How did Randy Jones die? West point basketball coach cause of death Explained


 How did Randy Jones die? West point basketball coach cause of death Explained


West Point Class of 2015 announces the passing of Randy Jones a West point basketball coach with profound shock and sadness. Let’s see what happened to him and Randy Jones cause of death in detail.

What happened to Randy?

On November 28, 2022, tragically and suddenly, Randy Jones passed away, leaving his family, close relatives, and other loved ones in total sadness. Randy Jones was stepping down as the varsity boys’ basketball coach at West Point owing to his health difficulties.

West Point Class posted the untimely passing of Randy Jones on their official Facebook page, the statement reads,

Hey guys, coach Randy Jones passed away this morning. If you feel led to donate I will leave the Venmo and go fund up until lunch tomorrow. I will be ordering flowers, then the rest of the money will go straight to the family.

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated. Keep the whole family in your prayers. I will post the arrangements as soon as I get them.

Hey guys, coach Randy Jones passed away this morning. If you feel led to donate I will leave the Venmo and go fund me up…

Posted by West Point Class of 2015 on Sunday, 27 November 2022


An earlier post from the West Point Class concerning Randy’s deteriorating health. The statement reads,

Hey class! As most of you may know Coach Randy Jones is nearing the end of his life here due to cancer. As a class, we were all very close to this sweet family. The family has not asked for anything, but after talking with several classmates we have decided to post a go fund me and a Venmo page for any donations.

When he passes I will take the money to purchase flowers from our class. Any money left after that will be given straight to the family to help with any needs. If you don’t feel comfortable giving through either of the options feel free to message me and I will meet you.

Please keep Regina, Ryder, Rylan, Ryleigh, and the entire Jones family in your prayers. *also Ryder has been blocked from this Facebook page.. we would like to keep all of this private and between our classes. So please don’t share the post.

I will post the links to the go fund me and Venmo.

Hey class! As most of you may know Coach Randy Jones is nearing the end of his life here due to cancer. As a class we…

Posted by West Point Class of 2015 on Saturday, 26 November 2022


Randy Jones Cause of death

As per online sources, it was revealed that he passed away from Cancer complications.

Randy’s cancer story

‘I LOVE WHAT I DID’: West Point’s Jones steps down after 10 seasons with Warriors

The varsity boys basketball coach at West Point, Randy Jones, is retiring. Jones, who oversaw the show for ten seasons, explained his choice to retire due to health concerns.

The lifelong Warrior, who was given a stage 3 colon cancer diagnosis in 2019, stated that he anticipates having another operation in the coming weeks. Jones responded, “I just can’t do it any longer.”  They require a person who is more physically capable than I am. 

My primary duty is to teach, so I’m hoping I’ll still be able to do that when I return. When I can’t give the kids my all physically and ask them to do the same for me on the basketball court, it’s just unfair to them.

During Jones’ time with the Warriors, which also featured a succession of county and area runner-up finishes, the Warriors won a county title in 2012 and an area title in 2015. Without outstanding players, “a coach doesn’t accomplish anything,” he declared. 

I had a bunch of those, too. Just that they played hard and gave it their best, whether they were the favorite or the underdog, is all I want people to say about my kids. 

My intention was for my children to give it their all on the ground. In place of coaching basketball, Jones stated that he intends to fish, hunt, play golf, and tend to his farm.

But he will always treasure his time as West Point’s coach sitting behind the bench. He declared, “I’m going to miss the kids, the friendships, and working with them.  “I’ll also miss watching them develop both as footballers and as individuals. I adore what I accomplished, and I wouldn’t alter a thing.

Heith Yearwood, the principal, praised Jones’ contributions to the curriculum. He remarked, “Coach Jones has been a wonderful man for our school.  “He worked really well with the team.  We value what he has accomplished.  It’s wonderful how much affection the kids have shown him despite his health challenges throughout the years. 

That demonstrates how highly regarded he is at West Point.  It is clear how much the students and the school mean to him by watching him coach while undergoing treatment (in 2019–20). We appreciate him because he’s one of our top math instructors. Yearwood stated that he hoped to fill the position within the following two weeks.

Gofundme page

We are raising money for the Coach Randy Jones family. Our class was very close to this family. The money given will be for flowers/ and medical bills needs.

Randy Jones


Tributes to Randy Jones

Tyler Hayes paid an emotional Tribute:

I have been dreading this post, but here it goes. I had the opportunity to be a part of a great man’s life, Randy Jones. Also, I remember watching him race at 191 speedway and thinking how I’d love to be able to drive a car like him. He believed in me and built me a car a few years back. Racing was what brought us together, but our friendship blossomed from that as we got to know each other and realize we shared a lot of the same philosophies.

From late nights in his garage to going to Meadow Green to listen to bluegrass we shared a lot of conversations about the meaning of life and how it is important to impact people’s lives in a positive way. It’s evident that Randy was able to do this. The footprint he left on racing and in everyone’s lives will remain with us.

Randy was a champion of life.

Moreover, Randy’s family has always treated me as one of their own. He raised two wonderful boys who have turned into fine men and was a loving husband to Robyn. A while back he was throwing out ideas to me about the slogan for his business, “Right Angle Race Cars, Driven By Champions.” Randy was a champion of life.

The way he touched the hearts of people goes well beyond what anyone can ever do with a steering wheel. I’m thankful for his friendship and am a better person from knowing him. You will be missed, my friend. I love you and know you will always be with me in my heart every time I am in the race car. Goodbye, buddy.

Cullman Daily

The West Point community lost a true Warrior today.

Longtime West Point basketball coach and respected community member Randy Jones passed away earlier this morning after a 4 year battle with cancer. Jones was 54 years old. He was the definition of a fighter.

From Tristan Hulsey

 “Coach Randy Jones was what we would all call “old school” these days. He taught character, hard work, and grit. He didn’t try to please people who were soft but instead tried to sharpen iron with iron every single day in the classroom and on the court.

I’m happy to get to call this man my former coach. Not just a coach though. A true mentor and a Godly man. I have a couple of people who helped mold and shape my life, and Coach Jones was truly one of them. I owe this man more than I could ever repay him or his family. Such a hard loss for this family and community.”Comment

From Matt Redmond

Randy Jones cause of death was cancer. “Coach Randy Jones graded my test in 9th grade Algebra 1 and I got a 14… yes a 14 lol. The guy beside me got the same grade that I might have cheated off of. Needless to say after a talk I got it together and passed his class.

He was one of the good guys and I’ll be glad to say I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if it wasn’t for him! Rest in peace, sir!”




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