Beloved comedian Darryl Lenox passes away at age 57: Cause of Death Explained


Beloved comedian Darryl Lenox passes away at age 57: Cause of Death Explained

We are devastated to share the news of the sudden and unexpected passing of beloved and talented comedian Darryl Lenox. Darryl was not only an incredibly talented comedian but also a deeply caring and compassionate person. He passed away on April 16, 2023. Darryl had a successful comedy career that includes appearances all over the world. His friends and fans were shocked, and they were also anxious to learn what had happened to their beloved Darryl Lenox. Keep reading to learn more details about Darryl Lenox cause of death.


What happened to Darryl Lenox?

The world lost a very beloved comedian this weekend. Darryl Lenox was an amazing comic. Darryl was a powerhouse both as a comedian on stage and as a presence to be around off stage.

According to the official reports, which were released on Darryl Lenox’s official Facebook page, we learned of Darryl’s sudden passing and the following announcement is made:

Dear friends and family,

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the sudden and unexpected passing of our beloved brother, Darryl Lenox. He passed away on April 16, 2023, shortly after noon at Vancouver General Hospital.

Darryl was not only an incredibly talented comedian, but he was also a deeply caring and compassionate person. He was a beloved brother, son, uncle, and friend, and his loss has left a hole in our hearts that can never be filled. His humor and kindness touched the lives of so many, and we are grateful for the time we had with him.

Darryl had an impressive career as a comedian, with performances that spanned the globe. He performed at top comedy clubs and festivals in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and many other countries and he also appeared on several television shows, including The Conan O’Brien Show, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and Comedy Central Presents.

Darryl loved people and he loved comedy. In his words “We need to laugh, we need people who make us laugh and we need to care even if it’s expensive”.

At this difficult time, we ask for your thoughts and prayers as we mourn the loss of Darryl. We will be sharing information about any memorial or tribute events as they become available. Thank you for your support and understanding during this difficult time.


Darryl Lenox cause of death

American comedian Darryl Lenox performed on Conan O’Brien, Comedy Central, WTF with Marc Maron, Starz (TV channel), BET, and A&E (TV channel), among other programs. He established the entertainment business Ellison Rains while residing in Vancouver, British Columbia.

His stand-up special, Blind Ambition, was recorded at the Vancouver, British Columbia, theater’s Vogue and broadcast on the Starz network. Stand Up! Records are Lenox’s record label.

Darryl passed away on April 16, 2023, just after noon, at Vancouver General Hospital, according to his family’s notification. Additionally, they ask for our thoughts and prayers as they are now grieving the loss of Darryl. Moreover, they stated that details regarding any memorial or tribute events would be released as soon as they were available.

Also, we are trying to collect more information on Darryl Lenox cause of death as soon as his family members are revealed officially and updated on this page. His writing frequently focuses on his own experience with dealing with his deteriorating eyesight and the observations and difficulties that follow.

Keep reading to know Darryl Lenox’s illness

The comedian Darryl Lenox has always had vision issues, and for a while, his comedic career also experienced its ups and downs. But later, he gained new insight after a bar fight that nearly left him blind. He joins Shad today to speak about his upcoming 20/20 tour, why it can be easier to talk to strangers than friends, and why he’ll always remember what his surgeon said during a risky operation.

“This is just gonna hurt, and I’m sorry,” says Lenox, who saw larger lessons in the painful procedure. “If you think about life, how many times could things have been better if people had just said that to you.”


Darryl’s Illness & Personal Life

(Credit: Facebook)

In 2013, Darryl Lenox admitted to the viewers of Conan O’Brien’s national television show that he genuinely thought he would kill himself if the surgery to preserve the scant remaining vision went awry.

He discovered he was blind when he awoke earlier this year. Lenox has experienced a lot of problems during the past eight years. His first wife, with whom he stayed friends, called him two years ago and confessed that she was considering suicide as well.

The threat was only carried out by her. On the anniversary of his first marriage, which would have been his second marriage’s second wedding, divorce papers for that union were filed in 2018.

But Lenox is philosophical. Always has been. He makes the best damn lemonade in the business. He has gone from the notoriety of his fear of blindness to becoming, as he describes it, a “more whole” human being albeit without his sight.

Super Bloom is his most recent album, coming after the wildly popular Blind Ambition album and special. Beautiful fields of poppies have grown on the state’s hillsides as a result of the wildfires in California that were followed by weeks of relentless rain. Lenox can relate it to his own experience. Evil can come after the tragedy.

He has become funnier and even more reflective than before as a result of these difficulties, where he has had to learn to rely on other people. Lenox hasn’t seen the George Floyd video or, for that matter, seen a disguised populace as the world transforms all around him. He can be a more detached spectator of life since he is not emotionally invested in contentious subjects that are usually discussed in great detail.

Darryl Lenox is still as ambitious as ever despite going from blind ambition to absolute blindness. He experienced his unique super bloom sometime in between. Seth Rogen, who featured Lenox’s words of wisdom in his book Year Book (the audio version features Darryl himself saying those precise lines), has always benefited from Lenox’s Yoda-like wisdom.

Wherever his career has taken him, from Seattle to Las Vegas to Los Angeles to New York to Florida, Lenox has always maintained a connection to his adopted homeland of Vancouver, British Columbia, where he developed into the inspirational comic he is today. 

Read more at his website:


Darryl Lenox’s Career Life

Early Life & Career

Lenox was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he was born. One of his earliest recollections is of moving to Seattle, Washington, where he stayed until 1993, after visiting the city in search of his father. He later relocated to Surrey, British Columbia, Los Angeles, New York, and finally Vancouver, British Columbia.

Lenox once remarked, “You know you are doing something right when you can cry about it.” The comic spent most of his early stand-up career performing in Canada. Lenox left for Florida in 2005 intending to come back after the Just for Laughs event in Montreal. He was refused entry by the border guard and kept out of the nation for a year without a work permit, leaving all of his possessions in his Canadian flat.

A&E’s “Evening at the Improv,” BET’s “Comic View,” “Best of BET’s Comic View Special,” “Best of Just for Laughs Comedy Festival New Year’s Eve Special,” Comedy Central’s “Jamie Foxx’s Laffa Polooza,” and Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham” are just a few of the shows Darryl has appeared on before his Starz debut.

He has performed at many comedy festivals, including the JFL in Montreal, the HBO Comedy Arts Festival, the Boston Comedy Festival, the Chicago Festival, and the Vancouver Comedy Festival. He has won a number of prestigious awards, including Best New Play at the Vancouver Fringe Festival and Winner of the Seattle Comedy Competition.

Lenox spent time in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, Canada, and Las Vegas where he spent his formative years. He has been headlining comedy clubs for more than 20 years as he traveled the US and Canada. Currently, he serves as the company’s founder and CEO.

Darryl used the experience to create a fantastic comedy piece and a CD called “Blind Ambition,” which was among the top five comedy albums of the year in 2012.

Listen to Darryl’s Blind Ambition album on Spotify by clicking here open. Spotify.


Success in stand-up Comedy

Since the beginning of the 1990s, Lenox has performed in comedy clubs all around the US and Canada. He has performed in front of Chuck Berry and Maxi Priest, won the Best New Play award at the Vancouver Fringe Festival, and won the Seattle Comedy Competition, among other professional achievements.

He has made appearances on Live at Gotham, Jamie Foxx’s Laffa Polooza on Comedy Central, and BET’s ComicView. The comedy special “Blind Ambition” by Lenox debuted on Starz in November 2012 and is still broadcast there frequently now.

Lenox was featured on Conan O’Brien on February 7, 2013, following his breakthrough on Starz, which attracted the attention of late-night television. Lenox has been on Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast and Sirius XM’s Raw Dog Comedy, in addition to performing in comedy clubs.

Our deepest condolences will go to Darryl’s Family, Friends, and fans at this difficult time. Please leave a tribute or share your memories with Darryl in the comment field below to honor his death. 



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