Proud Moment! Jai Bhim at Oscar: ‘First Ever Tamil Movie’ To Be Featured on Oscar YouTube Channel

Pound Moment! Jai Bhim at Oscars 'First Ever Tamil Movie' To Be Featured on Oscar YouTube Channel


Jai Bhim at Oscar: ‘Jai Bhim’ is the first Tamil film to be featured on the Oscar YouTube page. Soon after the video was posted on the Oscars’ YouTube account, suspicion emerged as to whether ‘Jai Bhim’ was India’s official entry for this year’s Academy Awards. No other Tamil movies have yet been placed on the oscar YouTube Channel. And the film truly deserves these honors; if you don’t understand what I’m saying and haven’t seen the film, allow me to provide a broad review of Jai Bhim for you.


Jai Bhim movie review

Pound Moment! Jai Bhim at Oscars 'First Ever Tamil Movie' To Be Featured on Oscar


Actor Surya drew attention by acting as a lawyer in the film ‘Jai Bhim’ written and directed by TJ Gnanavel. Rajisha Vijayan and Prakash Raj played the lead roles in the film which was released on November 2. 

Jai Beam has been released on Amazon Prime as a film that captures the problems of the Kurava people, the way they are treated in Indian society, and the general public’s false silence on the violence perpetrated against them.

The police have a habit of making false allegations and torturing Kurava tribesmen who have no political power or organization, no chance of getting an education and advancement in public, and who have been pushed out of the documentary definition for Indian citizens. The film is about the injustice done to three Kurava youths, Rajakkannu, Kuttappan, and Mosakutty, who were thrown into a lockup in such a tragic incident and the justice struggle against it.

Manikandan has turned into a maniacal lover of his wife, an innocent prince who leaves his family and dreams of a brick kiln, and is locked up in a lockup for a crime he did not commit. From the scene where he prepares himself to catch the rat, in every scene where Manikandan comes, we see Rajakannu until he stands by the milk of virtue and loses blood to the guard sticks till the last as he will not admit the crime he did not commit.

Lijomol Jose, a squirrel that freezes in the eyes and chest with tears after the movie is over. He shakes us with rage at every opportunity that the infant carries on its sleeping belly and fights for justice. The courage to refuse to bargain with the police officer, the police jeep to follow, the majesty that takes place in front, the murmur of the dark woman as the murmur of not knowing what happened to the missing husband has been dropped before us.

‘Law is a darkroom. The lawyer’s argument is the light ‘said the Anna.

Surya as Chandru, the lawyer who carries justice like a fireball in the dark sides of charred power. The relentless warrior has enlivened the senses. Chandur is a social activist who claims to have the ability to unravel the intricacies of cases by hitting the ball on the wall, the uncompromising courage, the chauvinism that will not buy a penny for human rights cases, the red-eyed anger for a lie told by Chengani, and the fighter who raises his fist and raises his voice in public across the court.

Prakashraj as Perumalsamy, the investigating officer who stands on the side of justice, disgusted at the ugly sides of the police. He emphatically records the character’s openness and the maturity of so many years of acting in each scene. The scene in which the dark ones describe the false accusations leveled at them and the sentiments expressed by Prakashraj in it are tragic poems. Tamil, who is coming as an Assistant Inspector of Police, brings the demanding face of the police before our eyes.

Jai Bhim’ is a term coined to pay homage to the oppressed soldiers who died in Bhima Goregaon. ‘Jay Bhim’ later became a eulogy for the revolutionary Ambedkar who lived as the leader of the voiceless. This ‘Jai Bhim’ unfolds before us scenes of oppression and the legal struggle against the dark masses who have been ignored by the ruling class and left on the threshold of justice.

Director TJ Gnanavel shocks us in the first scene where the police treat the prisoners who have been released from jail by their caste names. Gnanavel’s meticulousness is evident in the subtle recording of the Elevation of Darkness, Snake Catching, Speech, and Death Ceremony. Gnanavel has succeeded in turning a real event into a scene with credibility and at the same time elegant screenplay.

“Your caste is bad, stay in my caste too”, “One day the girl who did not buy even a thousand rupees will refuse to pay millions of rupees”, “I will seek remedial treatment even if the police snake bites me”, “The silence of the court against injustice is more dangerous than words in favor of justice”, all the police The investigation should be carried out jointly by the lawyer who thinks badly and all the lawyer who thinks badly. ” The verse, which sounds like the voice of a kurava boy above all else, will shake everyone who sees it.

K. Kadir’s art organization has played a major role in making the court scenes credible. Kadir, the art director, has realistically created locations such as dark areas, police stations, and courts. SR Kadir’s camera keeps us in a kind of narrative mood in the scenes that take place in the police station. While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, Shawn Rollins’ music is a masterpiece.

It would have been even more perfect if the songs that came in the second half had been cut and the length of the film had been reduced a bit.

‘Jai Bhim’ is such a classic work of art if it is a true work of art that stops the scenes we are missing from our eyes and asks questions of conscience and speaks the real truths before the authorities.

Hope Jay Bhim will win the Oscar award. Tell us your thoughts about Jai Bhim at Oscar. 


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