How did Lee Smith die? Former Louisville soccer coach cause of death explained

DeSales High School’s boys soccer coach and former Louisville soccer coach Lee Smith passed away. Let’s see How did Lee Smith die and Lee Smith cause of death in detail.


How did Lee Smith die?

Lee Smith, a former Louisville soccer coach and DeSales High School boy’s soccer coach, passed away.

Mockingbird Valley Premier club announced the devastating news on Facebook.

Smith’s organs were donated on Tuesday afternoon, the school’s sports director reported in a statement.


Lee Smith cause of death

We’re sorry to have to inform you that Lee Smith has passed away.

Lee Smith was regarded as having a friendly personality. Many people must be curious to know the Lee Smith cause of death in light of the recent news.

Lee Smith cause of death was Heart attack. He was hospitalized after having an attack.

Unfortunately he passed away on January 24,2023.

Lee Smith cause of death has left the community inconsolable.


Who was Lee Smith?

Coach Smith had been involved in the Louisville soccer community for more than 15 years, working in a variety of coaching roles at the YMCA, Mockingbird Sports Complex, and the LSA (Louisville Soccer Alliance).

He served as the coach of both Desales high school and the 2004 boys gold team. Whoever knew Lee knew he was a selfless man who always put others first.

He was a true leader and a model for his colleagues and all players who had the distinct pleasure of being coached by him. Lee has been a member of our KFJ/Mockingbird family for more than ten years.

Coach Smith responded to a query about why students should have to select DeSales:

“It’s a great environment offering lots of opportunities both academically and athletically. I believe they will be challenged to reach their full potential, not only as students, but as players in a program that pushes them to realize their best on the field too. Both my boys attended DeSales and flourished in the classroom as well as the soccer pitch, and I know that experience is available for others who want to work hard and take advantage of what DeSales has to offer.”    


Tributes to Lee Smith

Many people expressed their profound sympathies to his family and expressed how much they loved him.

One of the last conversations I had with Lee Smith just a week ago. Coach had called me to check in after seeing that mentally I have been struggling. Lee was all about helping others. I strive to be half the person he was.

-Chris Matingley.


Still hard to believe how fast things can change but I was blessed to be a part of the ”Honor Walk” today for Coach Lee Smith. Many families are blessed by his decision to be an organ donor, having had a family member receive an organ several years ago this is such a selfless act. He touched so many and continues to help others. An amazing coach, father and friend. It was touching to see so many there to honor Lee and his family. Continued prayers for his family and all the many players he has touched. 🙏 You will be missed greatly.



That one was for Coach Lee Smith. Rest in Peace to a great man who loved the Colts.

-Desales Basketball.


Prayers for Lee Smith, his family, and the DeSales community. Lee is the DeSales Boys’ Soccer coach.

Iroquois Raiders Athletics.


One of the worst things anyone can go through in life is losing a loved one. Any journey must have a destination at the end. The person’s time on earth has regrettably come to an end now that they have died.

We wish him eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to his loved ones, family, friends. May he rest in peace.

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