How did Mark Anthony Mulligan die? Local artist and songwriter cause of death Explained


How did Mark Anthony Mulligan die? Local artist and songwriter cause of death Explained

Mark Anthony Mulligan, a Highlands fixture and local artist, has passed away. Let’s see what happened to him and Mark Anthony Mulligan cause of death.

What happened to Mark Anthony Mulligan?

Annie Nell Wadley announced Anthony Mulligan’s passing on her official FaceBook post the statement reads,

I posted this video in my stories yesterday not thinking much of it other than how lovely it was to spend time with Mark Anthony and capture a sweet moment on film.

Unfortunately, I awoke to a Facebook message from his nephew asking me to call him only to discover the heart-shattering news that he had passed away early this morning. I don’t have any poignant words to share at the moment and so here comes the ramble…

Mark Anthony Mulligan has had one of the most profound impacts on my life of anyone I have ever met, loved, or been loved by. Every single time I was with him I felt close to God, and I honestly don’t even really know what that means anymore I just know what I experienced with him and I know it was divine.

In a world full of grey, Mark made things clear… our call is to love. And not just Love in a way that feels good or is convenient, but love in a way that radically changes lives and gives new hope for what seems impossible.

Mark taught me what it looks like to be unapologetically oneself while still being quick to apologize for any hurt being yourself may have caused. He showed me what vulnerability truly looks like and how strong someone has to be to allow others in and accept that they might take advantage of you and leave, while still being open with love to their return.

You’ll, Mark was so incredibly smart, I mean seriously freakin’ smart, and saw the world in a way we would only be so lucky to see. He was talented not just with his art but with his sense of humor. This guy could legit work a crowd like no other and make every single person feel as if they were the most special human on earth.

Oh, but his art! His art! What a legacy he leaves behind with drawings of what he loved most, Louisville. What’s easy to see as a mere background to our life he always prized as the main attraction. From the interstates to banks to gas stations and fast food…Nothing lit him up more than the familiar faces and places that grounded him in a feeling of home.

Oh, death, you do sting and my heart is just so heavy with grief. My sweet, sweet Mark Anthony…I love you and will miss you always. Thank you for yesterday and thank you for you.


Mark Anthony Mulligan cause of death

Mark Anthony Mulligan, a folk musician, author, and inspiration from Louisville, was eager to participate.

Mulligan, a stalwart of Bardstown Road, passed away on Monday, November 28, at the age of 59.

He was receiving treatment at the Wedgewood Healthcare Center in Clarksville, which provides geriatric care, short-term recuperation, and rehabilitation.



Mark Anthony Mulligan: Who is he?

Mulligan, who was raised primarily on the streets of Louisville or in care institutions and hospitals, was born there.

Mulligan faced additional difficulties as a result of several diagnoses, but he was a resilient person who over time amassed a devoted following of admirers and friends.

If you lived close to the Highlands or Bardstown Road region, you almost certainly ran into Mulligan at some point. Mulligan offered brightness and kindness wherever he went with his distinctively broad grin, sparkling eyes, and swinging arms.

Mark Anthony Mulligan artworks

Mulligan’s career

Mulligan brought his artwork to Chuck Swanson, owner of the gallery, in the early 2000s, and Swanson assisted Mulligan in finding exhibitions for his work.

According to artist Al Gorman in the “Peacelands/Mark Anthony Mulligan” documentary, Swanson represented Mulligan through his gallery for more than ten years. Swanson and Gorman were coworkers at the time. Before Mulligan found representation with Swanson, numerous Louisville galleries rejected him.

His remarkable ability to notice and understand his surroundings both as they were and as he needed them to be for expressing his message is evident in Mulligan’s most well-known paintings, which all feature dense cityscapes.

His art demonstrates his sensibilities

He frequently infused his drawings with aspects of his personality. He was fiercely funny and deeply devout. His works usually used made-up street and business names that expressed his sensibility.

The talent and conceptualization of his works, despite their obvious folkiness, are comparable to those of renowned artist Jacob Lawrence or fellow Kentuckian Helen La France. Similar to La France, Mulligan’s work frequently straddled the line between “folk” and “art,” with strong interpretive components.

His creative output occasionally included poems, games, and portraits. Mulligan was given a COVID diagnosis and put on a ventilator in 2021.

He was able to get off the ventilator, but he was nowhere to be found in Bardstown. At Wedgewood, Mulligan spent his last days.
Numerous brothers, nieces, nephews, and a city full of people who knew him and will feel his absence remain in his life.

Tributes to Mark Anthony Mulligan

Before it was officially verified, news of Mulligan’s death sparked well-wishes and tributes on social media. Here are a few tributes to this extraordinary person.






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