How did Rebecca Pratt die? Former New Orleans radio personality cause of death explained

Former New Orleans radio personality, Rebecca Pratt aka John Osterlind passed away. Let’s see How did Rebecca Pratt die and Rebecca Pratt cause of death in detail.


How did Rebecca Pratt die?

Rebecca Pratt aka John Osterlind, a former radio host from New Orleans noted for her blunt on-air personality and strong connection to listeners passed away at age 55.

According to a police record and WWL-AM, Pratt was discovered dead in her unit by building managers on Thursday in the 900 block of Poeyfarre Street.

Bayou 95.7FM announced the devastating news on Facebook.


Rebecca Pratt cause of death

Rebecca Pratt cause of death has left the community inconsolable.

He was pronounced dead on the scene once EMS arrived. His cause of death is unknown, and the NOPD has classed it as “unclassified” pending the results of a coroner’s autopsy.

In order to learn more about Rebecca Pratt cause of death, we are attempting to get in touch with his friends and family. This section will be updated as soon as we learn any new information regarding the tragic event that brought many people to tears.


Who was Rebecca Pratt?

Rebecca Pratt, a transgender woman, originally known as John Osterlind or by the on-air moniker Ozone, was one of the out-of-town hosts hired by conservative talk station WRNO-FM as part of a 2008 shake-up.

She introduced a “rock-and-roll mentality” to the comparably somber airwaves of New Orleans, according to Michael Castner, WRNO’s morning anchor at the time, drawing on prior residencies in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

“Why Today Doesn’t Suck,” a comical history lesson on the current date, was one recurring feature.

“Non-stop” Wit

Other hosts praised Pratt for her “non-stop” wit, according to Castner.

Castner claimed that Pratt had

“something inappropriate as a nickname for pretty much everyone”

included other radio station personnel. Her words occasionally got her into trouble.

She was dismissed from a Boston talk radio station for making a derogatory remark toward Palestinians.

According to the station, she told a conversation participant about suicide bombers that Palestinians “have to go.”

Pratt occasionally violated what Castner referred to as the first rule of radio by having beverages with listeners while off-air.

Although Pratt was not a native of New Orleans, Jim Fisher, a former program director for WRNO, stated that her effortless rapport with the public made it work.

James Parker, a different former coworker, observed, “A lot of people are fake out there. Pratt “wasn’t faking it, and I believe people could tell,” he continued.


In 2015, Pratt’s tenure at WRNO came to an end. The former record jockey at Boston’s WAAF-FM made a return to her roots at her next location, the rock station WKBU-FM.

Pratt notified friends about her gender transition approximately a year prior, according to Castner, even though she was no longer on the air at the time of her death.

She discussed her transition during a May internet radio interview with Parker.

Parker said,

“I know she would love for everybody to know the truth.”

Tributes to Rebecca Pratt

Many people expressed their profound sympathies to her family and expressed how much they loved her. The news of this occurrence has upset her supporters and fans.

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