How did Sebastian Marino die? Former Overkill & Anvil Guitarist cause of death Explained


How did Sebastian Marino die? Former Overkill & Anvil Guitarist cause of death Explained

The former guitarist of OVERKILL and ANVIL, Sebastian Marino, has passed away. Let’s see what happened to him and Sebastian Marino cause of death in detail.


What happened to Sebastian Marino?

The former guitarist of OVERKILL and ANVIL, Sebastian Marino, has died at the age of 57. Marino died suddenly in the early hours of January 1 after being rushed to a hospital.

Sebastian played on ANVIL’s 1991 album “Worth The Weight” and appeared on three OVERKILL LPs in the 1990s: “The Killing Kind” (1996), “From The Underground And Below” (1997), and “Necroshine” ( 1999). OFFICIAL ANVIL Facebook page announced the demise news of Sebastian Marino, the statement reads,

R.I.P. Sebastian (Seby)Marino Earlier today, ANVIL frontman Steve “Lips” Kudlow tweeted: “Condolences to my friend Sebastian Marino’s family and friends. Seby was a dear friend and I will miss him profoundly!! Worth The Weight was an extremely special ANVIL album and it will keep Seby alive through our history forever! RIP SEBASTIAN MARINO”. Earlier today, ANVIL frontman Steve “Lips” Kudlow tweeted: “Condolences to my friend Sebastian Marino’s family and friends. Seby was a dear friend and I will miss him profoundly!! Worth The Weight was an extremely special ANVIL album and it will keep Seby alive through our history forever! RIP SEBASTIAN MARINO”.


Sebastian Marino cause of death

We are saddened to learn of the loss of Sebastian Marino on the first day of the new year from a heart attack at the age of 57. A guitarist, whose name has not been heard in the last several years, as he was mainly active during the 90s.

Sebastian Marino: Career

The Anvil Years

Sebastian Marino was born in Rochester, New York in 1965 and we meet him officially in Anvil in 1989. Seb had the misfortune both in Anvil and later in Overkill, to participate in 2 legendary formations but in a transitional-experimental period. Anvil had already released the strongest papers of their discography in a short period, as was the case with all the bands of the 80s.

In the 7 years of his stay in Anvil, only ” Worth of the Weight ” was released in 1991. This album is not among the band’s super classics, but it certainly has its moments and all the quality characteristics of Anvil. It is the record with which Seb introduces himself to the metal community.

The first impact

 A relatively unknown story is that Seb first unsuccessfully tried to join Overkill in 1990. This was around the time Bobby Gustafson had left the band and they were looking for a replacement. They were looking for his replacements because they didn’t want there to be a direct comparison with a single guitarist.

Since then they have been going with 2 guitarists, although Gustafson’s departure has opened up the pockets of Aeolos, with Overkill having difficulty finding a stable guitarist duo.

But as far as Seb is concerned, at that time, he loses his place to Merritt Gant who, together with Rob Cannavino, opens a new chapter for bats. Of course, Seb may have been rejected initially but he left a positive example that will help in their future collaboration.

The unknown period of Ramrod

 Many will remember Marino/Comeau as the guitar duo in Overkill but far fewer will know that the 2 previously played in Ramrod (1992 – 1994), a power metal band that managed to release only one demo in 1994.

Their musical bond however helped Overkill get them back into the band after Gant/Cannavino left. Comeau will even be appreciated as a singer and will take over the backing vocals.

The Overkill Years

 As with Anvil, so with Overkill, Seb takes over at a difficult time. The previous guitar duo proved to be short-lived while records like “I Ear Black” and to a lesser extent “WFO” failed to convince their fanatical core fans.

The ’90s find them experimenting with groove metal. Now, having the time distance, we know that many ’80s thrash groups experimented in the 90s and some of us even appreciate records from this period. But the people who lived it at the time it was happening, had a hard time accepting it.

The band in the eyes of the fans seemed to have to prove their worth again and the 2 new guitarists would come under the microscope. The Killing Kind comes to confirm the new sound direction of Overkill.

More groove and less thrash, with an emphasis on volume and dynamic playing. “Battle”, “God-Like”, “Cerifiable” and “Cold, Hard Fact” stand out, while in “The Morning After/Private Bleeding” they will not hesitate to present us with an almost ballad-like track.

All of this is not entirely welcome, but with a more comprehensive look at their discography, we can say that “The Killing Kind” is among their most uneven works.

“ From the Underground and Below” which follows finds them at their best songwriting and Marino/Comeau giving us some amazing riffs. Perfect start with “It Lives”, an excellent sample of the groove in “Long Time Dyin’”, guitar feast in “The Rip ‘n’ Tear”, synthetic variety and riffs in “FUCT” and mouth-watering closing with “Little Bit O “Murder”.

The guitarists seem to have found their footing here and apart from the groove they manage to combine aggressive playing with melody. The culmination of their efforts will of course come with ” Necroshine” which is for the writer the best record of Overkill’s second period.

Here they managed to perfect their groove-thrash metal and give us a very good final result. In particular, the song of the same name was the besieging ram of Overkill for many years to come.

The song they used to open their concerts even when they were touring for another record. After this release, we can say that both Seb and Joe left the band with their heads held high.

The next years

Also, a not-so-well-known story is that Marino/Comeau after Ramrod and Overkill played together in Liege Lord in 2000. Comeau will seem more active than Comeau in general, as we will see him again in Liege Lord and also in Annihilator. Unfortunately, Seb’s musical steps did not have the same continuity and his name disappeared from the scene.

As I mentioned above, we remember him mainly for the important things he achieved in the 90s. But it’s enough to have a special place in our hearts…thank you for everything Seb!


Tributes to Sebastian Marino


All of us at Dr. Moxy want to send our condolences to the family and friends of Sebastian Marino. A pillar of our music scene and owner of the great Audio Images. You and your talents will be dearly missed, Seb.

Alex Ninevski

Where do I begin… everyone is posting! Sebastian Marino is a friend, a mentor, a colleague, and a heart of gold! He got my start in the music industry 20-plus years ago. I learned a lot from him, helped him out when needed, and Mixed shows for him. This is such a huge loss to the music community here! I promise you this!!!! We will keep Audio Images going for him because that’s what he would have wanted! Seb! rest easy my friend… we will take it from here! Love ya, buddy. 

Juan Jay Cali Calixto

R.I.P. Boss man…When I left the post office early last year, I had no idea what I was going to do. I just knew I was going to get back to working in music full-time one way or another. I’m so grateful To Seb for taking a chance on me to run our “Backline” division and allowing me to prove I was the right man for the job.

Sebastian Marino was a workhorse. That man has rightfully earned everything he worked for in his life. I witnessed his drive and dedication firsthand and the long hours he put into his business every day. He had a heart of Gold and has made me want to push harder and be better in all areas of life, just based on the example he set for all of us to aspire to. We are family at Audio Images and I have him and Josh to thank for welcoming me into that family. My heart is with the Marino family at this time. God speed

Mark Miller

Just heartbroken to have learned of the passing of Sebastian Marino, owner of Audio Images. A husband, and a father ….he was also one of the foundation rocks this latest version of TALAS was built on – providing sound and equipment for all the shows we did in the recent past as well as being instrumental in the production of “1985”.He came to my house to discuss recording the album. He suggested maybe his warehouse in Batavia, then he saw my little studio and said let’s do it here! I said no, too small and the room doesn’t sound good enough. So I grabbed my snare drum and we walked into my living room with its vaulted ceiling. I set it down and gave it one solid hit…. we looked at each other and smiled… My thoughts are with his family. He will certainly be missed…RIP friend…



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