William Hale and Frank Allison arrested: Why did the fathers tried to kill each others daughters? Explained

William Hale and Frank Allison arrested: Why did the fathers tried to kill each others daughters

During an alleged road rage incident in Florida, two fathers are accused of shooting one other’s young daughters. Let’s see why William Hale and Frank Allison got caught and Why did the fathers try to kill each other’s daughters in detail.

Why did William Hale and Frank Allison got arrested?

William Hale, 36, and Frank Allison, 43, are both charged with attempted murder for the event that occurred on October 8 close to Jacksonville, as per the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office.

An arrest report claims that Hale and Allison got into a driving argument while traveling with their families in different cars. The two males were alleged “brake checking each other” as they drove recklessly down US Highway 1.

Hale was allegedly spoken to by deputies when he was operating a black Dodge Ram. They claimed Hale informed them that he argued with Allison’s Nissan Murano in a car rage incident. According to the report, Hale and his family were returning from Jacksonville to Georgia when Allison allegedly tried to push Hale off the road.

According to the sheriff’s office, Hale’s 5-year-old daughter was wounded in the leg by Allison’s gun, while Allison’s 14-year-old daughter sustained a collapsed lung after being struck in the back.

Why did the fathers try to kill each other’s daughters?

William Hale and Frank Allison fought each other in the middle of the road. “There could have been two dead kids because of two stupid grown men,” said, Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper said at a news conference. According to the complaint, someone in Hale’s truck tossed a water bottle into Allison’s car after someone in Allison’s vehicle started insulting Hale.

Then, according to Leeper, Allison took out his Sig Saur 45mm gun and fired one round at Hale’s vehicle before speeding off. The 5-year-old daughter of Hale was wounded in the leg by the gunshot.

When Hale saw his daughter had been shot, he allegedly chased Allison’s truck and fired multiple rounds from his Glock 43 9mm handgun. The 14-year-old daughter of Allison was struck in the back by one of the bullets, collapsing a lung.

Then, both drivers stopped after spotting a policeman who was standing on the side of the road. Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper stated during a press conference that as both guys got out of their cars, they started fighting, and a deputy had to break them up. They were both detained. “Two dumb grown guys could have killed two children”, according to Sheriff Leeper.

What happened after the incident?

A witness contacted 911 to report that the two males were driving recklessly and “brake-checking” each other.
The two males were allegedly engaged in a “cat and mouse” game on the road, said the witness.

Both kids were taken urgently to the hospital. Both of them are believed to recover from their wounds. Both males have been accused of second-degree attempted murder, according to Report. They were both released after being held on a $150,000 bond each.

They have not yet filed a plea, and there are no attorneys listed in the court files who are allowed to speak on their behalf. Leeper believes both men are fortunate that no one was killed in the incident. He posed the rhetorical question, “What’s scarier than one crazy driver with a gun?” “Two crazy drivers with a gun.”

People’s reactions on Social media:

Dad’baku tweeted,

Fathers Shot Daughters in Road Rage Encounter: Cops and the conclusion is that we need…”more guns”… Betting each of these guys considered themselves a “good guy with a gun.

Beach Dad tweeted,

Replying to @GOPChairwoman I am Pro Second Amendment just the same we need to regulate semi-automatic weapons and who is approved for concealed permits. In Florida @GovRonDeSantis, Nassau County FL two dads shot each other’s daughter’s in a road rage incident. Two daughters 5 and 14 shot by idiots.

Star Child tweeted,

Even after each had an injured daughter from a gunshot they chose to keep arguing with each other.

Kay Jacoby tweeted,

Replying to @ADHDeanASL Both men released on bail? Like so they’re back on the road, again; with guns, I presume?! Since they got pulled over by a cop – and continued to fight in front of the cop, rather than take their gunshot victim daughters to a hospital – I hope CPS got involved. But hey, Florida.


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