On Tiktok, he currently has close to six million followers. Leaving this aside, he is also quite well-liked on other social networking sites, particularly Instagram. Also, due to the fact that he has kept his relationship status a secret, many people have inferred and rumored that he is gay. Learn more about Noel’s full biography, his Sexuality & Personal Life in this article.


 Noel Deyzel Profile summary


NameNoel Deyzel
Famous forFitness tips and comedy videos.
ProfessionTiktok star & YouTuber
Height6 feet 2 inches (188 cm)
Weight130 kg (286 lbs)
AppearanceGreat physique with black hair & brown eyes
Marital statusUnmarried
Age38 [as of 2022]
Date of Birth30 September 1984
BirthplaceSouth Africa
Zodiac signLibra
HometownJohannesburg, South Africa
NationalitySouth African
TikTok Account@noeldeyzel_bodybuilder
Instagram Account@noeldeyzel_bodybuilder





Who is Noel Deyzel? Photo: @noeldeyzel_bodybuilder Source: Instagram
Noel Deyzel, also known as WanderBoy2010, is a South African bodybuilder and fitness YouTuber best known for his sub-2-minute workout videos. He was born on September 30, 1984, and now he is 38. He publishes comedic videos, exercise regimens, and fitness advice.

Noel’s early life & family 

On September 30, 1984, in South Africa, Noel Deyzel was born into a South African family. His birthplace was South Africa. He grew up in a violent household. His talk on The Success Bug podcast claimed that his father had been fierce against his mother. His parents split up when he was about twelve years old.

He spent a significant portion of his life in prison, as did his father. Bodybuilder Noel grew up next to an older sister. He is two years older than her sister. He had a difficult upbringing because his parents had split up.

In order to provide for him and his sister, his mother made chocolate moulds with his assistance. He finished his education at a private school. On the other hand, nothing is known regarding his academic background.

His nationality is American, although it is unknown what ethnicity he belongs to. He hasn’t disclosed any information about his family, including his parents and siblings. Therefore, there is currently no information accessible concerning his family.

When did Noel Deyzel achieve fame?

Before he decided to become a bodybuilder at the age of 21, he used to be teased for being tall and slender. He began on YouTube before TikTok, publishing his debut video there in November 2018. In February 2020, he published his debut TikTok, which received over 1,000 likes and more than 30,000 views.

He published a TikTok in July 2020 that included his two pets. He used footage of Arnold Schwarzenegger in a TikTok video from October 2021. Also, he has been diagnosed with sleep apnea, a condition that can probably kill a person while they are asleep.

Is Noel Deyzel a gay man?

Also, on celebrity rumor websites, his name is frequently referenced. Since he has not yet been seen with a mystery girl, many people have begun to wonder and eventually rumor that his sexual orientation is different because his concerned fan’s question has gone unanswered. Noel Deyzel appears to not be gay, nevertheless, based on the most recent rumors.

What were his Gender And Sexuality?

An image of the star kissing another man was just posted by him on Instagram. He was pictured holding hands with another man in the image. The person’s identity is the subject of numerous rumors, nevertheless. It might be his girlfriend, some people suppose, but it might also be someone else. Although Noel Deyzel is straight, according to the most recent report. He’s not gay, according to a source close to the actor, who spoke to Hollywood Life.

You tube sensation & Bodybuilder Daddy Noel Deyzel

Noel Deyzel, is he a natural?

Deyzel has always been forthright about the fact that he is not a natural bodybuilder. He acknowledged using PED in an earlier YouTube video titled “Why I’m upfront about my steroid use.” He asked other fitness influencers to be open and honest with their fans about their usage of steroids to avoid encouraging consumption that frequently does not produce the desired results.

Who is Noel Deyzel currently dating?

Noel Deyzel is single right now, according to the most recent reports. He has previously dated a few different women. Actress Eva Longoria and Noel Deyzel were said to have slept together in 2013. She later refuted those allegations. She said, “I’m sorry if I offended anyone with my comments. I am not dating Noel Deyzel.”

According to reports, Noel Deyzel and Nicole Murphy, his ex-girlfriend, went through a breakup in 2011. Noel Deyzel is accused of having an affair with his ex-best girlfriend’s friend in 2010. Noel Deyzel and Darren Criss, his Glee co-star, allegedly got together in 2008. According to reports, Noel Deyzel and Heather Morris, a Glee co-star, had an affair in 2007.


In March 2008, Noel Deyzel launched his professional career by setting up a YouTube channel. Despite having started his channel in 2008, he didn’t start posting videos until November 2018. He has more than 12 years of expertise in the fitness industry, as his channel bio indicates. As a result, he began posting videos that were generally motivational, instructional, or lifestyle videos.

But until he became well-known on Tiktok, his channel hardly drew any attention. Before YouTube shorts were introduced, he started uploading short films, and his channel quickly expanded. A total of 111 million videos have been viewed by his over 1 million subscribers as of right now.

On the other side, he started his Tiktok account in February 2020 with the username noeldeyzel bodybuilder. He posted fun and fitness videos on Tiktok. His videos rapidly developed a large audience after becoming viral. He currently has 193 million hearts and over 5.9 million followers.

Acting career

In films like The Wedding Ringer (2015), The Perfect Match (2016), and The Greatest Showman, he has made appearances (2017). “A Million Little Pieces” is the title of his most recent film.

At the young age of 12, he had his first appearances in commercials, music videos, and television programs. His debut album, “My Name Is Noel Deyzel,” was published in 2003 and went on to sell more than 500,000 copies globally. As a result, he agreed to a recording contract with Atlantic Records.

After appearing in the TV series “Glee” from 2009 to 2015, his acting career took off. He appeared in the 2016 movie “The Wedding Ringer” with Kevin Hart. He co-starred with Hugh Jackman as Billy Flynn in the musical “Chicago” in 2017. Noel Deysel began work on his new project, “The Last Man on Earth,” in 2016. He will appear in the movie alongside Will Forte and Kristen Bell.

His Business

Noel has power on social media as well. He represents the YoungLA fitness apparel company as a brand ambassador. He serves as Deyzel Industries’ owner and director. The business provides diet and exercise programs. They also provide goods for sale.

In addition, he shares ownership of Ryse Supplements. The business sells a variety of supplements for bodybuilding. The popular YouTuber has previously held the position of Managing Director of Integral Fusion. A software firm called Integral Fusion. He was employed by the Sandton-based business from March 2008 to July 2011. His LinkedIn page states that he has worked for Thought Inc. in the same capacity since January 2011.

Noel Deyzel’s Fitness Academy: What he has said?

As a competitive athlete and over 15 years of experience, I want to share the knowledge I have gained. A lot of this experience came from trial and error, you don’t have to repeat any of my mistakes, I paid my dues and I am ready to extend my knowledge to help accelerate you to reaching your dream physique.

My goal is and has always been to help as many people as possible realize their achievable body goals, whether you are wanting to get ripped (lower body fat) or get jacked (gain muscle).

Noel Deyzel

Starting can often be overwhelming and intimidating, we will hold your hand through this process, through the physical and emotional hurdles taking a sustainable approach to make this part of your lifestyle.

What was Noel’s Net worth?


The estimated value of Noel Deyzel’s net worth is $1.25 million. He is not just a well-known social media influencer, but also a successful businessman. His primary sources of income are sponsorships and business ventures. Through sponsorships on social media, he earns money. Despite having a sizable following, he doesn’t generate any money on YouTube because all of his videos are brief. His expected profits from various sources are listed below.

Sponsorships: He is an influencer that any sponsor may use to advertise their product on Tiktok, where he has over five million followers. His engagement rate is 7.36% on average. As a result, he may earn $3,250 on a sponsored post. He has accumulated somewhere between three and four million followers on Instagram. With an average engagement rate of 6.10% and 195,309 likes, he could make $8,500 from one sponsored post.

Selling Products: To increase sales, as a co-owner of Ryse Supplements, he advertises the company’s products on social media. Also, he offers his goods on his official website, where customers may purchase items like beanies, beanies, caps, and sweaters. It’s difficult to quantify his revenues from this source, though.

What do people comments about Noel Deyzel?


Martin Huang

Noel Deyzel, aka Daddy Noel Personally (and this is my opinion, so please don’t go attacking me, heedlessly), I think he’s a great influencer, and maybe one of my top favorites. He may not be the best, since I’m pretty sure other influencers can melt people’s hearts, but Noel is without a doubt a great bloke.

Chris McClinch

I’ll be honest: I had to look him up. My take on his message: It’s refreshing to hear a chemically enhanced bodybuilder state the obvious—that he’s chemically enhanced, and that if the person you’re asking about is famous for his or her physique, there’s a 99+% chance that that person is also chemically enhanced. He’s right about that, and he’s in a fairly small group that’s fully honest about it.

My take on his physique: Great shoulders and arms. Very good chest, although it lags behind the shoulders and arms. Lats need both width and thickness to match the chest, shoulders, and arms. Good, tight midsection. Thighs have great definitions, but they’re too small for a high-level pro in the modern era. Not blessed by the calf gods.

Seems (based on 10 minutes of Googling) to be a decent human being, and to at least steer clear of being full of shit in an area where a LOT of people make a really good living being full of shit.

Nindya Pratiwi

Noel is one of the fitness influencers who:
1) Acknowledge the hardship of the fitness journey
2) Stressing the importance of having a real body goal
3) Knows and understands his role and responsibility as an influencer; and doing it responsibly
4) Reminds you to always do research before doing anything
5) Is generally very wholesome

On top of that, he has a nice internet persona, and his content steps up the game of the bodybuilding influencers industry. TL;DR One of the nicest meatheads on the internet 10/10

Alexis Lay

 I used to like him until I began to notice how much he pushes aside the fact that he is a homosexual male and constantly makes these videos where he pretends to be a heterosexual man, bending over to them seeking worthless validation from heterosexual people, because his heterosexual fans don’t appreciate him, they don’t. They like him because kneels before them for their acceptance by acting like a heterosexual man in “funny videos” and making his homosexuality invisible or non-existing if you will. If he didn’t pretend to be a heterosexual man for entertainment if he expressed his same-sex attraction openly and proudly his heterosexual fans would leave him and would make fun of him instead.



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