Musician Mandy Mercier Passes Away on 74th Birthday

Musician Mandy Mercier Passes Away on 74th Birthday

Musician Mandy Mercier Passes Away on her 74th Birthday. Let’s see more details about Mandy Mercier in the following text.

What happened to Mandy Mercier?

Mandy Mercier passed away this morning. It was her birthday. Her friend Rush K Evans III Posted the announcement on social Media. It says,

This one hits close to home. My friend Mandy died this morning. It was her birthday. Pat Marshall introduced me to her, and Mandy Mercier became my friend. She had a great laugh, a fun disposition, and an inquisitive mind. She’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever known, and accordingly, she was great to talk politics and world affairs with.

 Her memory was fading, but she knew who we were, and we talked about the good times we’d shared. She even told me the positive memories she had of my mother, which meant the world to me. I wish I could’ve heard that great laugh of hers that day, but getting to talk with her again was very meaningful. She released three CDs and two cassettes, but she had one last album in the can, digital files sitting on her computer. We talked about it that day, and I hope that we, her loved ones, can find a way to get those tracks released so her music may continue to be heard. Her best song was called “Get There,” and it was about the passing of someone we both cared about. But today, that song is about her. By and by, we’ll all get there, Mandy. Sail on, friend. I love you.

Music / Songwriter- Mandy Mercier

Raised in the town of Westport, Connecticut. Mandy Mercier grew up during the turbulent 1960s, and she was greatly influenced by the music of the era. She picked up the guitar after studying classical piano and violin in school and fell in love with Mississippi John Hurt and other early blues musicians. After creating a number of high school rock bands with Willy DeVille, Mercier left the country before coming back to declare music as his major in college. However, that didn’t last long because she moved to New York and started a band with Leif Kahal. From there, she relocated to Austin, where she found inspiration in the city’s burgeoning music scene, which included artists like Joe Ely, Townes Van Zandt, Lucinda Williams, and others. In 1987, Brian Glascock of the Motels and Lonesome River established a band with Mercier.

In 1987, Mercier formed a group with Brian Glascock of the Motels and Lone Justice musician Ryan Hedgecock. In 1993, she released her debut album, Forgiveness, and Rage, and shortly thereafter followed it up with a live album. 

Musician Mandy Mercier Passes Away on 74th Birthday
Photo from Alamo Lounge with Mandy, Blaze, and Big Rikke, by Butch Hancock

Previous Medical History

After surviving about with cancer in 1997, Mercier continued performing and released Wild Dreams of the Shy Cowboys in 2001. She performs throughout Texas and has appeared at various showcases such as South by Southwest.

Mandy said she had a heart attack because of the virus. She posted the details of her health status in 2020 on her social media page. It says,

“I had a heart attack and am still recovering. Due to the virus, I can’t play gigs or give lessons. For some reason, FB attached another person to my fundraiser. I asked him to wait and let me straighten it out. But apparently, the entire fundraiser, INCLUDING DONATIONS was deleted. I don’t know why. The other person says he did not delete it. Thanks for your love and donations. Hope this will be fixed soon.”

Tributes Poured in for Mandy

Ginny White Peacock Posted

Mandy Mercier has passed away. She used to play up at the Broken Spoke in the 1980-the and 90s. She was always so friendly to me. I just wanted to share this with y’all because I know we had tons of mutual musician friends.
I’ve also included a lovely message I received from her after my dad passed away.

Michael Corcoron Posted

Just hearing that musician Mandy Mercier passed away, on her 74th birthday. She was best friends with Lucinda Williams for a while- both attracted to self-destructive rogues who wrote from the heart. Mandy’s boyfriend Blaze Foley told her that if she had any guts she’d quit her job as a legal secretary and hang out at the hobo camp behind Spellman’s and write songs all day. But someone had to pay the rent. Photo from Alamo Lounge with Mandy, Blaze, and Big Rikke, by Butch Hancock I believe.

Joshie Kuhn Posted

Singer-songwriter Mandy Mercier passed to the other side today. She was a great talent and a bundle of energy. Her infectious laugh will be missed by many.
Over the last few years, she suffered from a multitude of ailments that finally had their toll on her. RIP my dear friend.

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  1. Mandy, My beautiful Friend, it is extremely hard to believe of your departure, you touched so many lives especially in the music industry. You made a major difference in all of our lives and I will always remember and feel your love! Thank you for being one of my Women in the Round, what a great talented Singer Songwriter Musician! Your voice, Your Songs and Your laughter will forever live on!! I know we will see each other again. Looking to the day we will perform on stage together. Till then, I will embrace our memories and cherish these precious treasures!! I LOVE YOU MANDY!!


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