What happened to Jehane Thomas? Famous TikTok Star cause of death Explained


 What happened to Jehane Thomas? Famous TikTok Star cause of death Explained

On March 17, 2023, at the age of 30, Jehane Thomas, a young mother of two children, passed away. Her family, friends, and community are in shock and grief as a result of her tragically sudden demise. For more information on the Late Jehane Thomas, including her cause of death, and other details, keep reading this article.

What happened to Jehane Thomas?

The well-known TikTok personality Jehane Thomas was born and raised in Doncaster, North Yorkshire, England. After a protracted struggle with optic neuritis, Jehane Thomas, from Doncaster, has passed away.

On March 17, Jehane Thomas passed away “unexpectedly”. She reportedly experienced migraines and “bouts of illness” for several months. Friends of Jehane claimed that she was “lovely on the inside and out” and had a “kind and honest soul”. Her abrupt demise has left loved ones “heartbroken” and they “can’t believe it,” according to them.

Her passing was revealed in a touching Facebook post, shocking and grieving her fans and followers. Jehane was noted for her tremendous perseverance and persistent positivity despite enduring many hardships throughout her life.

She was a delight to be around and had a way of bringing joy to everyone she encountered. She left behind a vacuum that will be challenging to replace, and everyone who knew her will miss her dearly.

Who was Jehane Thomas?

Jehane Thomas was born and raised in Doncaster, North Yorkshire, England. The 30-year-old Doncaster woman was the mother of Isaac and Elijah, two adorable boys.

On all social media sites, including TikTok, Jehane Thomas was a well-liked user. @jehane x, her Instagram handle, has more than 25.8k followers. She would post vlogs, advice on making kid-friendly dinners and packed lunches, cleaning suggestions, and do shopping hauls. Also, she ran a crafts company called Print and Pack UK.

Her most recent message, which was made around a week ago, featured her sharing her sentiments about coming back to her house after being hospitalized for six days. She also talked of the difficulties she encountered while working at the hospital, both physically and mentally.

Professional Life

Jehane attended Thorne Trinity Academy between 2002 and 2009. From July 2014 to February 2015, she worked as a customer support agent in Wakefield, England.

From April 2015 to February 2016, she worked as the collections supervisor at CarShop in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Thereafter, she was employed by Freemans Grattan Holdings (FGH) in Sheffield, UK, as a customer support agent.

Jehane was also a co-owner of printandpackUK, a small company in the United Kingdom. Jehane and her business partner Kirsty Louise shared management of the company. The company’s Instagram account has more than 1,000 followers, and its posts highlight the lovely services they provide.

Jehane Thomas cause of death

According to sources, Johane had long-term health problems before succumbing to ocular neuritis and passing away. After Tiktoker’s tragic passing, her friend Alyx Reast organized a GoFundMe campaign to support Jehane’s sons and the arrangements for the late Jehane Thomas’ funeral.

Jehane Thomas was a 30-year-old, mum of two boys when she suddenly passed away on 17/03/2023. Despite suffering from migraines and bouts of illness for several months, her passing was totally unexpected and we are all absolutely heartbroken.

Her two children, Isaac (3, almost 4), and Elijah (1) have been left without their mum. I’ve started this page in the hope of raising some money so her beautiful boys can have the best childhood, make memories and make sure they are comfortable. Nothing will bring the boys and their mum back, but we hope it will bring some relief to her family, knowing how loved and supported they are.

Jehane – I promised I’d do what I can for those boys, so that’s what I’m vowing to do. I love you… Thank you, Alyx ❤️

Jehane Thomas’s Recent Instagram Post

6 days admitted into the hospital and I’m finally home with my boys 🤍 It’s been a really challenging week, not just physically but mentally. I’ve missed these two so much and feel like they’ve both grown up so much whilst I’ve been away 😔

After sharing my experience, many of you have told me to go and speak to PALS which I’ll be doing in the morning. I’m then going to email my neurologist and see what plan of action he has in place because I can not keep living life like this 😔

I may be home but I’m still struggling with these migraines as nothing was really done to help them after a whole week of being there and I’d rather self-medicate at home with these around me than be left in a bed on my own all day & night so I may not be fixed but I’m not giving in 🤍

Thank you to everyone who has reached out but most importantly thank you to my parents & Liam for taking over the boys & the house for me, always making sure they were looked after. Thank you for making sure they knew mummy was okay and sending me pictures and videos to help me get through the longest days in the hospital without them 🥺

A huge shoutout to my besties Alyx, Kirsty, and Marc for being by my side in the hospital when I was at my worst and not forgetting Alex for watching the boys for us and Jodie & Ciara for chipping into a huge bag of goodies for me that Alyx pampered me with 🥺

I adore you all and here’s to fighting to get these migraines gone for good 😔🤞🏼🤍

Social media is flooded with condolences for Jehane:

Kelly Medina Enos, a fellow parenting TikTok celebrity and Jehane’s friend, said: “I honestly have no words for the news we found out today.  I appreciate your family and friends allowing me to pay my respects on your behalf. “My heart is broken, for you, for your family, friends, and the boys. Fly high, my angel. Life is so short. I love you. Kelly x.”

Friend Jade Newby said: “After some very sad news today it just puts life into perspective even more! It scares me to death the thought of me not being here for my boy. “You just never know what’s around the corner. I preach a lot that life is too short and we have to enjoy every single minute because we never know when our time is up. I would like to pay my respects to Jehane Thomas and send love to her friends, family, and especially her baby boys. I cannot even begin to imagine. May you rest in peace.”

Theresa Parker added: “I can’t tell you that I’m in shock to learn that my friend Jehane Thomas has suddenly passed away. I first met her at a previous job and we were on the same team. Then she was the person that introduced me to my now home-based travel business. “We have been to many events together and I know she will be sadly missed by those that knew her. Sending all my love to her family and especially her two boys.”

Emma Taylor added: “Jehane I been following you for a while now u were the most beautiful friendly lady you don’t deserve any of this rip still can’t get my head around it you were loved by thousands of people and were a lovely friend.”

A friend and Jehane’s former hairdresser Eila Rowe said: “Absolutely heartbroken to hear one of the most beautiful people inside and out and best mummy I’ve had the privilege to have walk through my salon doors. You were always loved by so many and I’m so glad I had the honor of meeting you and I can see exactly why you were and still are loved so much.”


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