Corporal Roland Scarinci, World War II Veteran passed away at 100


_Corporal Roland Scarinci, World War II Veteran passed away at 100

World War II Veteran Corporal Roland Scarinci died (Source:

The world lost a Hero and a wonderful Human being. Roland served as a Marine in the Pacific Theatre of Operations during World War II.

On February 18, 2023, he just turned 100 years old. He was an American and the treasurer for Philadelphia. He loved to play the harmonica and was genuinely concerned about everyone.

We are grateful to Roland for his dedication to both humanity and our nation. Learn more about the World War II Veteran’s life and his Roland Scarinci passing news in this article.

What happened to Roland Scarinci?

We are deeply devastated to inform the passing news of World War II Veteran Roland Scarinci here. As per Scarinci’s daughter’s statement, it was confirmed that he passed away peacefully at home surrounded by his loved ones.

Roland Scarinci is the WWII US Marine who the nation continues to fall in love with. Here is the statement released by his incredible daughter, Denise Kennedy.

A message from Roland’s daughter, Denise

It is with profound sadness, that we lost an American treasure. My father 100 year WW2 Veteran Roland Scarinci passed away peacefully and was surrounded by love. Roland enjoyed life to the fullest, with his harmonica in hand, he spread sunshine and love to everyone he would meet.

He loved our country and would play God Bless America at many events across Phila and beyond. We would like to thank everyone for their prayers and support over the past several months during Roland’s declining health. Special thanks to law enforcement and veterans for their commitment.

Roland was my hero in so many ways and I personally will miss that smile. Roland would say I love everyone and everyone loved him back. He was an inspiration and bright light of hope. Roland and Gloria are now together once more. Rest in the Lord’s arms, I know you will always be our guardian angel in spirit.

Who was Roland Scarinci?

On December 14, 1942, Scarinci enrolled in the Marine Corps. He was based at Marine Barracks Washington 8th & I and later moved to the Pacific Theatre with the 1st Marine Division.

In April and May 1945, during the 82-day Battle of Okinawa, Scarinci engaged the enemy for 81 of those days. Later, from September 30, 1945, to January 14, 1946, he took part in occupation-related activities in China.

Scarinci served the Marine Corps and the country honorably for four years throughout World War II before being released on February 19, 1946.

He served in the Pacific Theatre on the Solomon Islands under the command of the 1st Marine Division. He took part in the attack on Okinawa.

Boyle praised Scarinci, saying that he “served our country with distinction and honor,” and was astounded by his young age at enlistment. The congressman declared, “It’s truly all-American.”

Scarinci played his harmonica both in person and online during the pandemic to cheer up, inspire, and bring people together.

Gloria Scarinci, Scarinci’s wife, passed away on February 1st, one day after their 74th wedding anniversary. He declared, “I just loved her to pieces.” His daughter Denise Kennedy attended the proclamation presentation with Scarinci.

Philadelphia World War II veteran celebrates 100th birthday on Feb 18, 2023. (Source: NewJerseyStatePolice)

100th Birthday Celebration of American Treasure: Roland Scarinci

There is now another member of the Centenarian Club from the “City of Brotherly Love.” On Saturday, Feb 18, 2023, friends, family, and fellow military members came to honor the life of Cpl. Roland Scarinci is a World War II veteran who just turned 100!

At the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police Hall, the veteran celebrated his birthday while raising money for his favorite cause, Families Behind the Badge Children’s Foundation.

He was surrounded by members of the American Patriotic Services, the Marine Forces Reserve Band, and New Jersey State Police officers.

A unique performance by the “American Treasure” himself made it a day to remember! Since he was eight years old, Roland has been a harmonica player.

In response, Colonel Callahan pulled out his harmonica, and the two entertained the throng, according to a Facebook post from the New Jersey State Police.

Major General Len Anderson, commanding general of the 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, gave a speech at the Birthday event in which he expressed his admiration and thanks for Scarinci’s service.

“This many years of dedicated and selfless service for our nation, to tell his story and what he did in the Marine Corps, I can’t thank you enough for the stories that you’ve told,” said Anderson “He didn’t know that the time he spent in the Pacific was just a very small influence of what he had on the Marine Corps. In decades since young men and women have joined our Corps, joined this small club we love to be a part of, served our nations, and did it because Cpl. Scarinci keeps telling his stories.”

We salute you for your devotion to this country, and we will never forget the National Anthem you played on the harmonica you were always carrying. You’ll always be missed.


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