Huntsville shooting: Police officer Garret Crumpy died tragically in the shootout with the suspect

According to officials, a guy who had barricaded himself inside a flat shot two police officers, one of them, Garret Crumpy, died, while one other was badly injured. Let’s see about Huntsville shooting in detail.


Huntsville shooting:

After engaging a suspect in a standoff in Huntsville, Alabama, police say one officer, Garret Crumpy, died from his wounds and another is still in serious condition.

According to Huntsville Deputy Police Chief Michael Johnson, a lady contacted 911 on Tuesday in the late afternoon to report that she had been shot. When police arrived on the site, they discovered the shooting victim, who had non-life-threatening wounds.

The suspect locked himself inside a flat after firing at the two cops, injuring them both. According to a news statement from the city, the cops were taken to a hospital, where one of them later passed away from his wounds while the other underwent emergency surgery and was in serious condition.

HPD Chief Kirk Giles said,

“This is a devastating loss for our department, the Huntsville community and the State of Alabama,  “We send our heartfelt condolences to the officer’s family as they mourn their loved one who made the ultimate sacrifice.”

“As we grieve with our fallen officer’s family, we have another officer fighting for his life,’’ the chief said. “Please keep all our officers and the entire department in your prayers.”

Dr. Tyler Berryhill, the coroner for Madison County, will deliver Crumby’s body to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences in Huntsville on Tuesday night. The body will be autopsied on Wednesday morning.

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle said,

“This is a painful night for the city of Huntsville and for our police family,”

“We are heartbroken. Words cannot express our loss. We have been overwhelmed by the show of love and support from our community, and we stand united with our police officers and their families in this tragic moment.”

A video that has gone viral on social media and been shared almost 30,000 times claims to show paramedics saving the life of one of the cops and treating the second injured officer outside a flat complex. The long-gun-ready police in the video—which has since been removed from Facebook—swarm the building. The footage shows building residents informing police that a mother and children were still inside the unit.

The footage then shows officers running up to the flat with their rifles drawn at the second-story window. When a lady leans out of the window and places a second child in an officer’s arms, officers can be seen walking away from the scene with one of the children covered in a blanket. Many individuals can be seen fleeing the building in the footage as well.


Who was Officer Garrett Crumby?

Officer Garrett Crumby, a three-year Huntsville Police Department veteran who previously spent eight years with the Tuscaloosa Police Department, was named by Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall after the officer who was killed but his identity was not immediately released by the department. As the two cops got on the scene, according to Marshall, an armed suspect ambushed them.

Marshall said,

“Tonight, our State grieves the death of another member of the law enforcement community—one who, when called upon, ran toward danger in aide of a female victim,

Huntsville Police Officer Garrett Crumby and fellow Officer Albert Morin were responding to an emergency domestic violence call for service when they were ambushed by an armed suspect.

Our part of the country has been reminded again this week of the pure heroism of those who make up the thin blue line — the dividing line, at times, between life and death for the citizens that they swear an oath to protect,

These two law enforcement officers responded to a domestic violence call this evening, knowing full well that they would be placing their lives on the line in defense of their fellow man. We must never take their service and sacrifice for granted.”

In 2020, Crumby started working for the Huntsville Police Department. Before moving to Huntsville in 2013, he was employed by the Tuscaloosa Police Department.

Crumby was one of many policemen praised earlier last year for assisting a guy in returning home from the grocery shop on a rainy night. The man received a ride from Crumby.

Officer Garrett Crumpy of the HPD assisted the guy in returning home.

Officer Garrett Crumby (Right) (Facebook)

Garrett Crumby’s nephew pleaded with everyone to pray for the Huntsville police force and his family.

“Praying for the Huntsville police department and family of the fallen officer, Garrett Crumby. Our hearts are broken, please join me in praying for this officers family and fellow officers of the Huntsville PD, and law enforcement everywhere that put on the badge to protect and serve.”

Crumby is the third police officer in Alabama to be shot while on duty, but he is the first to pass away in the line of duty this year.

Crumby told WHNT News 19,

“It was dark. He was going to be walking down a heavily travelled road at night in inclement weather. So, it just made more sense to me to just give him a ride.” 

A little more than an hour later, the suspect was captured and sent to the hospital with non-life-threatening wounds, according to the city.


Suspect: Who is Juan Robert Laws?

Just before 11 p.m., Juan Robert Laws, 24, was arrested and placed in the Madison County Prison on suspicion of capital murder of a police officer. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, which is handling the investigation into the fatal shooting, was responsible for obtaining that charge. Laws continue to be held without bond.

He plead guilty this week to a misdemeanor offence of carrying a gun without a license that dates back to 2022, according to Alabama court documents. The sentence order said that as part of the arrangement with the state, that firearm was to be forfeited.

Moreover, two counts of second-degree assault against two persons were brought against Laws in 2022. When he waived his preliminary hearing, a grand jury was instructed to consider indictment in those counts last month.

Police praised the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and Madison Police Department in a press release for their help in handling calls in Huntsville while HPD officers were grieving this awful loss. The State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency has been asked by the department to handle the investigation.


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