Lakeland police officer & 13 year old boy gun rampage: What we know so far?

Lakeland police officer and the 13 year old boy shooting
Police blocked the road following the shooting between Lakeland police officer and the 13 year old boy (Source: The Ledger)


According to reports, a Lakeland police officer and a juvenile suspect were shot in the 1600 block of Lincoln Avenue Wednesday afternoon. Let’s see more about the Lakeland shooting in detail.

What happened to the Lakeland police officer?

 Officials stated that the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and the Lakeland Police Department are currently looking into the officer-involved shooting incident. 

According to investigators, the male officer and a boy who was shot appear to have non-life-threatening injuries.  

Officials from the department could not immediately provide any additional information. 

Lakeland shooting explained:

At 5:16 p.m. on Wednesday, Simpson Park, a public leisure area, received a complaint of a drive-by shooting, according to Lakeland Police Chief Sam Taylor.

Officer Jamie Smith launched a pursuit of a white Dodge Avenger that matched the description of the suspect car while on the way.

Three people rushed out of the automobile as it stopped around West 10th Street close to Kettles Avenue, according to Taylor.

One of them escaped to the Carrington Place apartment block at 10th Street and Kettles Avenue while brandishing a gun, and Smith followed.

Following a shooting that left a Lakeland officer and a child injured, police units on Wednesday evening blocked off 10th Street at Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue.

As he rounded the corner, the 13-year-old was waiting for him in a crouched position with the handgun aimed at the officer and fired one round, at least one round,” Taylor said. “The officer returned fire. 

“The officer was struck one time in the left foot. This time, the suspect was “struck several times.” 

Taylor claimed that police helped both Smith and the suspect. The 13-year-old’s injuries are not thought to be life-threatening, and he was brought to Tampa General Hospital. 

He claimed that the lower extremities of the suspect were shot. Taylor stated, “Last we heard was he was going to be treated and released.” 

Smith was transported to Lakeland Regional Health Medical Centre by being placed into the back of a police vehicle. In the “next few days,” according to Taylor, he is anticipated to receive treatment and be freed. 

Who is the suspect?

All three of the occupants of the car had been identified. “Two of the three, and possibly when we walk back down here, the third one, is in custody.” He said at least one of the suspects is an adult.

The name of the juvenile was not revealed by the officers. Taylor claimed that although authorities are still looking into the matter, “there is some indication” that the guy may have been a gang member or associate.

Judd stated that the criminal investigation, which will be forwarded to the State Attorney’s Office, will be led by the Sheriff’s Office.

A separate inquiry will be conducted by the State Attorney’s Office. LPD will conduct both an administrative probe and an investigation. 


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