How did Toru Watanabe die? Japanese actor cause of death revealed


How did Toru Watanabe die? Japanese actor cause of death revealed

Japanese Actor Toru Watanabe died Monday at the age of 61. He appeared in many popular TV dramas and variety shows. Let’s see what happened to him and Toru Watanabe cause of death in detail.

What happened to Toru Watanabe?

TOKYO — The Bungakuza theatre group, to which the Japanese actor Toru Watanabe belonged, confirmed his death from septicemia on Nov. 28 at the age of 61 on Dec. 2.

Watanabe, an Ibaraki Prefecture native, made his television debut in 1981’s Taiyo ni Hoero! (roar at the sun) as a new investigator while still a student actor at a Bungakuza-affiliated workshop.

He rose to fame like a pop idol swiftly thanks to his attractive appearance. In 1982, his song “Yakusoku (promise),” which served as the soundtrack for a television ad for a chocolate treat, became popular.

Toru Watanabe cause of death

He has made appearances on TV variety shows due to his upbeat nature. Long-time celebrity couple Watanabe and his wife Ikue Sakakibara, 63, were well-known. Watanabe performed in a theatre in October despite occasionally becoming ill in recent years, such as when he was diagnosed with ischemic heart disease in 2012.

According to Japanese media reports, Toru Watanabe developed symptoms such as fever and abdominal pain on November 20.

After going to the hospital for examination, he was diagnosed with bacterial gastroenteritis but died of sepsis after being hospitalized.

His oldest son, actor Yuta, will host his funeral, which will be attended by his immediate family. In addition, a separate memorial service will be held.

Toru Watanabe became popular in 1981 as a rookie detective in the classic criminal drama “Roaring to the Sun”, and then performed in many Dahe historical dramas, including “Kasuga Bureau”, “Hideyoshi”, “Tokugawa Yoshiki”, etc., active in the era of costumes Drama and Mystery Theatre. It is a pity that due to the suspected influence of eating habits, he developed acute diabetes at the age of 30. He often loses weight rapidly and regains weight. He has been fighting against the disease for half his life.



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