Domestic Violence: Deshante Wallace dies after sustaining injuries ,What happened to the young mother from Detroit?

Domestic Violence: Deshante Wallace dies after sustaining injuries ,What happened to the young mother from Detroit?

Young mom Deshante Wallace found dead was the victim of domestic violence, family says. Let’s see more details about this tragic incident in detail.

What happened to Deshante Wallace?

The family says her death was no accident, she was murdered. Unfortunately, she was too scared to go to the police before this happened . So they say there is no trail of the abuse.

A Detroit family began the new year in grief. They had to tell a 7-year-old daughter that her mother had died after being discovered in her east side house last Saturday.

“I came to the hospital and I saw my kid, my daughter’s eye was sitting out here,” Demetrice Robinson, her mother, said.

Deshante Wallace’s mother claims her daughter did not have a swollen eye or any other injuries on New Year’s Eve before dropping her off for the final time.

Doctor’s Statement about Deshante’s Condition

“When I talked to the doctor, the doctor said she had bruises along her torso,” she said. “And along her right side down.” Deshpande’s family says the story originally given to police was that she died of an overdose. But this family says no way – pointing to a history of domestic violence at the hands of her boyfriend of 10 years.
“He split her lip and her eye, she had to have 17 stitches,” Demetrice said.

 Is Deshante Wallace Murdered?

Her death, according to her family, was not an accident; she was murdered. Unfortunately, she was too afraid to report the assault before it occurred, thus there is no evidence of the abuse.

“She was crying for help, but she was afraid to ask for it,” her mother explained. Deshante’s long-term partner and daughter’s father were arrested and questioned over the weekend alongside a female accomplice but were later released. 

Detroit police say they’re looking into it, and the family says it’s all depending on an autopsy report, which hadn’t been completed as of Monday afternoon.

Sadness Surrounded the family

According to sources, bleach was discovered on Deshante’s body and near where she was discovered in the home. “Something was being covered up that night,” said the victim’s sister, Deoshayonna Wallace.

Sadness, because they believe they saw it coming and tried everything they could to help. “For some reason, she wanted to be liked by this man,” Wallace explained.
“She desired that things go well for her child. She sacrificed her life to offer her child the world.”

How widespread is nonfatal domestic violence?

According to the most recent 2005 National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), the average annual domestic violence rate per 1,000 persons (age 12 or older) for intimate partners and/or family was 5.9 for females and 2.1 for males from 1993 to 2005.

One-third of the victims reported being physically assaulted, while the other two-thirds were threatened with attack or death. A bit more than half of the female victims (50.5 percent) were injured, but only 4.5 percent were badly harmed.

A little more than 3% were sexually attacked. Fewer male victims (41.5 percent) reported injuries, with less than 5% sustaining serious injuries. Separated (or divorced) males and females experienced greater nonfatal domestic abuse than those who were united.

Current level of domestic violence prosecution across the country

Although there are still significant differences in the prosecution of domestic abuse cases from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, the prosecution of domestic violence arrests is no longer extraordinary or infrequent.
Indeed, prosecutors who dismiss or nolle prosse practically all domestic abuse cases may be becoming increasingly rare and exceptional.

A total of 120 studies of intimate-partner prosecutions from over 170 mostly urban jurisdictions in 44 states and the District of Columbia (and a few foreign countries) between 1973 and 2006 found that the average arrest prosecution rate was 63.8 percent, ranging from 4.6 percent of 802 arrests in Milwaukee in 1988-1989 to 94 percent of 3,662 arrests in Cincinnati in 1993-1996.

The average rate of criminal prosecution was 27.4 percent, ranging from 2.6 percent for more than 5,000 offenses in Detroit in 1983 to 72.5 percent for more than 5,000 offenses reported in Boulder County, Colo., in 2003-2005.

On the other hand, not all domestic violence cases are equally likely to be prosecuted. The research indicates that prosecutions of intimate-partner stalking [160] and intimate-partner sexual assault are rare. The research also reflects very low arrest rates for these offenses.

If you would like to donate to help the family, GO HERE to find the GoFundMe page.

Turning Point provides resources to victims of domestic and sexual violence. There is also an emergency shelter in Macomb County. Call Turning Point’s 24-hour hotline at 586-463-6990.

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