Keith Bennett body found: What happened? How did Russell Edwards find the body? Revealed


Keith Bennett body found: What happened? How did Russell Edwards find the body? Revealed

Police discover a skull while searching for Moors Murders victim Keith Bennett. Let’s see how Keith Bennett body was found, What happened, and how did Russell Edwards find the body in detail


  • 13:45 – “It is far too early to be certain whether human remains have been discovered,” says top GMP investigator
  • 13:28 – Statement from Greater Manchester Police
  • 13:16 – Police received new information yesterday and went back to the moors last night

What happened to Keith Bennett?

On June 16, 1964, Keith Bennet waved goodbye to his mother Winnie during tea time. He vanished from her sight.

A young boy named Keith Bennett kissed goodbye to his mother Winnie a little more than 58 years ago while walking into an unimaginable murder.

The 12-year-old child was escorted by his mother over Stockport Road in Long sight, but he was never able to reach his grandmother’s home.

The time on June 16, 1964, was tea.

The murders of five innocent children on the moors, which are arguably the darkest chapter in British criminal history, bear his name. 

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley abducted Keith from the street and killed him.

When he arrived at Dallas Street, Hindley enticed him into a vehicle and asked him to assist her with some boxes. 

Brady, a neighbor, was sitting in the back seat.

They kidnapped the kid and carried him to Saddle worth Moor, where Brady sexually assaulted him and killed him.

In 1966, the two were held responsible for the deaths and torture of John Kilbride, 12, Lesley Ann Downey, 10, and Edward Evans, 17.

They admitted killing 16-year-olds Keith and Pauline Reade in 1985. 

On Saddle worth Moor, Pauline’s body was discovered in 1987, but Keith’s remains have never been located.

All of them had been killed between 1963 and 1964. Read more about it here.

Winnie Johnson, then 83, the mother of Keith Bennett, is consoled by her friend Elizabeth Bond in 2009, as she watches TV coverage of Greater Manchester Police announcing that the search for his body is now entering a dormant phase

Keith Bennett’s body found

Following the discovery of remains, police are searching Saddle worth Moor for murder victim Keith Bennett. 

Police are treating the discovery with care, even though the remains look to be a skull.

Before being reported to Greater Manchester Police, the remains were discovered during a separate search.

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley kidnapped 12-year-old Keith, and the case has never been solved.

However, it has been stated that after remains were discovered, detectives are now getting ready to dig an area.

Greater Manchester Police issued the following statement today: “We have always stated that GMP will act on any significant information which may result in Keith’s recovery and reunion with his family.

“When officers and Mr. Edwards met last evening, September 29, he was able to identify a place of interest and give us further information about the work he has been doing.

“We have chosen to excavate a plot of land to learn more about the evidence he brought to our attention, even though we are still in the very early phases of doing so.

Although it is far too early to say for sure whether human remains have been found, out of respect for Alan Bennett, with whom we frequently communicate, we have let him know about this potential development.


Alan Bennett’s solicitor released a statement.

John Ainley said: “I have spoken to my client, Alan Bennett, concerning the reported development in the search for his brother Keith Bennett.

“My client is keeping an open mind on the latest report having regard to earlier such reports that have raised expectations but not resulted in finding Keith’s body.

“Naturally, the family are hoping that Keith has been found after all these years and their tireless efforts to find closure.

“I understand Greater Manchester Police are investigating a site of interest but that it will take some weeks to establish whether there is a connection with Keith.”

Police forensic tent as officers search the area for the remains of Keith Bennett

Who is the moors’ monster?

The son of a waitress, Ian Brady was born Ian Stewart on January 2, 1938, in Glasgow.

He was reared by foster parents in the Gorbals from the age of four months after being abandoned by his mother Peggy. When he was a teenager, he went into petty criminality.

The courts ordered the child Brady, who would eventually take the surname Patrick Brady, to move in with his mother and her new lover in Manchester.

He picked up new interests and started drinking in his teens. He devoured Marquis de Sade’s erotic literature and read Mein Kampf as part of a growing infatuation with Nazi Germany. Furthermore, he also became interested in sexual depravity and cruelty.

When he was 17 years old, he spent some time in Strange ways. After being released in November 1957, he accepted a position as a stock clerk at the Manchester chemical company, Millward’s Merchandising.

Here he met Myra Hindley, a 17-year-old secretary who worked in the office. On their first date, they went to the theater to see “The Nuremberg Trials.”

Hindley and Brady’s prison life

Winnie, Keith’s mother, passed away from cancer, aged 78, in August 2012. Distraught, never knowing where her son lay., The death penalty was abolished in the UK only four weeks before Hindley and Brady were detained.

Brady has spent nearly half of the past four decades in a judicial battle for the right to die while the argument over the proper penalty for their heinous crimes raged on.

Before being transferred to Ashworth High-Security Psychiatric Hospital in 1985 and spending the remainder of his life there, Brady had served 19 years in prison.

Brady rejected the desperate requests of Keith’s heartbroken mother Winnie Johnson, placing her in an awful limbo, while Hindley started to cooperate with jail authorities and eventually tried to help recover the remains of Keith Bennett.

Winnie Johnson, the mother of Moor’s Murder victim Keith Bennett, searches Saddle worth Moor for her son

Hindley and Brady passed away

Hindley, who was 60 years old, had a heart attack in November 2002 at High point Prison in Suffolk. She was then sent to West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St. Edmunds, where she later got a chest infection and passed away two weeks later. Brady passed away from lung cancer in 2017.

How did Russell Edwards find the body?

According to the author, he discovered calling the police. Russell Edwards, a writer, apparently called the police after discovering something on the moors.

The police have emphasized that they are in touch with Alan Bennett, who has dedicated his life to discovering Keith’s remains, and who is Keith’s brother.

When his brother disappeared, Alan was eight years old. He sent Hindley and Brady a tonne of letters in an effort to get information, and in 1998 he took the unsettling step of meeting Hindley twice in jail. He spoke to us in 2019.

Police returned to the moors last night after receiving new information yesterday.

According to The MEN, Greater Manchester Police obtained further evidence yesterday as a result of independent archaeologists’ excavations, which revealed a skull might have been unearthed on a lonely piece of moorland.

Officers reportedly went to the neighborhood last night. Soon, an official declaration is anticipated.

A crime with lasting implications today

The murder of five children by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley between 1963 and 1965 shook the country.

This heinous crime still has an impact today.

They were buried on Saddle worth Moor with Pauline Reade, 16, John Kilbride, 12, Keith Bennett, 12, Lesley Ann Downey, 10, and Edward Evans, 17.

The remains of Keith have never been located. In 1966, Brady and Hindley received life sentences. Hindley passed away in jail in 2002.

Brady began a hunger strike in 1999, and after multiple failed attempts to have him transferred to a prison, he passed away in May 2017 at the age of 79 in Ashworth Hospital.

People’s Conversations:

Dlw said,

Working in construction, we’ve come across lots of different thing buried underground. One particular day, a plant operator was excavating the ground when he lifted the bucket and there was hair hanging from it, and the immediate smell was foul. The area and works were abandoned and police were called. It took forensics no longer than an hour to determine that the remains were in fact a dog. My point being, if these remains were anything other than human, then they would have already been ruled out before even making national news. I pray that they are Keith, and he can finally be laid to rest with his mum.

Strider said,

If it is Keith then it’s sad Winnie isn’t here now to finally bury her boy

Dazzy said,

I hope it’s that poor boy and give his family some sort of closure. It still bemuses me how those monsters could do what they did to those young children. RIP.

Apachee kingdom

The evil pair deserved 3rd World Police interrogation methods to determine the burial sites & various confessions to jog their wicked memory.. The boy is resting peacefully in a better place



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