Samuel Maina aka Biggie death: Man burned alive inside car for ferrying stolen sheep, Explained

Samuel Maina aka Biggie
Samuel Maina aka Biggie died


Samuel Maina, commonly referred to as Biggie, was burned alive by an angry mob in Nanyuki. Let’s see what happened to the Kenyan driver in detail.

How did Samuel Maina aka Biggie die?

A family in Nanyuki is currently grieving the loss of a loved one because an angry mob set him ablaze inside his father’s vehicle.

Samuel Maina, or Biggie, was doing his usual transportation job when he was suspected of transporting stolen sheep. Unfortunately, they didn’t mind hearing his side of the story. 

The mob was fueled by false accusations that the vehicle was transporting stolen livestock.

What happened to Samuel Maina aka Biggie?

A Kenyan driver named Biggie was burnt alive with his truck this morning following allegations that he was transporting stolen sheep around a Bantu lodge. 

The enraged mob severely hurt the defenseless Biggie before setting him ablaze inside his father’s car. Many Kenyans have raised their voice and demanded justice after his tragic death.

He informed his father and then started transporting the sheep. He got stuck due to heavy rain on the way back and some people claimed he was carrying stolen sheep. 

When they realized that a crowd was forming, they withdrew from the scene, leaving the driver at the mercy of the mob, which demanded that they burn the lorry. 

When the driver hesitated, the mob attacked him with rocks and other objects. They took him inside the truck and set it on fire after brutally hurting him. 

Tributes to Samuel Maina:

Javan Karanja posted,

Team emotional battalion hope you have seen how an emotionally charged mob burned an innocent man ( Samuel Maina aka Biggie ) at Nanyuki. The mob was motivated by false accusations & unsubstantiated allegations that the drive was ferrying stolen sheep. And since emotions were high the mob had no time to interrogate the driver to hear his side of the story. Rest in Peace Sam .

Jontee Manchester posted,

SAD UPDATE : The driver( Samuel Maina aka Biggie ) who was burned inside a lorry this morning around Bantu lodge was innocently given a job & obliged, he notified his Dad and proceeded to ferry the the sheep.

Javan Karanja posted,

Rest In Peace Samuel Maina Aka Biggie. He was burned inside his Father’s Lorry today.

Maureen Wang’ati-Gnagbo commented,

God forbid! What are Kenyans turning into??? This is a very serious case God help his family I can’t imagine their pain.

Rouger Graves commented,

#justiceforbiggie. Kenya is surpassing sodom n gomorrah


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  1. It was a sad Ordeal. I am his Brother, but what Emerged later is there was no sheep in the Lorry and it was not mob. They were just 4 people who killed him.


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