Who is Andrei Kisliak? Suspect in killing 4 in million dollar home in Chicago identified


Who is Andrei Kisliak? Suspect in killing 4 in million dollar home in Chicago identified


Man suspected of killing himself after stabbing his wife, female relative, daughters (ages 4 and 6), and other females: All five were discovered dead inside a million-dollar home in a suburb of Chicago in a “domestic-related incident.” Let’s see Who is Andrei Kisliak and look at this complete case in the article below.

Case Overview

  • According to sources, a guy from the Chicago region is suspected of killing his wife, two daughters, and a relative inside their home in a northwest suburb of Chicago.
  • Members of the Kisliask family who resided at 2830 Acacia Terrace in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, have been identified as the victims.
  • According to authorities, sharp force injuries caused the deaths of Andrei Kisliak, 39, Vera Kisliak, 36, Vivian Kisliak, 6, Lilia Kisliak, 67, and Amilia Kisliak, 4.
  • Additionally, officers discovered a dead animal inside the house.
  • According to court records, Vera applied for a protective order against her husband, Andrei, in September.
  • The couple also filed for divorce in July, and their separation-related last court appearance took place on Tuesday.
  • The family’s million-dollar property was also in danger of foreclosure.


Who is Andrei Kisliak?


Who is Andrei Kisliak?

In a million-dollar mansion in the Chicago suburb of Buffalo Grove, a man is believed to have murdered his wife, their two young girls, ages four and six, as well as a relative, before killing himself, according to reports.

The five people who were discovered by cops who were summoned to the residence for a wellness check on Thursday had their names and the reasons for their deaths announced by representatives of the Buffalo Grove Police Department.


In a news conference on Thursday, authorities stated that the deaths of Andrei Kisliak, 39, Vera Kisliak, 36, Vivian Kisliak, 6, Lilia Kisliak, 67, and Amilia Kisliak, 4, were all caused by “sharp force injuries.”

Sources told the Lake McHenry Scanner that they think Andrei stabbed himself after stabbing the four females just hours after the names were revealed. Officers also spotted a dead animal inside the house.

According to court records, Vera filed for an order of protection against her husband in September, and the murders occurred less than two months later. Andrei was detained for violating the order less than two weeks after it was filed, but he was later released on bail.


Buffalo Grove stabbing: What happened?

Around 11.10 a.m., police were first summoned to a residence in the suburban hamlet, which is only a little more than 30 miles north of Chicago, to check on a woman who had not arrived for a scheduled shift.

When the authorities arrived, they were “unable to make contact” with anyone inside the house. The village of Buffalo Grove tweeted on Wednesday that a sweep of the house and forced entry were both considered necessary. The bodies of the five family members were discovered during the search.

Buffalo Grove stabbing


Brian Budds- Chief of the Buffalo Grove Police Department Statement

Chief of the Buffalo Grove Police Department Brian Budds provided the most recent information on the case that stunned the affluent community during a press conference on Thursday morning.

The police chief declared, “Today is a very sad day for our community as we continue to comprehend this unfathomable occurrence.”

The cause of death for each of the five victims was established by autopsies performed on the victims by Lake County Coroner Jennifer Banek to be “sharp force injuries.”

According to Medscape, “sharp force injuries” are “injuries created by pointed instruments or things with sharp edges,” which are typically stabbed wounds or chop wounds.


What did the Court documents confess?

Police continue to refer to the event as “domestic-related” but have yet to identify the assailant. However, neighbors were quick to draw attention to the order of protection Vera had submitted months before. According to court documents obtained by the Chicago Tribune, Andrei had been accused of contempt of court on the same day that the wife had submitted the order. On December 12, he was supposed to appear before a court.

Along with the legal protection order that was issued in September, Andrei and Vera was also going through an ongoing divorce that they had requested in July. Less than a day before their remains were found, the Kisliaks’ final divorce hearing took place on Tuesday in Lake County.


Andrei Kisliak’s Motive

The first person to ask for a protective order was Andrei Kisliak, who did so on August 10. However, a judge declined to issue an emergency order, and 20 days later the motion was dropped for lack of prosecution.

On September 14, Vera Kisliak requested a court order to separate from her husband. Oct. 3 saw the issuance of an emergency order and its subsequent extension.

According to court records, Andrei Kisliak was instructed to keep away from his wife, their two kids, and the Buffalo Grove house on Acacia Terrace.

Although it’s not apparent if he had any weapons at the time, the agreement also obliged Andrei to give the Buffalo Grove Police Department any firearms he might have.

On September 30, when authorities claim Andrei Kisliak entered the Buffalo Grove home while protected individuals were inside, he was accused of disobeying that order and charged with it, according to court documents.

According to the records, he was detained and then released. Oct. 12: On the petty charge, he entered a not-guilty plea. On Oct. 25, Vera Kisliak was granted a complete, two-year order of protection. On Tuesday, the court held a status hearing in the couple’s divorce case.


Andrei had several closed cases

The Tribune was informed by a representative of the Lake County Clerk of the Circuit Court that some records relating to Andrei were at the time inaccessible and that he had several closed cases.

In addition to the previous legal issues, a mortgage company connected to the family filed for foreclosure on the Acacia Terrace house on November 9 after claiming they hadn’t received payments since July 2020.

Although neighbors claimed they thought the family had moved in about four years ago, the Kisliak family’s first recorded occupancy of the Buffalo Grove property dates back to 2015. RedFin estimates that the almost 6,000-square-foot house, which includes six bedrooms and six bathrooms, is worth $1.05 million.

The suburb’s nearby residences are priced from the mid 600,000s to as much as $1.3 million. A neighbor told the Chicago Tribune that she had previously reported Andrei to the police and that she was hoping to contribute to the little monument built up at the end of the driveway.

What did the Witnesses report?

The woman, who requested anonymity, claimed that she reported the man to the police after witnessing him yelling at his young children after dropping them off at a nearby cafe. He would frequently enter and exit the cafe, she claimed, behaving hostilely toward the young females. Officers arrived and spoke with the father before he and his kids left.

According to a neighbor who talked with a news channel. the young girls were “so innocent” and “so sweet.” The oldest sister was a strong character. quite loud. more youthful. Babies. just infants. How could somebody harm their family in this way?

Following the discovery of the deaths on Wednesday evening, Michelle, a neighbor, spoke with WGN and described the scenario as shocking for the small, “peaceful region.”

We would see the children running around, Michelle remarked. They would get together with friends and relatives. Nothing too unusual, so it comes as a huge shock to have all of this happen, especially at this time of year.

Additionally, the neighbor reported observing police activity at the residence over some time: “It’s never anything you want to dive into, but things like that you notice,” she added. Falguni Patel, another resident, claimed that he, too, was taken aback by the information. “Eleventeen years.” You never see it, never seen anything like this,’ said Patel. My kids grew up here.

Ongoing Investigation

Long after dusk, authorities kept the street closed to pedestrian traffic, and a police tent could be seen outside the house. According to the Arlington Cardinal, “Even a USPS mail vehicle with a post office worker was not allowed to deliver the mail in that portion of the block.” The local police are still looking into the situation. Chief Budds said on Thursday, “I want to thank the responding officers of the Buffalo Grove Police and Fire Departments for their commitment and effort in conducting this tragic investigation.”

“I also want to thank the Lake County Major Crime Task Force and the Lake County Coroner’s Office for their crucial help with this investigation,” Budds said. “This investigation is still active and ongoing.” Check back for further updates.



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