Olaide Adekunle: Mother sells 18-month-old daughter to settle debt in Ogun State

Olaide Adekunle, 33, was arrested by Ogun State Police Command officers for selling her 18-month-old child to an unidentified bidder for N600,000. Let’s see about it in detail.


Who was Olaide Adekunle?

Olaide Adekunle, a 33-year-old lady from Ogun State, sold her 18-month-old child to pay off a debt. The mother, who is presently being held by the police, reportedly sold the infant for N600,000 to an unidentified purchaser.

The lady was detained as a result of a complaint the woman’s husband, Nureni Rasaq, filed at the Sango police division, according to the Ogun State police spokesman, Abimbola Oyeyemi, who spoke to media on Monday.


Olaide Adekunle’s Husband complaint:

On March 15, 2023, her husband Nureni Rasaq informed the police that his wife had been to Lagos with his infant daughter, Moridiat Rasaq, but that she had returned home without the child.

Mr. Rasaq further stated that despite his best efforts to get his wife to speak with him about the location of the kid, she would not.

In response to the information, Oyeyemi said that CSP Dahiru Saleh, the DPO of the Sango division, had assigned his men to arrest the woman.

In response to a question, the guy was cited by Oyeyemi as stating that “she borrowed money from a microfinance bank, and when she was unable to pay back the money, the bank agents started dragging her and threatening to deal decisively with her.”

As a result, she ran to Lagos to sell sachet water. She had met a man while peddling sachet water, and he led her to a woman who finally purchased the child in Lagos.

Oyeyemi said,

“Upon the report, the DPO Sango division, CSP Dahiru Saleh, detailed his detectives to go after the said woman, and she was arrested.

“On interrogation, the suspect confessed that she has sold the baby to someone in Lagos at N600,000.

“When asked the reason for her action, she stated that she borrowed money from a microfinance bank, and when she was unable to pay back the money, the bank agents started threatening to deal decisively with her.

“It was consequence upon this that she ran to Lagos and started hawking sachet water.

“It was while hawking that she met a man who introduced her to the woman that eventually bought the child in Lagos.”

The suspect has been sent to the State CIID for additional investigation and possible baby recovery, per an order from interim police commissioner DCP Babakura Muhammed.



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