Maximillian revealed that his dog, Benny, passed away


Maximillian revealed that his dog, Benny, passed away. Let’s see what happened to Benny, the dog in detail.

What happened to Benny, the dog?

Benny, The Dog, the real-life dog who was the mascot for Maximillian Dood’s YouTube and Twitch channels during the fighting game’s heyday in 2008, has died.

The news was announced in a special “Thank You Benny” video on Maximillian Dood’s YouTube channel. Maximillian said that although the news of Benny’s illness was mentioned to him earlier, he and his wife, JJ, had to wait until they were in a position to even empathize.

Benny has been a big part of Maximilian Dood’s channel for many years, appearing on his previous YouTube shows in the late 2000s when Street Fighter IV and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 was at its peak. Benny was the star of many sketches and videos on the channel and was a guest at gaming tournaments and conventions.

A tribute video to Benny 

Benny has been an integral part of Maximillian Dood’s becoming the biggest fighting game creator on both YouTube and Twitch worldwide because he is charming and does well with skits and shorts.

Besides, Benny’s face sells gold; Who wouldn’t want to buy a shirt with the iconic fighting game creator’s dog looking adorable? Sorry if I’m waiting to publish this, Maximilian added.

We had to be at a point where we could even get sympathy. Benny meant the world to me and JJ and your kind words/fans always make our day. Share your memories of Benny with @maximilian_ and @pbandjaejae #DankonBenny — Maximilian Dood (@maximilian_) December 6, 2022 Rest in Peace FGC icon and I hope you enjoy dog ​​heaven.

Maximilian’s statement:

Maximilian shared a heartfelt condolence saying, “Very much appreciate all the love, care, and support you all have provided all these years. Benny meant the world to me and Jessica, and your kind words and fan art would always brighten up our day. If you have any memories of Benny you’d like to share, please feel free to tag @maximilian_ or @pbandjaejae on Twitter with #ThanksBenny. Below are several playlists where you can find years of videos featuring my best friend.”

Tributes to Benny:

Darby Reviews commented,

RIP Benny the FGC legend, Max’s dog, friend, and son, so sad he will always be in our hearts. Thank you, Benny.

Ricky Grimes commented,

Benny was a huge part of your channel for me. He’ll be missed. RIP, Benny.

ChewyLocos210 commented,

That little dude made a big impact in so many ways for your family and the community you made throughout the years. He’ll never be forgotten because he’s a legend of your channel. Losing a companion is tough, but he was there for you when you needed him the most. He was more than a dog or a pet, he was a friend and he will always be remembered by many. Rest in Peace Benny. Thank You, Sir.

Toshi Plays commented,

Rest in peace to a legend. Love you benny, teach all those dogs in heaven, how to be gods at fighting games. ️

NicoB posted,

He’ll always be a part of this channel and its community, even if he’s not physically with us. His legacy will live on. Rest in peace, Benny.


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