How did Keith Wonderboy Johnson die? Cause of death Explained

How did Keith Wonderboy Johnson die? Cause of death Explained

We regret to inform you that gospel performer Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson, 50, reportedly passed away. Let’s see what happened, how Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson died, and his cause of death in detail.


What happened to Keith Wonderboy Johnson?

Black Gospel Radio and Larry Reid Live broke the news first on social media. At the time of publication, not much was known about his death. Later IG tributes from musicians Ted Winn, Titus Showers, and Pastor E. Dewey Smith further verified the news.

Black Gospel Radio confirmed the passing by stating,

Saddened to hear about the transition of Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson! Our prayers and condolences go out to the family, friends and Quartet community! His music lives on at Black Gospel Radio.

Larry Reid Live’s Twitter tribute reads,

If you know Gospel Quartet singing groups you know Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson. SNBC News reporting that he has passed. What is your favorite Wonderboy song?


How did Keith Wonderboy Johnson die?

Keith Wonderboy Johnson, a gospel artist, reportedly died in a vehicle accident, according to internet sources. The injuries sustained in the car collision led to his death. However, there has been no official statement on the location of the car accident or what caused it. Also, It’s unclear whether the singer’s death was caused by a car accident or any other health complications.


Keith Wonderboy Johnson cause of death

Keith Wonderboy Johnson, an American gospel musician, has passed away.  The well-known musician passed away at the age of 50. His cause of death is still a mystery.

However, a few reports online, claim that the artist died in a car accident. Yet again no official information on the singer’s cause of death has been made public by their family. So we have to respect their feelings and let them take their own time to overcome the tragic loss.

Even a few reports online claims, the artist passed away as a result of fatal health complications.

But there is no information from trustworthy websites.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Keith Wonderboy Johnson cause of death will be added soon.

Keith Wonderboy Johnson’s Career

Johnson began his career as a solo artist in 1998 with the publication of his Through the Storm album after joining The Spiritual Voices alongside his father and uncles.

He had 14 solo projects, 11 of which reached the Billboard Gospel Albums chart. He also had albums that peaked on the Independent Albums and Heatseekers charts. He had contracts with many record companies, including Black smoke, Central South, Verity, World Wide Gospel, and Worldwide. The gospel singer earned six Stellar Award wins over his musical career and received two Dove Award nominations.

On May 17, 1972, the singer for Chilly Winds was born in Brooklyn. Despite using the stage name Keith Wonderboy Johnson, the singer’s real name is Keith Lamar Johnson.  Johnson has an older sister named Sonya. He has two children, Elyse and Brianna Johnson, and is a divorced man. Details about his ex-wife remain unknown.


Keith Wonderboy Johnson Net Worth

Keith Lamar Johnson was a famous American gospel musician.  Keith Johnson’s overall net worth was reported to range from $1 million to $5 million. His exact payment is still a mystery. Keith Johnson’s professional career served as his primary source of income.


Tributes are pouring for Keith Wonderboy Johnson

He leaves behind his two children, Elyse and Brianna. Our hearts go out to his loved ones, friends, and supporters.

One of the first famous people to pay respects to Keith Wonderboy Johnson was the comedian 2trillion. The singer was characterized as his “buddy friend… like I knew him knew him” by the speaker. According to reports, the pair’s central goal was “NO JUDGEMENT.”

The comedian appeared to be having a hard time accepting the loss of his friend, and he voiced his hope that it was all just a prank on social media in his Instagram comment. Added him:

“Please call me Homie … they always sayin folk dead on social media … please call me Potna at any time … I’ll answer the phone, I promise … we was supposed to hang next month …”

Ted Winn, a singer, expressed his shock and disbelief to his fans. The singer was a “great artist who always had a smile,” according to him. Winn continued by expressing his sympathies to Johnson’s friends and family.

Fans of the musician took to social media to express their sorrow over the passing of the gospel singer. Numerous people expressed respect for the Afterwhile singer and offered their sympathies to the musician’s family.

Gerard Bonner said,

This just seems SO surreal. Keith Wonderboy Johnson was so full of life and was the ultimate promoter. He understood his gifts and talents and KNEW how to maximize them. He was funny, kind, and driven. Not to mention, he gave us the GREATEST Christmas song on Earth, “The 12 Days of Christmas”. (If you haven’t heard it, trust me, check it out. It’s legendary!) His sudden departure is a massive blow to the Quartet community and Gospel music industry that is larger than any of us could have ever imagined. Prayers to his family, friends, and fans. Wow!

Drina Penn said,

I’m not ok but I’ll be ok … You were my brother my friend my kid’s uncle we talked often you always supported me saying how proud you were of me I’m just so overwhelmed. My brother Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson!

Edward Busta Fields said,

One of the coolest guys in the industry. NOT UP FOR DEBATE! Keith Wonderboy Johnson was so down-to-earth, cool, and FUNNY AS ALL GET OUT!

He was the same person EVERYWHERE. Never acted grand on me EVER. From GMWA to The Stellars, and even from a small storefront church to a MEGA CHURCH KEITH literally always remained that same loving, cool, LOUD lol, pleasant person. He would try his very best to put everyone on.

Excuse my language but when we first met he said: “NEGRO….you can sangggggg. Where you been hiding at”.

He had a way of encouraging you and pushing you to go for more.

I couldn’t believe that phone call I got yesterday. Tbh I still don’t believe it. I’m just waiting for you to call me like “Bus wyd …..listen to this new record”. Thank you Bishop Bernard Brown for introducing me to Keith on a personal level beyond the music industry.

YALL! This it’s just A LOT. I’m shocked! Long Live THIS LEGEND. He made Quartet KOOL for the younger generation.


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  3. God knows we loved him at Zion Lottsburg. Whenever he was in Virginia we had him on Sunday morning. The last place he sung was at Zion. He was a good person, we miss him so much. RIP our beloved friend.


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