How did Qamar Gula die? Afghan Pashto singer cause of death Explained


How did Qamar Gula die? Afghan Pashto singer cause of death Explained

Afghan Pashto singer Qamar Gula dies in Canada. Let’s see what happened to her and Qamar Gula cause of death in detail.

What happened to Qamar Gula?

Qamar Gula, Afghanistan’s famed Pashto singer, died in Toronto, Canada. Jamal Shah, a veteran TV actor in Pakistan, paid tribute to Qamar Gula on Twitter. “May Merman Qamar Guli rest in peace.” For decades, you exemplified the diversity, depth, and beauty of Pashto music, and you will be remembered forever,” he wrote.

Qamar Gula is just the second female Pashto language singer (after Rukhshana) to have performed on Radio Television Afghanistan.
A veteran of Afghan music, she is noted for becoming only the second female Pashto language singer (after Rukhshana) to sing on Radio Television Afghanistan. She was a music veteran with an almost five-decade career who was born in the Nangarhar region.

Qamar Gula cause of death

Paiwastoon Community announced the demise news of Qamar Gula on their official FaceBook Page the statement reads,

A message of condolences.

It is with great sadness that we received the news that the renowned country singer, late teacher Zakhel’s wife, and Aimal Zakhel’s mother, wife Qamargul, a few moments ago, handed over their soul to the Creator due to chronic illness in a hospital in Toronto, Canada. He has ignored this mortal world. We belong to Allah and Him, we shall return.

The leadership of the Solidarity community expresses his deepest sympathy with Aimal Jan Zakhel and his entire grief-stricken family and asks God to grant him Jannatul Firdaus and his family patience and reward. Funeral and victory announcements will be shared with friends later. Respect. The leadership of a unity community.

Qamar Gula Biography

Qamar Gula (Pashto: Qamar Gul; Persian: Qamar Gul) is an Afghan singer. She is only the second female Pashto language singer (after Rukhshana) to have performed for Radio Television Afghanistan. She is an Afghan music veteran with a career spanning over five decades.

Qamar Gul was born in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar Province. She began singing at the age of seven, and after receiving widespread acclaim, she was urged to continue it professionally.

Her career peaked when she married Mohammad Din Zakhil, who wrote many of her songs. By the early 1970s, she had achieved national acclaim and was regarded as one of the country’s finest female vocalists. Qamar Gul moved to Canada due to the escalating civil violence in Afghanistan.

Qamar Gul’s music contains works by Zakhil and other Afghan composers. She is still popular among Afghans, especially among the elder generation, who identify her songs with the nostalgic moments of Afghanistan before the civil war.

She has worked with several Afghan artists throughout the years, including Rukhshana in the 1970s, Gul Zaman in the 1980s, and Zarsanga, Waheed Qasemi, and Hangama in the 2010s.

Qamar Gul, Queen of Afghan Radio

Qamar Gul, also known as Mermon Qamar Gula, is a Pashto singer from Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar Province. She was a prodigy who sang publicly at the age of seven and is regarded as a pioneer for female performers in Afghanistan.

She sang on Afghan TV and radio during the 1970s and 1980s, but as the country became a playground for avaricious plunderers and ‘liberators,’ she fled and is now settled in Canada. Her shows are currently largely held in Europe and America, and they may be seen on VCDs and the internet.

This compilation of songs, I suppose recorded during her career, was given to me by a burly Afghan who was assisting individuals whose lives had been wrecked by Typhoon Haiyan in late 2013. I’d never heard of Qamar Gul before, and I’m delighted her path intersected mine. Hearing female vocalists from that corner of the world is always a treat.

The sound quality is a little scratchy, as is typical of Afghan digital files transmitted from person to person, but if you like music from obscure corners of the globe, you’ll undoubtedly like this compilation.



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