Is China taking over Rural Michigan? Locals Revolt against Chinese-owned Factories

Is China taking over Rural Michigan? Locals Revolt against Chinese-owned Factories

  • Rural Michigan communities are rebelling against a decision to allow a Chinese-owned company to build a battery factory in the area.
  • The Midwesterner, a conservative news source, obtained a video of a recent Green Charter Township board meeting.
  • Chinese companies on American soil are ‘Dangerous’ warns a former Gubernator Candidate.

Is China taking over Rural Michigan?

At the meeting on March 14, more than 100 residents of Green Charter Township and Big Rapids in rural Mecosta County, Michigan, spoke out about their concerns regarding the presence of the Chinese-owned company Gotion Global amid growing worries about national security issues surrounding it to speak for China.

Lots of voices are echoed against China. one of the main concerns raised there was,

“What drives some crazy the most is that this is a Chinese-owned company. A Chinese-owned company is a communist company. Why would you bring a communist enterprise to Big Rapids, Michigan, when we have troops mobilizing properly? fighting China now?” a resident who identified himself as an Iraq war veteran told city officials.

Why would we invite the enemy to come spy on us? All the things on here are bad, but the thing that drives me the most nuts is that it is our enemy, not the Chinese people. I have nothing against the Chinese people because they suffer under the same communism that you all are trying to bring here. It’s disgusting.”

Over the past two years, automakers have chosen Southern states for more than a half-dozen auto plants, but what makes them choosing the rural area is questioning everybody and making the scariest part in terms of technological aspects.

No Gotion in Rural Michigan

The heated debates between the local residents are expressing different opinions on opposing Chinese companies. Several locals agreed with the viewpoint and warned against allowing China to further encroach on the US, saying that there should be “American firms on American land.”

Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon, who narrowly lost to Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer last year, has been one of the harshest critics of allowing a Chinese-owned company to build in Michigan.

“The local residents speaking out against the communist Chinese battery factory in Big Rapids were clear, focused, and to the point. Community leaders would do well to listen to them and heed their concerns. National security over the promise of jobs!” she tweeted after the town meeting.

“I stand with local residents who oppose having a 700-acre Chinese battery factory in their backyard that could easily serve as a base for spying on Americans. No godson in Michigan!”

Is china overtaking the US in technology?

Just a quarter-century ago, Chinese officials were eagerly asking U.S. automakers to bring their investments and expertise to China. Today, the roles are reversed, with one of America’s most storied industrial giants asking China for the technology needed to survive in a rapidly changing global automotive landscape.

China has surpassed the United States in terms of overall innovation production and is closing in on it on a proportional basis, according to major metrics of innovation and advanced-industry performance.
The United States must react more quickly and effectively to reclaim its position as a global leader.

As per the reports from the New York Times, Ford decided to completely own the factory and exclusively license technology from CATL, which provides batteries to Tesla, BMW, and other major automakers, in an effort to shield itself from Sino-American tensions.

Approved funds for EV Vehicles

Michigan lawmakers also approved $585 million in state funding to build the plant, along with two others that would make batteries for electric vehicles. The facility has been approved for construction by a state economic development agency and was originally intended to be built on land in both Big Rapids and Green Charter Township.

According to a report from The Detroit News, Gotion postponed construction in Big Rapids last month after the city council unanimously voted to ask the federal government to investigate potential national security risks associated with the establishment of a Chinese-owned company in the region days earlier. Earlier this month, the company said the facility was “not a done deal,” citing opposition from local residents.

The Rise of Electric Vehicles


The German automaker said that it would spend $193 billion on software, battery factories, and other investments as it aimed to make every fifth vehicle it sold electric by 2025.

Bulking Up:

Electric vehicles are usually a more climate-friendly option. But as they get bigger, their emissions savings, and other environmental and safety benefits, begin to diminish.


The company will open some of its fast chargers, which had been exclusive to its customers, to all-electric vehicles by the end of next year, the Biden administration said.


The automaker plans to build a $3.5 billion electric-vehicle battery factory in Michigan using technology licensed from a Chinese company that has become one of the most important players in the industry.


At this point, they have so many reasons to oppose China after Covid, but looking on the brighter side if the company is once reformed, will more people get job opportunities back there? or do we really have to worry about so many Chinese people going to reside in china?

The concern and opposition are not against Chinese people but against forming a Chinese company on American Soil. Not all members of the community oppose the project. Some of its supporters have touted the thousands of jobs that would be brought to the area should the plant be constructed.

Green Charter Township will hold another meeting on April 5 with the proposed plant on the agenda.

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