Nashville Shooting Suspect: Who is Audrey Hale? All about the former Christian school student


Nashville Shooting Suspect: Who is Audrey Hale? All about the former Christian school student

The Covenant School, a Presbyterian private school in Nashville, Tennessee, the United States, saw a mass shooting on March 27, 2023. Three staff members and three children were among the seven fatalities.

Police responded to the shooting and shot and killed the gunman, Audrey Elizabeth Hale, 28, a former pupil. The transgender lady who opened fire at a Nashville Christian elementary school today has been recognized by the police.

According to a manifesto that was found after the shooter was shot and killed by police, the authorities have confirmed that this was a targeted attack.

Keep reading this post to learn more details about the Nashville Shooting Suspect Audrey Hale the former Christian school student.

Who is Audrey Hale?

Everything we know about Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale

Audrey Elizabeth Hale, a Nashville resident and former student of the school, has been named as the heavily armed shooter who tore through a Tennessee Christian school on Monday, killing six people.

Police have named the shooter who attacked students and instructors at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, on Monday as Audrey Hale, 28, who they believe may have previously attended the institution. 

According to a website that appears to be affiliated with Hale, the graphic designer and illustrator was headquartered in Nashville and produced logos and branding to “help convey a company’s story” and “provide a whimsical and light-hearted flair.”

The pronouns “he” and “him” were used on a social media account associated with Hale, according to a police spokesperson who informed ABC News that Hale was given the gender “female” at birth.

Audrey Hale

Audrey Hale’s mother, Norma Hale, stated,

“It is very, very difficult right now” for the family in a brief phone conversation with ABC News before requesting privacy. She said, “I think I lost my daughter today.

Audrey Hale lived at the family’s house with Hale’s parents, who the neighbor described as “extremely kind” and “quite pious,” according to ABC News.

According to Cyrus Vatandoost, president and CEO of Nossi College of Art & Design in Nashville, Hale received his degree from the institution in 2022.

Three more alleged photos of Nashville suspect Audrey Hale floating around Twitter; were posted by verified users.

Sources are unknown at this time. The third photo allegedly is from the 2003 Nashville Covenant yearbook. A former student of the location of the shooting.

Audrey Hale

Hale was a skilled artist and a decent student while attending our school, according to Vatandoost. “Our hearts and prayers are with her family, the families of the victims, and our city,” the statement reads.

Hale was mentioned in a now-deleted Facebook post from the school that claimed she had won at least one accolade for her outstanding academic achievements.

Audrey Hale

“Aside from art, I enjoy binging on video games, watching movies, and playing sports,” Hale wrote on a personal website. “There is a child-like part about me that loves to go run to the playground. Animals are my second passion, so I also enjoy spending time with my two cats.”

Hale’s LinkedIn profile also includes information about her part-time grocery shopping for Shipt, a food delivery service, and her previous work as a cat sitter.

Audrey Hale

Police confirmed the shooter was 28-year-old Audrey Hale, who identified as transgender. Nossi College of Art

According to the school’s website, the Covenant School, a private Presbyterian school with 200 students in pre-K through sixth grade, was founded in 2001.


Source: Twitter

Audrey Hale’s relationship with the Covenant School

The only information provided by the police on Hale’s relationship with the Covenant School is that she was a former student there.

According to Drake, full maps of the school, including its entrances, were found in her residence, along with a manifesto. Hale abandoned his plans to attack a different nearby school because of its excessive security, according to police.

On February 9, a video of a person’s shadow was uploaded to a TikTok account with the username “iam aiden10,” which was linked to other social media accounts connected to Hale.

In the video, they can be seen bouncing a basketball and then a basketball net in apparent remembrance of a lost comrade. On the screen, it displayed the words: “For Syd. I look up the sky is bright. It’s a beautiful day. I wish you were here…” The account was later deleted.

 AudreyHale’s FB page.

Fort Hale’s alleged Facebook page

According to Fort Hale’s alleged Facebook page, Hale’s mother Norma Fort Hale serves as a coordinator at The Village Chapel, a church in Nashville.

In 2017, the mother frequently raved on Facebook about Hale and her brother, uploading pictures of the pair when they were little with the message,

“Very grateful today to be the Mom of these 2 awesome kids!” In response to the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012, she sent a link to a petition the next year asking people to “keep firearms out of classrooms.” “Very crucial,” she said beneath the post.

According to the Violence Project database, there are only 2% female mass shooters nationwide, and Monday’s gunman is the fifth female mass shooter in US history.

When responding authorities discovered Hale on the second floor of the school, she was armed with two assault-style rifles and a pistol and was murdered. It was unclear when Hale attended the school or how long he did so.

Audrey Hale

Although it wasn’t immediately obvious if it was implemented during the incident, the school had a process in place for an active shooter. At a press conference held by police on Monday afternoon, it was revealed that Hale had entered the school through a side entrance by firing at it.

The first report of an active shooter, according to police, came in at 10:13 a.m. After hearing gunfire coming from the second level, the arriving officers started immediately emptying the first story of the school.

Audrey Hale’s Personal life

Audrey Hale’s mom’s Facebook posts decrying school shootings and calling for gun control emerge 

Audrey was born female and is believed to have been living as a man called Aiden. But Nashville officials continue to refer to the killer using female pronouns. In the wake of Audrey’s murder, Norma’s posts denouncing school shootings and advocating for tighter gun control have surfaced.

She created a petition to outlaw large-capacity ammunition magazines on February 21, 2018, in response to the horrors at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. Additionally, she published a petition on March 8, 2018, with the caption: “So important!”

Her other messages, which include ones commemorating her wedding anniversary and praising her daughter’s artistic abilities, are typical of a mother proud of her family.

Audrey Hale

Ok! Now scroll down to know about the fatal shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville: 

Nashville Shooting: 28-year-old former student in Tennessee kills six people

An ex-student opened fire at a school in Nashville, Tennessee, the US, killing six people—three youngsters and three staff members. Three of the victims were Covenant School students who were nine years old or younger. Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney were identified by the police. The adult victims were identified as Cynthia Peak, 61, Mike Hill, 61, and Katherine Koonce, 60.

The Metro Nashville Police Department identified the victims as:

· Evelyn Dieckhaus, 9
· Hallie Scruggs, 9
· William Kinney, 9
· Cynthia Peak, 61
· Mike Hill, 61
· Katherine Koonce, 60, head of school

There are roughly 200 students at the private Christian school. It instructs students from three years old to about twelve. On that particular day, Ms. Peak was a fill-in instructor at the institution. On Covenant’s website, Ms. Koonce was identified as the Head of the School, while Mr. Hill worked as a caretaker.

Authorities identified the culprit as transgender individual Audrey Hale, 28. Hale was shot and killed by police while carrying three weapons, one of which was a semi-automatic rifle. On Monday morning at 10:13 local time, police got their first report regarding the incident.

The guy arrived at the school in a Honda Fit and entered the building through one of the locked school entrances. Hale moved to the second floor of the building after firing rounds from the ground floor.

Audrey Hale

This video contains disturbing content. Consent of the viewer is advised.

The Nashville shooting suspect Audrey Hale is seen on surveillance video opening fire inside the Covenant School on Monday morning, according to the Metro Nashville Police Department.

Hale opened fire on the approaching police cars from the second floor, hitting one in the windscreen, according to the police. Glass fragments injured one police officer. At 10:27, police barged inside and fatally shot the man.

Police stated that they had “strong suspicions” that Hale had attended the school in the past after searching a nearby parked automobile. During a check of the neighborhood where the gunman was supposed to live, police met with the attacker’s father.

Investigators in Nashville, according to Nashville Police Chief John Drake, discovered a manifesto and “a map of how all of this was going to play out,” including entry and escape locations at the school building. He added that the assailant had watched people while preparing the attack.

Source: MNPDNashville/Twitter

Parents gathered at a neighboring church following the incident to pick up their kids. The Tennessean newspaper said that as school buses arrived, the children waved to their parents by hanging their heads and hands out the windows.

Just south of downtown Nashville, in the upscale Green Hills suburb, is where you’ll find Covenant School, which is linked with the Presbyterian Church. One student’s mother claimed that the incident had traumatized her kid. Shaundelle Brooks told BBC News, “I think he’s doing better now that he knows the shooter is dead.”

We shouldn’t be having these conversations, she continued. We are failing our kids, I say. By Monday night, the police presence and expanding monument had changed the entryway to Covenant from looking like any other church with a school.

Nashville Shooting


A sign outside advertised the Easter Sunday service schedule and registration for a summer program. “I was unable to complete any more work after hearing that. I was depressed and I “from south Nashville, Mark. I’m honoring the lives lost by bringing flowers, says the speaker.

Nashville Mayor John Cooper issued a statement in which he said that his city had “entered the feared, lengthy list of towns to experience a school shooting.”

The shooting was described as “a family’s worst nightmare” by President Joe Biden. He reiterated his plea to Congress to enact gun control laws, saying that “we must do more to combat gun violence.” It is tearing this country apart from the inside out and tearing apart our neighborhoods.

According to Gun Violence Archive, a non-profit that keeps track of gun violence statistics, the incident was the 129th mass shooting to occur in America in 2023. Up to the end of last week, 12 school shootings in the US had resulted in fatalities or injuries, according to data collated by Education Week.


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