How did Eric Shoutin’ Sheridan die? Music artist Cause of death and Obituary

Eric Shoutin' Sheridan
Eric Sheridan, a lead singer of The Uptown Rhythm Kings passed away


Eric Shoutin’ Sheridan, the lead singer of The Uptown Rhythm Kings passed away. Let’s see how did the singer die and Eric Shoutin’ Sheridan cause of death in detail.

How did Eric Sheridan die?

Eric Shoutin’ Sheridan’s vocal style, which is reminiscent of Ike Turner vocalists like Eugene “Sly” Fox and Billy Gayles, is described as “shouting.” 

Unfortunately, Eric passed away after an illness on April 29, 2023. This sad news was announced by Eric’s family member by releasing the following statement,

“Good Evening Everyone. This is Eric’s sister, nephew, and niece. Our beloved brother and uncle passed away peacefully this evening. Thank you to everyone that showed him love and support and traveled many miles to see him.

We are eternally grateful to Cori and Chuck Gros for opening their home and caring for him in his final days. He was able to rest easy. Words cannot express how much we loved Uncle Eric. Please let your hearts be filled with joyful and peaceful memories of Eric Shoutin Sheridan.”

Who was Eric Shoutin Sheridan?

Eric Shoutin’ Sheridan was an excellent blues shouter singer who has fronted fantastic bands such as the Uptown Rhythm Kings in the DC/Maryland area and, more recently, the North Avenue Stompers in the Chicago area. He calls himself the “King of Blackabilly” and was well-liked in the music industry.

Shoutin Sheridan moved to Chicago from Washington, DC, to act as the owner of Frankie’s Blue Room’s new enterprise, a Jump Swing band called Big Swing.

On December 31, 1996, The Rhythm Rockets and Big Swing both performed at Frankie’s for the first time. Eric opened the concert in typical Eric fashion, looking dapper as ever in a sharp suit and vintage tie, but that didn’t last long.

He had stripped off the suit down to his wife-beater t-shirt by the second or third song! Eric and his band fervently revive lesser-known R&B songs from the heyday of jump blues in the 1940s to the ripping R&B of Ike Turner and James Brown in the 1950s on a spicy disc that showcases the energetic Sheridan at his best.

People who are familiar with the group will know the talent of Eric Sheridan & The Uptown Rhythm Kings as they continue to jump the blues!

Despite a change in members, the group continues to walk the groove that will keep even the most jaded swing dancer’s feet in good shape. The Live Show features songs by Albert King, Joe Liggins, Clarence Garlow, James Brown, and others. 

Eric Sheridan cause of death:

Eric passed away from illness. He had a heart problem that was eventually diagnosed as congestive heart failure.

His health condition has gotten worse over the past several months; he had a trouble even in walking because his heart was working at 10%. He underwent hospic care, but unfortunately passed away on April 29, 2023.

Eric’s fans loved his music, humor, outgoing attitude, and open-handed friendship. He was remembered as a warmest, kindest, wisest, funniest and the lovable person by his friends. Tributes flooded social media after his demise news broke out.

Tributes to Eric Shoutin’ Sheridan:

Big Joe Maher posted,

Gone on to Blues Heaven… I’m so sorry… Rest in Peace, Eric Shoutin’ Sheridan.

Amy Grieger posted,

Oh this breaks my heart. He was a fabulous performer and person. Heaven is dancing tonight, that’s for sure.

Janice Saylor commented,

I’m sorry to hear this. I loved his voice.

Christopher Gorcik commented,

He was a hell of a showman. I never worked with him personally, but I knew him since we ran in the same circles. So very sad.

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