Who was Rayan Suleiman? How did the Palestinian boy die? Cause of death Revealed


Who was Rayan Suleiman? How did the Palestinian boy die? Cause of death Revealed

The US calls on Israel to investigate the death of a Palestinian boy. Let’s see Who was Rayan Suleiman, How did the Palestinian boy die, and his Cause of death in detail

  • Family members asserted that Rayan Suleiman had no history of illness and charged that the army had terrorized the boy to death.
  • In the West Bank, where Israeli troops have been conducting daily arrest raids, emotions have been increasing as a result of the event.



Who was Rayan Suleiman?

A day after the worst Israeli raid since the military stepped up its campaign on the West Bank earlier this year, images of Rayan’s little, lifeless body covered in a sheet at the hospital emerged as a strong new emblem that threatened to exacerbate already heightened tensions.

His death has caused controversy, as it has with many other similar occurrences in the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Israeli military has denied that there was any physical altercation with Rayan’s family, claiming that only one officer visited them after observing kids hurling stones.

A military spokesperson, Lt. Col. Richard Hecht, said the officer had a “very calm” conversation with Rayan’s father before departing.

Hecht stated that there was no violence or intrusion into the home.

What happened to Rayan?

Rayan’s father claimed that as he saw the Israeli soldiers who were pursuing him arrive at his front door, his son passed out.

When the troops accused his children of throwing rocks, Yasser Suleiman claimed he was making an effort to reason with them.

Rayan’s older brothers, ages 8 and 10, as well as the other two kids were threatened with arrest by the military when they came back at night, according to Suleiman.

When Rayan attempted to flee, he collapsed to the ground unconscious.

Suleiman claimed, “He died of dread on the spot.”

He was unable to be revived by medical personnel at a hospital in Beit Jala, a Palestinian village south of Jerusalem.

Rayan Suleiman cause of death

Dr. Mohamed Ismail, a pediatric expert, reported that Rayan was in good health and had no history of illness.

The most likely explanation for what happened, according to Ismail, is that he secreted too much adrenaline when under stress, which increased his heart rate. He experienced a heart attack.

Rayan’s autopsy is currently being performed by a forensic physician. No death certificate will be issued before the doctor makes a decision.

In Tequa, a Palestinian hamlet that borders an Israeli settlement with about 4,000 residents, mourners swarmed his body outside his stone home on Friday. He was covered in a Palestinian flag, and they kissed his head and feet.

Heartbreaking News: A painful day for Rayan’s family

Some of them jogged to keep up with his small body on the wooden cot while they yelled, “God is magnificent!” Oh Rayan, you are the brightness of the eye!

Women sobbed and cried over Rayan’s bed, which was on display in the Suleiman family’s courtyard beside his English schoolbooks, on Friday afternoon.

His mother was hunched over, sobbing uncontrollably, and screaming for her son. In grief, extended family members walked around with teary eyes.

When Israeli forces stormed into the house, Rayan’s aunt, who was there at the time, claimed even she was afraid. They cried, “We want the guys, where are the boys?” and handed her a paper in Hebrew, according to her.

As Rayan’s aunt, Umm Ali, noted, soldiers occasionally patrol a lush shortcut that children use to travel from school to their homes. “The kids are always in danger, from settlers from the army, on their way back from school,” she added. Rayan is merely the most recent; he is not the first. She continued by saying that his brothers are refusing to return to school out of fear.

Israeli-Palestinian conflict

An Israeli military assault in the Jenin neighborhood of the northern West Bank on Wednesday resulted in 44 injuries and four fatalities among Palestinians.

Since Israel began its crackdown earlier this year, it was the bloodiest incident.

Since a slew of deadly Palestinian attacks in Israel last spring, Israel has begun conducting nightly arrest operations, mostly in the northern West Bank.

This year in the occupied territory has seen the deadliest number of Palestinian deaths since 2015 with dozens of them.

The majority of those killed were either teenager who tossed firebombs or stones at soldiers entering their communities or wanted militants who opened fire.

However, several non-participating people in acts of violence have also perished.

In the Middle East war of 1967, Israel took control of the West Bank.

The Palestinians envision the region as the core of a future independent state. Currently, there are around 500,000 Israeli settlers living there.

Fatal violence increases

As fatal violence increases in the West Bank, Palestinians have pointed to Rayan’s assassination as the latest Israeli provocation.

The Israeli military has undertaken practically nightly raids into cities and villages to arrest suspects after a wave of Palestinian attacks within Israel last spring that claimed the lives of 19 Israelis.

The year 2022 has been the worst in seven years due to the dozens of Palestinian deaths.

According to human rights organizations, Palestinian youngsters in the West Bank are constantly in danger of violence.

Palestinian minors aged 12 and older who violate Israeli military law might spend six months in jail.

According to the Israeli human rights organization HaMoked, Israel detains hundreds of teenagers during nighttime raids each year, placing them in armored vehicles while handcuffed and blindfolded for questioning.

As per Jessica Montell, executive director of HaMoked, “that’s extremely upsetting for the teenage kids being jailed and for their mothers and fathers.”

In this instance, the tiny boy was fatally traumatized. Following Rayan’s burial, small groups of young men hurled insults and rocks at Israeli armored cars driving through Tequa.


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