How did Tonya Ingram die? Popular poet cause of death explained


How did Tonya Ingram die? Popular poet cause of death explained

Tonya Ingram, a beautiful soul, poet, and mental health advocate recently passed away. Let’s see what happened to her and Tonya Ingram cause of death in detail.


What happened to Tonya Ingram?

All of her friends and acquaintances were shocked to learn of Tonya Ingram’s passing. On their Facebook page, Button Poetry has announced this official announcement the statement reads,

We are immensely saddened by the loss of our dear friend and collaborator, Tonya Ingram. Tonya was such a bright light for all of us. As a poet and mental health advocate, Tonya’s impact will continue to resonate. We are so fortunate to have been able to learn, watch, and work with Tonya throughout the years. We have especially fond memories of working with Tonya as a member of Button’s 2014 National Poetry Slam and countless Get Lit Classic Slam filming crews. We will continue to celebrate all of the magic that Tonya shared. Rest well, friend.

What was Tonya Ingram cause of death?

According to the official reports, it was revealed that she died as a result of a chronic illness. After a protracted struggle with lupus, she passed away. Complications from lupus were the exact cause of death. The announcement confirming her cause of death can be seen below.

Tonya’s Final Painful days

Recently, Tonya Ingram, a beautiful soul, poet, artist, and friend of To Write Love on Her Arms, passed away following a hard-fought battle with lupus. Through her daily experience with chronic illness, she was familiar with the ebbs and flows, the heavy and light that each day brought mentally and physically.


What is Lupus?

  • According to Mayoclinic, When your body’s immune system attacks your tissues and organs, it develops the disease lupus (autoimmune disease).
  • Lupus-related inflammation can impact a variety of bodily functions, including your joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, brain, heart, and lungs.
  • Because of how frequently its signs and symptoms resemble those of other illnesses, lupus can be challenging to diagnose.
  • In many but not all cases of lupus, the most recognizable lupus symptom—a face rash that looks like butterfly wings expanding across both cheeks—occurs.
  • Some people are predisposed to lupus from birth, which can be brought on by illnesses, medications, or even sunshine. Lupus has no known cure, however, medicines can help manage symptoms.

Causes for Lupus

  • Lupus is an autoimmune illness, meaning it develops when your body’s healthy tissue is attacked by your immune system.
  • A mix of genetics and environment likely led to the development of lupus.
  • It seems that individuals who have a hereditary propensity for lupus may develop the condition when they come into contact with an environmental trigger. In the majority of instances, the cause of lupus is unknown.

Risk factors

The following elements may raise your risk of developing lupus:

  • Your sexual orientation. In women, lupus is more prevalent.
  • Even though lupus can afflict persons of any age, it is typically discovered between the ages of 15 and 45.
  • African Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Americans are more likely to develop lupus.


Who was Tonya Ingram?

Tonya Ingram grew up in the Bronx after being born in Cincinnati. She was a graduate of Otis College of Art & Design with a Master’s in Public Practice and a Bachelor’s from New York University.


  • Tonya spoke up in support of mental health, using her persuasive words to raise awareness of this crucial problem. Tonya’s career was filled with successes that set her apart from other poets of her era.
  • She was part of the 2011 Urban Word-NYC team, the 2013 Nuyorican Grand Slam team, and the 2015 Da Poetry Lounge Slam squad.
  • She also won the 2011 New York Knicks Poetry Slam championship. As if these accomplishments weren’t enough for one lifetime, Tonya also became a six-time finalist in poetry slams, a 2014 nominee for the Pushcart Prize, and the author of Growl and Snare.
  • And to top it all off, Tonya had a big heart for animals and loved The Office and Tom Hardy movies!

Suicide prevention campaigns

Over the years, Tonya played such an eloquent role in the mission, efforts, and story of TWLOHA. She graced us with electric spoken-word performances at Heavy & Light, created poignant pieces for our suicide prevention campaigns, and offered her art as a lighthouse for those feeling lost, hopeless, and confused. We wouldn’t be who we are or doing what we are doing without her.

Tonya penned many statements that stem from the heart of what it means to be human, what it means to feel, evolve, and love. A favorite declaration of ours (and possibly yours), that she wrote and allowed us to share in multiple forms, read: “Despite the condition of the soil, I will choose to bloom.”

Tributes to Tonya Ingram

To Write Love On Her Arms

Tonya made magic through her words, so we have a few to share in her honor as we mourn her death. Tonya, you knew what to say. You channeled the most complex and layered feelings into beautiful and raw poetry. Whether in a book, on the stage, or through a video screen, your words resonated. What our heads struggled to comprehend, our hearts understood the moment you spoke. Beyond your art and your talent, you inspired genuine connection and gentle compassion. We as an organization, as a community, and as individuals, are better for knowing you. We miss you, Tonya. We love you. Thank you for sharing your story, art, and energy with us.

Darci Simmons

Tonya’s collaboration with Sierra for the We’ll See You Tomorrow campaign kept me alive. I owe her so much.

Teresa Ann

Being someone who has chronic illnesses and mental illnesses, tonya was such a beacon of light and hope to me. She validated me through messages. May her messages be a powerful source of comfort for many years to come.

Street Poets 

Street Poets was honored to host our Tonya Ingram @tonyainstagram as the featured poet at one of our community open-mic events last fall and she blessed us all as she has blessed so many spaces coast to coast with her grace, compassion, humor, and powerful poetic medicine. Our program directors Alyesha Wise Hernandez @alyeshawise and Matthew Cuban Hernandez @matthewcubanofficial, are working to pull together a Memorial that celebrates Tonya’s spirit even as they reel from this tragic loss (as many of you know she was family to them both). If you are able and moved to contribute to Tonya’s Memorial fund, please do. #metaphorsbewithyou #streetpoetsfamily


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