Marcques Charles Wright Jr, Murderer of 14 year-old Jacob Ross at a local MacDonald’s, Sumter, is arrested

Marcques Charles Wright Jr
Marcques Charles Wright Jr


A teenager was killed in a shooting at a McDonald’s in Sumter, and one man has been arrested. Let’s see more about the Sumter shooting and who is Marcques Charles Wright Jr in detail.

Sumter Shooting explained:

A 14-year-old boy was killed in the shooting that happened at a local McDonald’s at Sumter at around 4.00 p.m. on Sunday.

The shooting happened on North Lafayette Drive. At that point, according to authorities, a fight between a McDonald’s employee, 25-year-old Marcques Charles Wright, Jr., and another employee started.

The other worker’s family tried to break up the argument when they arrived to pick him up from work, but Wright drew a revolver and started shooting before fleeing, according to the police.

It was unknown what led to the shooting. According to the authorities, the incident claimed the life of Jacob Russ, 14.

Russ was a relative of the other worker and was there with relatives, according to the police.

According to Robbie Baker, the coroner for Sumter County, an autopsy will be performed on Russ on Tuesday to confirm the Russ’s cause of death.

Who is Marcques Charles Wright Jr?

Marcques Charles Wright Jr was arrested for killing 14-year-old Jacob Russ. Victory Drive resident, Marcques was located and taken into custody without incident.

Wright is charged with murder and attempted murder. He is being detained at the Sumter County Jail.

The incident that claimed the life of a teen on a busy road, shocked the people of Sumter County.

The McDonald’s is situated alongside a busy road, across the street from other eateries, and next to the South Carolina Department of Social Services.

Police investigation:

The Sumter Police Department has started their investigation. The shooting started after a fight broke out between Wright and another employee that occurred inside the North Lafayette Drive restaurant, according to the initial reports.

“We need to stop and take a deep breath and realize that life is precious and in a split second a person’s life could be taken away from them,” Sumter Country Coroner, Baker said.

Baker said, “It’s sad and it’s really scary because you have homicides every year, that’s just a fact of life, but when you’ve got a 14-year-old that’s shot inside of a fast-food restaurant in front of other people, it’s sad and my hearts go out to that family”


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