How did Roger Welsch die? Captain Nebraska cause of death Revealed


How did Roger Welsch die? Captain Nebraska cause of death Revealed

The author of urban legends about Nebraska and tractors, Roger Welsch, passes away at age 85. Let’s see how did he die, what happened, and Roger Welsch cause of death in detail

How did Roger Welsch die?

The “Postcards from Nebraska” pieces that Welsch, 85, used to create for the CBS “Sunday Morning” show are what made him most famous.

Roger Welsch, a humorist and expert storyteller about rural Nebraska life, announced his entry into a hospice program on Facebook on Tuesday.

Welsch recently posted on Facebook about his struggles with kidney issues, visits for dialysis, and multiple catastrophic falls.

In his tweet on Tuesday, he merely stated that his “deterioration” had advanced more quickly than anticipated and that he was enrolling in a hospice program.

His final post will be this one, “before I travel to the magnificent Facebook site over the Fourth Hill,” he declared.

Roger Welsch cause of death

Comic and master storyteller Roger Welsch passed away due to various deteriorating health issues. As per the reports dealing with kidney issues and repeated dialysis, procedures were the Roger Welsch cause of death.

Roger Welsch shared his Dialysis treatment on his official Facebook page. The post reads,

In the middle of dialysis training, we were on our way to the dialysis center and I told Linda, my Bohemian princess, how much I appreciate all she has done to take care of me over the past eight months, sacrificing her entire life from dawn till dark and caring for me. She said it was OK, because she considers this her “Cindy Crawford phase of Life.” She was referring to the story I used to tell 20 or 30 years ago.
It begins with Ol’ Rog passing over the Fourth Hill and moving onto the next great adventure. He finds himself floating in a luminous cloud and moves effortlessly toward the light ahead of him. At the light he encounters a spirit that takes him down a long hallway passing by door after door until finally they arrive at one, the spirit stops, and says, “You are here.“ The door opens to an beautifully appointed room with beautiful, soft lighting, romantic music, champagne in the icer, and a huge round bed with silk sheets. And in the middle of that bed lies Cindy Crawford, naked as a jaybird. Rog turns to the spirit and says, “Then this is my heaven?” “No,” the spirit replies. “This is Cindy Crawford’s hell!”

Who is Roger Welsch?

A longtime correspondent for CBS News Sunday Morning, Roger Welsch (born November 6, 1936) was highlighted in the “Postcards from Nebraska” section.

Welsch was a writer, humorist, and folklorist who lived in the area of Dannebrog, Nebraska. He was born in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Welsch received the State of Nebraska Travel and Tourism Division’s Henry Fonda Award in 2005.

Liars Hall of Fame

He soon became known as “Captain Nebraska,” and in his adopted town of Dannebrog, he created a “Liars Hall of Fame.” He also penned many novels, including “Everything I Learned about Women I Learned from Tractors,” about love, tractors, dogs, and women.

Furthermore, he gained notoriety for the first time in 1974 when he campaigned on a “pro-weed” platform for the Lancaster County weed control board.

Welsch’s 13-year tenure on “Sunday Morning” was made possible thanks to a feature on Nebraska’s marijuana-loving comic that the venerable “On the Road” reporter for CBS, Charles Kuralt, conducted as a result.

Welsch gave the Pawnee Indian Tribe, the original residents of that region of central Nebraska, his land close to Dannebrog in 2007.

When the Pawnee received the deed, he was cited by a Tulsa World reporter as saying, “These folks are not visitors on our property, but rather we are guests on their land.”

‘One strange turn after another’

Welsch requested in a Facebook post that instead of visiting him, people give to a nearby humane society.
The article

Every story, it is claimed, must have a start, middle, and end.

Since I began telling stories in 1958, we have been taking care of the first two, to a farewell.

And over the years, the narrative has taken bizarre turns after strange turns, sometimes day by day and frequently to my complete amazement.

“Those who write fiction are aware that characters frequently act in ways that the author had not at all intended.

They just happen.”And that’s where I am right now, my dear friends.

It appears that I am no longer making decisions; instead, decisions are being made for me, as has been the case so frequently.

“More quickly than I ever anticipated, my condition has gotten worse.

Linda complains that I appear upbeat in these Facebook posts far too frequently, but there’s no escaping the procedures this time. I have some time.

This will be my last article before I go to the fantastic Facebook site over the Fourth Hill because I’ve started the hospice process.”I want to thank everyone for their kindness and patience.

I wish I could inform everyone of you directly, but there are currently too many other elements in play.

The process was supposed to take 7 to 10 days, but after the last several days, that looks improbable.

“Good luck to you everyone, and I hope you have at least half the amazing experiences I have had over the previous 85 years.

One life has been granted to you. Live it up! When my brother Chuck Trimble passed away, my friend Vicki told me, “Now he knows the answers. I’ll let you know what I learn, I promise!


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