How did Tristen Nash die? Kevin Nash’s son cause of death Explained


How did Tristen Nash die? Kevin Nash's son cause of death Explained


Tristen Nash, Son of WWE Wrestler Kevin Nash, Passed Away at Age 26. Let’s see how he died and what was Tristen Nash cause of death in detail

How did Tristen Nash die?

Tristen Nash, the son of legendary wrestler Kevin Nash, passed away at age 26. On Thursday, October 20, wrestling reporter Sean Ross Sapp revealed the tragedy.

The sole child of Kevin and his wife Tamara was Tristen Nash. He was a musician and poet who most recently collaborated with his father on a brand-new podcast project. On the WWE star’s Instagram feed, it doesn’t take long to see how close the two were to one another.



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The wrestler, who was born in Detroit, captioned a picture taken earlier this year, “My purpose for living.”

Tristen Nash cause of death 

Tristen’s death and its circumstances are still unknown, including how and when he passed away. Tristen, a Florida resident, frequently expressed his love for Savanna on his personal Instagram page. He mentioned having some mental health issues at least once.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. Also, more details on Tristen Nash cause of death will be added soon.

On October 10, he wrote, “#mentalhealthawareness a significant aspect of my life that I never recognize.” “Recognize that you are wanted and cherished. Enjoy every moment.”

Throughout his two-decade wrestling career, Nash, also known as Diesel and Big Sexy, occasionally had a tense relationship with his son. The two men once got into a brawl at their Florida house, which required calling the police.

Both people were accused of misdemeanor first-degree battery following the incident on Christmas Eve 2014, according to E! Online.

According to reports from the time, Kevin intervened when the younger Nash started pursuing his mother.

The Nash family asks that you respect their privacy at this time, according to a statement Sapp released regarding Tristen’s passing.

Nash has not responded to the devastating news regarding his son; his last tweets were on October 16; nonetheless, on October 19, he shared an advertisement for his Instagram Story. There was no trace of Tamara Nash on social media.


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Tristen, who appears to have chosen a life slightly less out of the spotlight than his father, is an obscure figure. Tristen was a singer/songwriter in a band called The. Builders, whose music is presently available for streaming on Bandcamp, according to Tristen’s Instagram. It has a melodious sound and is faintly reminiscent of The Promise Ring and other depressing second-wave emo bands from the late ’90s. Tristen changed his Facebook relationship status to “in a relationship with Savanna Kern,” a certified massage therapist from Palm Coast, Florida, in July 2022. Tristen started referring to Savanna as his fiancée on September 12.

On Facebook and Instagram, Tristen routinely shared gorgeous pictures of the two of them. The happy couple’s most recent Instagram image was published on October 8 with the message, “the ideal companion I could have. The love of my life and an absolute genius. Savanna, I adore you so much.”

On an episode of his podcast, Kevin Nash talks about the night Tristen was born. Kevin’s decision to leave the WWE for the WCW was partial because he would have more time with his family. “Even though I was still gone an s–load, to have half the time I had (extra) with my son… you couldn’t put a price on just that,” he said.

Condolences from friends and fans flooded social media as the news of Tristen’s death broke. Celebrated former professional wrestler Mick Foley took to Twitter to say, “God, this is just awful news. My heart goes out to Kevin Nash, his family, and his friends. Praying that fond memory of Tristen will be a source of comfort to you. RIP Tristen Nash.”

This tragedy is only made worse by the fact that Tristen passed away mere months after the death of Kevin Nash’s best friend, fellow wrestler Scott Hall. As if things couldn’t get any more painful, Tristen died on Scott Hall’s birthday. Our thoughts are with the Nash family at this time.


Condolences to Tristen Nash 

Shyla posted,

So sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family

Nathan said,

I’m truly sorry for your loss

bummy_77 said,

So sorry about your son!! So heartbreaking 💔 may God give you peace during this time 

Johno said,

You and your son need to get along ,he is probably jealous a bit ,help him start a business so he isnt jealous

Sonia tweeted,

To the Nash family and friends. My condolences. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your son Mr. Nash. Prayers for you and your family ❤️

Emily said,

Kevin, I am so sorry to hear the news about your son. Condolences to you, your wife and your whole family. RIP Tristen.



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