How did Martha Karagianni die? Greek actress cause of death


How did Martha Karagianni die? Greek actress cause of death

A well-known Greek actress Martha Karagianni passed away at the age of 82. Let’s see how she died and Martha Karagianni cause of death in detail


How did Martha Karagianni die?

Mourning has been felt throughout the artistic community and beyond with the passing of legendary actress Martha Karagiannis at the age of 82. She was one of the most significant actors in Greek theatre and film.

When Martha Karagiannis was near death, psychologist Dimitris Souras spoke to ALPHA and reported her passing. Health issues were plaguing Martha Karagianni.

Martha Karagianni was facing health problems. Also speaking to ALPHA, actor Makis Delaportas said he was devastated by the loss. He stated that he did not expect it since he did not have such a serious health problem. He had frequent contact with her family.

Martha Karagianni cause of death

She was one of the most popular stars of the golden age of old Greek cinema. Another loss for Greek cinema and theater.  A prominent figure in Greek cinema, Martha Karagianni had a long list of successes. Martha Karagianni recently shared a home with her friend Dora Douma, whose Facebook page is flooded with encouraging comments.

The great actress breathed her last at noon on Sunday (18/9) at 12:50.

Psychologist Dimitris Souras, who was with Martha Karagiannis until her last moments, spoke to ALPHA and announced her death. Martha Karagianni was facing health problems.

She had a lengthy connection with the psychiatrist Dimitris Souras, who stood by her side until the very end. Even when the actress had to have the bile removed through surgery, he stayed with her.

Biography of Martha Karagianni

Great star of the golden age of Greek cinema.

Greece’s Athens is where Martha Karagianni was born in 1939. Her parents were of Pontic origin. Her father Harilaos was born in Yekaterinedar, and her mother Domna was born in Baku. Though she was raised in Keratsini, she was born in Athens.

She trained in dancing, and at the age of eight, she began presenting performances at the Lyric Stage by taking part in Loukia Sakellaropoulou’s children’s ballet (together with Eleni Prokopiou).

At the age of 17, she made her acting debut in the Finos Films movie “The Unknown,” which was helmed by Oresti Laskou.
Together with Aristidis Karydis Fuchs and Dino Katsouridis, he took the test at Fino’s studios.

she alternated between theatre and film, but her big break came in the early 1960s. She began to act in several movies made by her screen master Giannis Dalianidis; they were all comedies and musicals and she became incredibly well-known because of them.

She has performed on stage in several Greek comedies as well as Mikis Theodorakis’ “Omorphi poli,” Joe Masteroff’s “Cabaret” (as Sally Bowles), Nell Dunn’s “Steaming,” and many others. She appeared in a few TV shows as a lead.

She made her stage debut in the revue “Elephants and Fleas” in 1957 when she also met Yiannis Dalianidis. She had previously been spotted dancing at the “Se la pen” center, where Napoleon Eleftheriou had approached her about appearing in this revue.
Later, he worked with businessman Vassilis Bournelis, who is involved in musical theatre (Acropolis Theatre).

In 1977, he made his first appearance on television in the drama series O Dromos, whose original and final signer was Kostas Pretenderis.

Personal life 

In October 1960, Martha Karagiannis wed Olympiakos football player Dimitris Stefanakos. The ceremony was held in Kypseli’s Agios Georgios church. Three days after the birth of their child, he passed away. A few months later, the couple filed for divorce.

Her autobiography, titled “My love is a feast,” was released by “Ankyra” publishers in 2001. He had previously done interviews, which make up a sizable portion of the book.

The second autobiographical book, “Martha Karagianni, a girl for a musical,” authored by Makis Delaportas for Orpheus publishing in 2009, contains further biographical information as well as more details on the plays and films she appeared in.

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