How did Mike Schank die? American movie’s star cause of death Explained



How did Mike Schank die? American movie's star cause of death Explained


The passing of actor and guitarist Mike Schank has left many in the entertainment industry in sorrow. Let’s see how he died and Mike Schank cause of death

How did Mike Schank die?

Mike Schank passed away at the age of 56. Schank won over viewers as one of the main subjects of (and the composer for) Chris Smith and Sarah Price’s cherished 1999 documentary American Movie with his low-key but amiable vibe, his talent for music and histrionic screams, and his steadfast support for friend Mark Borchadt’s dreams of making movies. The death of Schank was widely reported today by the director Mark Duplass, and it was confirmed by Milwaukee Record.

When Borchardt was making his difficult short film Coven, Schank worked on the set of an American Movie 23 years ago as his musician, extra, assistant director, and all-around handyman.

One of his final social media posts was from this August when he celebrated 27 years of sobriety. Schank was one of the most dependable of the various family members and friends that Borchardt enlisted in the production of Coven, amiably helping in whatever ways were required to get Coven made. The two were childhood friends.

After the publication of American Movie, Schank rose to prominence in the independent film community. Two years later, he would make an appearance in Todd Solendz’s Storytelling as the cinematographer assisting Paul Giamatti in documenting the life of a destitute upper-class family.

Other credits include an appearance on Family Guy, a cut scene from Jason X (which was available in the bonus features), and sporadic tiny roles in different independent or horror films.

In a radio interview from 2012, Schank stated that he and Borchardt had remained in touch and had been chatting every day. He also expressed his satisfaction at the prospects provided to him by American Movie.

Schank was a significant contributor to the MKE Alano Group, city-wide sobriety, and recovery club, according to The Record, among his other accomplishments.

Mike Schank cause of death

Unexpectedly, Mike Schank passed away. Mike Schank passed away, breaking the hearts of his loved ones.

On Thursday, October 13, 2022, early this morning, Milwaukee, Wisconsin resident Mike Schank passed away in his mother’s arms. Moreover, Mike Schank cause of death has not yet been revealed right now.


Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. Also, more information on Souta Kusada cause of death will be added soon.

Mike Schank is a muti-talented person

Mike Schank was an American actor and guitarist who lived from 1966 to October 13, 2022. He aided indie filmmaker Mark Borchardt in the production of the short film Coven and was good friends with Mark.

Along with Borchardt, he also made an appearance in the 1999 documentary film American Movie, for which he also contributed music. Songs I Know was an album he had recorded.

He portrayed himself in a Family Guy episode and a cameraman in Storytelling, respectively. In 2006, Mark and Mike hosted a national television spectacular called Night of the Living Dead: LIVE from Wisconsin on Halloween night. He and Mark had their show on Zero TV called Mark and Mike.

Mike Schank, a remarkably talented guitarist who won countless fans as the unflappably calm friend of ardent low-budget filmmaker Mike Borchardt in Chris Smith’s film “American Movie,” has passed away at the age of 56.

Smith’s movie swept art houses in 1999, yet despite its raving reviews, there was more than a hint of guilt attached. Milwaukee eccentrics Schank and Borchardt were working on a homemade horror thriller.

I can still clearly recall watching the documentary at the Film Forum in New York City. And cringing at the raucous laughter that resulted from Borchardt’s anguished direction toward his elderly Uncle Bill (whose financial support is the only reason he’s even close to finishing the film).

Without a doubt, that was funny. But Borchardt’s anxious direction must have resonated with everyone who has ever attempted to squeak by on a shoestring-budget shoot. He was confident that he could convince Bill to give him what he needed.

Schank sticks steadfastly by Borchardt as he struggles to complete his movie, frequently heaving a boom microphone but, most crucially, turning up every day the director can set aside for shooting. There is Schank. He is assured. Why is that, then? Because staying at home would be a betrayal, and Borchardt is his friend.

Tributes to Mike Schank

“RIP Mike Schank,” filmmaker Edgar Wright tweeted. “The sweet funny soul at the heart of the extraordinary doc ‘American Movie.’

“RIP Mike Schank,” actor Mark Duplass tweeted. “Watch him in AMERICAN MOVIE and learn how to be a good friend.”

“What a legend,” actor Elijah Wood wrote, quote-tweeting Duplass. “Mike Schank forever.”


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