How did Pierre Thompson die? Lombard Police Officer shooting Explained


How did Pierre Thompson die? Lombard Police Officer shooting Explained

Pierre Thompson, 27, was allegedly the gunman who prompted the response of a police officer in Lombard, who subsequently shot him many times in self-defense. 

What happened to Pierre Thompson?

As per the reports, Pierre Thompson, 27, was shot several times by a Lombard police officer after he fired at an officer, said police. The shooting happened in the 100 block of Roosevelt Road in Lombard. Police responded to an armed robbery, finding the suspects in the neighborhood. Thompson passed away from his injuries. A second suspect is in custody and being charged. The officer sustained a leg wound and is recovering.


Lombard Police Officer shooting: Explained

According to the authorities, Pierre Thompson fired at the officer assigned to protect him. Thompson had numerous injuries as a direct result of the officer’s gunfire, which was directed directly at him.  The exchange of gunfire earlier today occurred in Roosevelt’s Lombard area, which is located on the 100 block of Roosevelt Road.

This part of Roosevelt is located in Roosevelt County, which is owned by Roosevelt. When the police received a complaint of an armed robbery, they scoured the surrounding area and were able to locate the persons they suspected were involved in the robbery or other illegal behavior.

These persons were apprehended for robbery or other illegal conduct. Thompson died as a result of his agony since he was unable to survive this trauma owing to the severity of his wounds. Thompson was unable to survive this ordeal due to the severity of his injuries.

Law enforcement personnel have taken another individual into custody, and an investigation into the acts of that individual is currently being carried out.

The officer had a leg injury as a result of the incident; however, it is expected that he will heal completely and will not require any more treatment.


People’s reactions to this shooting

Kyle McIntyre said,

Guy committed armed robbery, shot at and hit a police officer sending him to a level 1 trauma center. The officer after being shot and struck returned fire. Please tell me what the officer did wrong. I’d love to know how you can twist this any other way.

Niya’s Knocking posted,

It does not matter if he shot at an officer or didn’t. This young man committed armed robbery, it was not worth his life. I do not understand the thought process of some of these young people today; they want it fast. Carjacking and robbing will get you killed. The unmitigated gall of thinking you can take things people work hard for. The sad situation my condolences to his loved ones.

Angel Rose commented,

Well while it’s sad that he has passed away he still committed a crime. As an Officer that was working in the area at the time of the incident, there’s no need to be robbing anyone or shooting at anyone unless it’s in self-defense mode period.

Moore Brenda said,

At the end of the day everyone on this earth that God has created for us to do no wrong. None of us is perfect and we all have done things that we now look back on regret at the end of it all we all have to answer to the higher above and he is God.

J Joy Robert said,

He was a handsome young man; why not get a job? I’m sure someone was willing to hire him. Committing a robbery and shooting a police officer it’s very hard to have sympathy when the person was involved in criminal activity. Doing wrong eventually catches up to you.

Lawrence Hawk said,

Our youth is so messed up in the head and also out of control!! When you rob people its only two ways out jail or dead

Melinda Paula said,

He got what was coming for him. Armed robbery gets you killed or in jail. He made a bad choice, so suffer the consequences.

Reginald Bell  commented,

Respect is taught at an early age.



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