Mr Seed and Nimo Gachuiri accident: What happened? What caused the accident? Explored


 Mr Seed and Nimo Gachuiri accident: What happened? What caused the accident? Explored

Mr. Seed, a Kenyan gospel performer whose true name is Moses Omondi, was seriously hurt in a car accident on Saturday night. Fearful Nimo, Mr. Seed’s wife, described the tragic incident that occurred on a day that was meant to be a successful land-hunting excursion in Nanyuki but instead turned into a nightmare. Learn more about Mr. Seed and Nimo Gachuiri’s accident and What happened to the Singer in this post.

About Mr. Seed and Nimo Gachuiri’s accident

Seed’s wife’s statement

After a tragic car accident, Mr. Seed’s wife, Nimoh Gachuiri, couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her husband still alive. In a recent media interview, Nimoh emotionally described the occurrence.

“I can’t believe my husband is alive. I’ve never been this scared in my life. Some good Samaritans helped and we took him to the hospital. I was taking these videos for our family members. The car they were in got into a bad accident. We were slightly behind them when we saw a crowd surrounding the scene,” Nimoh said.

Nimoh expressed her regret over the accident’s loss of some of their friends. “I can’t stop crying because others also lost their lives, so I’m not sure whether to be relieved that some of my friends survived.

The world is a blur. I simply recall sprinting, spotting them on the ground, and pleading with him to awaken. When Nimoh said, “When they say miracles exist, believe them,” she also acknowledged the miracle that her husband had survived the collision.

Mr. Seed and Nimo Gachuiri accident

Gospel singer Mr. Seed sustained serious injuries after a car they were traveling in was involved in an accident on Saturday night. (Source: Facebook)

Seed’s health condition right now

Although in pain, Seed is fine. He has been prescribed a stringent two-week bed rest regimen after suffering a pelvic fracture. Pray for us and the surviving victims’ families.

This is not the artist’s first experience with a traffic collision. Mr. Seed was hurt in a collision at the Globe Roundabout in Ngara, Nairobi, in May 2020. Around 7 o’clock, according to Seed, the accident happened at Globe Roundabout.

Nimo said some good samaritans helped them. (Source: Facebook)

How did the accident happen?

Mr. Seed claimed that his Nissan Bluebird, which was being driven home, was hit on its right side and rolled over. Mr. Seed recalled the incident, which he said happened unexpectedly, and thanked God for his survival with only minor scrapes and bruises.

Additionally, he mentioned that his driver broke his nose in the collision. The owner, who just so happened to be a woman, eventually appeared for a follow-up of the accident at Central on Saturday, May 23, according to him, while the other car involved in the collision fled the scene right away.

It all occurred so quickly; I was sitting in the backseat when our car was struck on the side, lost control, hit the pavement, and overturned. I left feeling a little sore, but happily, there were no obvious wounds,” said Mr. Seed.

Strangers saved Mr. Seed and his friends

Nimo continued by saying that helpful strangers came to their aid and assisted them in transporting Mr. Seed to the hospital. “The car they were in got into a bad accident.

We were slightly behind them when we saw a crowd surrounding the scene,” Nimo wrote. Nimo added that her husband, Mr. Seed, had suffered a fractured pelvis.

Mr. Seed is now under compulsory two-week bed rest, and Nimo has asked their fans to pray for her family during these trying moments.

Following Wololo TV’s Julius Ochieng’s road accident, which he also survived, Mr. Seed’s accident occurred hours later. Although he will never forget the incident, TikToker updated his fans that he is doing great.


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