How did Nosfe die? Romanian artist cause of death Revealed



How did Nosfe die? Romanian artist cause of death Revealed


The artist Nosfe has died, Șatra Benz announces. Let’s see how he died, Nosfe cause of death and What message did the bandmates convey in detail

How did Nosfe die?

Nosfe, whose real name is Darius Crețan, died on Sunday. The announcement was made by the band Șatra Benz, on the Facebook page.

“It is with regret and pain that we announce to you something that we never wanted to announce to you. Our brother @nosfezilla left us last night. We are in a delicate situation and are having a hard time processing the loss. Any kind thoughts and moral support help enormously. At the moment, that’s all we can communicate. We love you, bro! Peaceful sleep and smooth passage” was the message posted on the official Facebook page of his bandmates.

Just a few hours before he died, Nosfe performed with Șatra Benz at a concert at Romaero, as part of the Trap Attack event.

And about 48 hours before the sad announcement, Nosfe released the song and video “N-am de dat” with Guess Who, Aura, and Prny, according to Protv News.



What was the Nosfe cause of death?

His colleagues in the band Șatra Benz made the sad announcement a little while ago. However, they did not specify what the cause of death was, but they emphasized the fact that they are in a very delicate situation, and the sudden loss of their good friend is very difficult.

Later, however, the people from found out what would have been the real cause of Nosfe’s death. The quoted sources say that the artist from Șatra Benz would have suffered a heart attack in his sleep on the night of Saturday to Sunday.

We mention that Nosfe, whose real name is Vlad Darius Creţan, left behind a grieving family. He was married to Mădălina Crețan, and shortly before the artist’s death, the two arrived on the Antena 1 set of the Chefi la Cuțite show.


Nosfe is a popular artist from Romania. Popnable collects information about 114 songs by Nosfe. The highest Nosfe ‘s charting position is #1 , and the worst ranking place is #500 Nosfe‘s songs spent 85 weeks in the charts. Nosfe appeared in Top Chart that measure the best Romanian musicians/bands and the highest position noted by Nosfe is 1. The worst result is 500.

Darius Vlad Crețan started the NOSFE adventure in 2002, in Rome. In ’08 he returned to his roots, Galați, RO, where he met other fans of the genre. In ’10 he launched the album “Fobia”. The song “Cine te așteaptă” was his first urban hit.

In ’15 he started the first Romanian trap wave -Șatra B.E.N.Z.- with Super ED, Keed, Killa Fonic, and Lu-K Beats. “Trap Army” and “Șatra se întoarce” introduced a brand new level of what the internet as a tool represents for artistry in the Romanian music industry. In ’16 NOSFE collaborated with Ruby for “Condiment”.

The release offered a huge international exposure, becoming one of his highlights. In ’16 he also released “Arca lui NOSFE”, where another career highlight was sculpted – the collaboration with urban brand VANS, the only of its kind in Romania. The following album, “Uncle Benz”, became another career pillar. Released in ’18, it contains 34 tracks and praised collabs such as Deliric, Nane, Alina Eremia, Skizzo Skillz, What’s Up, and GOLANI.


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