Kevin Passanise shot dead: Who killed the Misguided reason rapper? Motive Revealed


Kevin Passanise shot dead: Who killed the Misguided reason rapper? Motive Revealed

Kevin Passanise an aspiring musician was shot by a drug-addled man. And the court has been informed that this shooting has permanently changed the life of the musician and his family. Let’s see Who killed the Misguided reason rapper and the motive of the suspect in detail

What happened to Kevin?

Kevin Passanise, 25, was critically injured (2 years ago) when he was shot in the upper body while parked in a driveway in Shrives Road, Narre Warren South, in Melbourne’s south-east, at about 5 am on Saturday.
On Monday, a spokeswoman from The Alfred hospital said Mr. Passanise’s condition had changed from critical to critical but stable after he underwent surgery.

A young musician has shot in the head in Melbourne’s southeast more than two years ago, and his family has been informed that they will not be able to move on because of the long-term effects of his injury.

Hip-hop artist Kevin Passanise, who was 25 years old when he was shot by Phillip Constantinou in Narre Warren on March 7, 2020, sustained catastrophic injuries as a result of the gunshot wounds, which were caused by a combination of drugs and jealousy, the Victorian Supreme Court was informed on Monday. The court informed him that he will require treatment for the rest of his life and lifelong care.

What was the suspect’s motive?

Constantinou was given additional custodial sentences, to be served simultaneously with the primary jail term, for drug trafficking, firearm charges, drug possession, and car theft by Justice Lex Lasry. He was also given a 16-year prison sentence for attempted murder.  According to testimony given in court, Constantinou was enraged by the idea that his girlfriend was having an affair and shot Mr. Passanise despite being informed that he was not the person his girlfriend had been seeing.

The court was told Constantinou was driven to a state of rage by the belief his girlfriend was having an affair and shot Mr. Passanise despite being told he was not the man his girlfriend had been seeing, the court was told.

Before the “uninhibited infliction of near-fatal violence,” Justice Lasry said in his sentencing remarks, “you armed yourself with a firearm and walked some distance.” He said, “You ran, thinking only of yourself.

What did Justice Lasry confess about the suspect?

Constantinou, according to Justice Lasry, “displayed disinterest” in learning the real identity of his victim. He said that because of his acts, “Mr. Passanise’s life has been drastically transformed,” as well as the lives of Mr. Passanise’s family, who “in some way will not be able to move on,”

Justice Lasry stated that Constantinou had begun apprenticeships as a baker and a plumber after graduating from high school but had not finished either and that his professional soccer career had been destroyed by a “catastrophic” knee injury.

He said that due to being fired at and stabbed, Constantinou had long used meth and ecstasy and had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). So according to Justice Lasry, Constantinou was imprisoned when he was 21 and had “serious” prior convictions for drug trafficking, carelessly causing injury, and driving offenses. Thus according to him, Constantinou’s present drug charges were from his incapacity to support his addiction.

However, Justice Lasry stated that as long as Constantinou abstains from using drugs, he has a fair chance of rehabilitation in the community.


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