Russian vaccine successful or not ! Lancet reports

Russian researchers have released the first study report on the corona vaccine they have developed. Initial tests showed that the immune system was stimulated.


Lancet reports on Russian vaccine

The report, published in the medical journal The Lancet, states that each participant in the vaccine had antibodies and had no serious side effects.

Russian vaccine – story of Sputnik V

Russia approved the vaccine in August. Russia was the first country in the world to approve the use of the corona vaccine. The same goes for the country that gave permission before the data was released. Experts say the experiments are being carried out on a small scale and that their effectiveness and safety cannot be overestimated. But the Russian government is celebrating the results of this experiment. The report was intended to replace the critics.

Earlier, several Western researchers expressed concern about the speed with which Russia’s corona vaccine was developed. They said they were using it without testing some subtleties. In that case, the Russia sees the report as a substitute for them.


Vladimir Putin and His daughter ( who was vaccinated with Sputnik V )

Vladimir Putin said last month that the vaccine had succeeded in all the necessary tests. He said one of his daughters had also been vaccinated.

Lancet reports on Russian vaccine

If so, what does that statement say!

  • The medical report states that two trials of the Sputnik V vaccine took place in June and July.
  • The vaccine was first given to 38 medical volunteers and then 2nd dose was given three weeks later.
  • The report states that the volunteers, aged between 18 and 60, were kept under observation for 42 days and that the body developed antibodies in all within three weeks.
  • The most common side effects were headache and joint pain.
  • These experiments are said to have been conducted in an open manner and not in a diffuse manner. This means that a few patients are not given false fluid as is done in routine tests. The report states that the volunteers were aware that the vaccine was being given to them. During such a vaccine test some people will be injected with a false fluid that looks like vaccine. Some people pay for the vaccine and the patients do not know what was paid to them. They will then compare the results of the two groups.


The Lancet report states that such a comparison is needed for the Russian vaccine and that the test should be conducted on a large scale over a long period of time and further monitoring is needed.

The report says that only then can the vaccine ‘s ability to prevent the long – term protection of those vaccinated from developing COVID-19 be established. The report also states that the third phase of the vaccine will involve 40,000 volunteers of all ages and at high risk.

Kirill Dmitriev of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) told a news conference that this was the answer to those who criticized the Russia vaccine for no reason. He added that 3,000 people have so far been selected for the next phase of testing.


Kirill Dmitriev, Veronika Skvortsova speaks about Russian vaccine

Russian Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova has said Russia will vaccinate those most at risk in November or December. But experts warn that it still takes a long time for a vaccine to reach the market.

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