Kieran Ngo: A 26-year-old bank worker dies after drug overdose at Sydney Music Festival


 Kieran Ngo: A 26-year-old bank worker dies after drug overdose at Sydney Music Festival
The 26-year-old guy who allegedly overdosed on drugs and passed away at Sydney’s Transmission Festival has been identified. A Commonwealth Bank employee passes away from a suspected drug overdose at a popular electronic music festival as 12 other people are sent to the hospital. Let’s find out what happened at Sydney Music Festival in detail.

What happened to Kieran Ngo?

A young bank employee passed away, and 12 other people were sent to the hospital right afterward after allegedly overdosing on drugs at an electronic music festival.

At the Sydney Showground’s Transmission Festival, a sizable indoor trance music festival, on Saturday, 26-year-old Keiran Ngo started to feel queasy. At around 1:30 on Sunday morning, he drove himself to Bankstown Hospital, where he tragically passed away a short time later.

Around three in the morning, police were called to Bankstown Hospital to look into Mr. Ngo’s death.

What did the police investigation say?

Although it is unknown what Mr. Ngo consumed, investigators, are looking into whether his passing was related to the discovery of 400 MDMA tablets, which were purportedly found on festival-goers. Following their discovery of MDMA, the police detained and charged six individuals, ages 19 to 33, with drug supply offenses.

21-year-old Fairfield West man detained: For what?

A 21-year-old Fairfield West man was allegedly caught with 149 MDMA tablets, while a 23-year-old Oran Park guy was allegedly in possession of 253 MDMA tablets.

Police, security personnel, paramedics, and other medical personnel were present at the festival as it was classified as a high-risk event under the Music Festivals Act of 2019.

After appearing in Parramatta Court on Sunday, the 23-year-old was denied release, while the 21-year-old was given stringent conditional bail to appear in Burwood Local Court on Thursday.

For supplying an illegal substance, the other four males received Court Attendance Notices and must appear in court at a later time.

Sydney Music Festival: What happened at the scene?

One among the many festival-goers who needed medical attention was Mr. Ngo, a senior lending associate at the Commonwealth Bank. Twelve additional partygoers who attended the significant indoor trance event were admitted to the hospital.

At the event, more than 130 people received medical attention, and many of the symptoms were thought to be related to drug usage and heat exhaustion. Of those, 12 people—including seven patients who needed to be intubated right away—were taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Kieran Ngo: Who was he?

After studying business and IT at Sydney’s University of Technology, Mr. Ngo worked for the bank for six years, according to his LinkedIn page. “I have more than six years of experience in the financial services sector, working in a variety of jobs and industries.

Expert in retail banking and house purchases for the Bankstown and Southwest regions, according to Mr. Ngo’s biography. The incident is being investigated, and a report will be written for the coroner’s information.

Transmission Festival: What is it?

An enormous indoor trance music festival called Transmission Festival was first held in Prague, Czech Republic. The festival initially took place outside of Europe in July 2016 when it took place in Melbourne. It then made its debut in Sydney in 2019.

The festival is well-known for its breathtaking laser show, which, according to its website, “creates an unparalleled experience with a combination of electronic music, high-end technology, special effects, live acts, and unusual scenography.”

Trance, progressive trance, tech-trance, and psytrance are the main musical genres that Transmission represents. Around 18,000 partygoers attended the celebration at Sydney’s Olympic Park this year.


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