Steven Murphy death: Suspects Marco and Keith Yandle charged with murder of Adelaide man

Steven Murphy murder suspects
A former schoolboy, Marco Yandle and his dad Keith Yandle were arrested in Steven Murphy murder case


Two men have been charged with the murder of missing father Steven Murphy, whose body was discovered within a bunker. Let’s see what happened to Steven Murphy and who killed him in detail.

Suspects arrested in Steven Murphy’s case:

A private school captain has been charged in connection with the body found in the Kudla bunker murder. 

The father-of-two Steven Murphy was killed, and the baby-faced 19-year-old and his father were taken into custody on murder charges.

Police found Mr. Murphy’s body in a pit on a Kudla property on the outskirts of Adelaide on Tuesday. The body was discovered in a backyard shed within a 15m by 15m man-made bunker. 

Two males, aged 46 and 19, were accused of murdering missing father-of-two Mr. Murphy, 38, shortly after the remains were identified as being his.

Both males were denied bail and kept in detention with the intention of appearing in the Adelaide Magistrates Court later. 

Who were the suspects?

Keith Yandle, 46, and his 19-year-old son Marco Yandle have both been charged with murder.

The younger man was a talented footballer and a former vice-captain of a private school.

A renowned private school expressed its disbelief at the murder accusation brought against a former student captain who is accused of killing missing man Steven Murphy.

In light of those conclusions, Keith made an appearance in Elizabeth Magistrates Court on Monday and is now additionally charged with murder.

Additionally, Marco was placed in custody and ordered to appear at the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

In the meanwhile, Murphy’s loved ones remember him as a devoted father and a “good person.”

Steve’s family member says, “Steve was an amazing person who would help anyone,” Murphy’s sister said.

“He was a quiet, gentle soul.” “He was loved by everyone and will be truly missed,”

Although investigations are underway, police earlier this week stated that they were unaware of any evident connections between Murphy and Keith Yandle.

Murphy had been squatting in nearby farm buildings and had attempted to break into the bunker before he vanished. According to Murphy’s relatives, he was sleeping rough in the area because he had nowhere to stay and needed to be near his kids.

Steven Murphy’s death:

The body of Murphy, 38, who was reported missing from the Kudla area about two months ago, was discovered in a bunker on Tuesday afternoon after a thorough search of a building in Adelaide’s north.

Police discovered 20 cannabis plants when they started searching the home at Kudla, leading to Mr. Yandle’s arrest earlier this week and charges of narcotics and firearms offenses. After receiving a tip on Sunday that there might be a body at the location, they went there. 

Before excavators were brought in to dig out the hole beneath the bunker and uncover the corpses, the area was completely dry. 

South Australia Police found the missing man, Steven’s remains in a hole on Tuesday at a Kudla property in Adelaide’s northern suburbs.

According to police, his remains may have remained in the bunker for up to six weeks, starting from when he was reported missing. 


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