How did Marelle Sturrock die? Husband, David Yates being hunted by cops

Marelle Sturrock died. (Facebook)

Marelle Sturrock, a Glasgow teacher who was eight months pregnant, was discovered dead at her house on Tuesday morning. David Yates, her missing fiancé, is being sought by police. Let’s see How did Marelle Sturrock die in detail.


How did Marelle Sturrock die?

Marelle Sturrock, a primary school teacher who was heavily pregnant, was discovered dead at home. David Yates, her lover, is now wanted by the police.

On Tuesday, just after 8:40 a.m., Marelle Sturrock’s corpse was found in the Glasgow flat she lived with her 36-year-old fiancé David Yates. The 35-year-old is thought to have been reported missing by coworkers after failing to show up for work or answer the door.

Police Scotland is investigating her death as suspicious, and according to the cops, her partner has been reported missing.

In letter to parents, Fiona Donnelly, the principal of Sandwood Primary School, where Marelle worked, stated:

‘It is with deep sorrow that I must inform you about the sudden death of Ms Sturrock who is a beloved member of our teaching staff.

‘I know that this will come as a shock to our school community, and we will do all that we can to support children, staff and families through what will be a difficult and challenging time.

‘We have had support in school today from our educational psychologists who will be here over the next few days to offer help and advice.

‘I hope that you will understand that there are no other details that I can share at this time but wanted to let our families know the tragic news from the school.”

In East Dunbartonshire, close to the city, a major search operation was started, and it is suspected that this search is related to the fatal accident.

Since Tuesday morning, dog teams have been searching the park’s woods while a police helicopter flies overhead.

Following the terrible corpse discovery, police in Milngavie, some nine miles distant, blocked off portions of Mugdock Country Park while they searched for Marelle’s partner.

Currently, he is being treated as a missing person. Cops in forensic suits could be seen rummaging through the vegetation on a portion of track across the lake from Mugdock Castle, and two officers kept guard there. A mobile police unit is still there.


Neighbor’s Statement:

Locals were shocked to learn that the alarm had been raised early on Tuesday by the brilliant actress Marelle’s coworkers. At 8.40 am, officers discovered her dead corpse.

Neighbor Alex Collie said: “My wife walked past when they were at the house. They were knocking on the door and seemed worried. “I think concern was raised when she didn’t show up for work. A few hours later we saw the police here. We got the shock of our lives when we heard what had happened to Marelle. It’s tragic. I can’t believe it.”

A walker—who wished to remain unnamed—said: “I come here a lot and that’s the first time I’ve seen police here. It’s quite a disturbing sight to see the place taped off like that but it’s obviously something very serious. It’s such a lovely park and it’s sad to think something tragic may have happened here.”


Who was Marelle Sturrock?

Marelle was well-known for her acting prowess and passion for local theatrical productions. She also had a talent for songwriting and singing.

Ms. Sturrock travelled to Glasgow at the age of 17 to pursue a career in the performing arts despite being originally from the Scottish Highlands.

She earned a master’s degree in education and started a career as a primary school teacher, a position for which she was highly praised by both her coworkers and pupils. Just hours before she passed away, Marelle was seen in a photo on Facebook smiling and enjoying supper with friends.


Who is David Yates?

According to Mr. Yates’ online resume, which highlights the theatre work he did in his community while in high school and college, he is also a developing actor.

According to his biography, ‘Dr. Morrison’s film’ in 2013 was one of the final movies in which he had a leading role. He also made an appearance in Glasgow’s Rapunzel’s Prince.

In September 2020, following the lockdown, he left Glasgow-based heavy metal group Nocturne Wulf to “focus on family and himself.”

In a video that was uploaded to social media, Mr. Yates declared that he wasn’t dedicated to the band and that he desired other things, such as a puppy and a family.

David Yates (Left) and Marelle Sturrock (Right). (Facebook)

According to, Marelle and David met while working on stage. They both liked performing together in their own time, and 2015, they were engaged. They began a Facebook initiative called Sunday Sing-Along Sessions when the school was under lockdown, which ultimately grew into a huge Facebook community called “Marelle and Dave’s Open Sunday Sing-Along Sesh!”


Police Investigation:

Tonight, a cordon remained in place, as cops remained on duty outside the home.

Two investigators came at about noon and entered the building to resume their investigation after donning white dungarees, masks and blue gloves.

Detective Chief Inspector Cheryl Kelly said:

“Our thoughts are with Marelle’s family and friends, as well as everyone affected by this tragic incident.

“We are providing her family with support at this incredibly difficult time as our investigation to establish the full circumstances continues.

“A visible police presence will remain at both locations as our work continues.

“There is not believed to be any risk to the wider public but I would urge anyone with information or concerns to contact Police Scotland on 101, quoting incident 0904 of 25 April or speak to any of our officers.”

Police are still present at Marelle Sturrock’s Glasgow house, where she was discovered dead (Wattie Cheung).

Police Scotland ask anybody with information or concerns to call 101 and reference incident 0904 of April 25 or talk to any officers.


Tributes to Marelle Sturrock

Since the news of her passing broke, tributes to Marelle from friends and coworkers have poured in, showcasing her love of the arts and her enthusiasm for teaching.

Wick Players wrote: “Wick Players are so sorry to learn of the passing of member, Marelle Sturrock. Marelle was an active member of Wick Players from when she was a young teenager, she was a great asset to the group and she was a very talented young lady both with her singing and her acting. Some people have a light that shines from within, and Marelle’s talent shone through that aura and she followed her dream by doing drama and music studies at University. It is tragic that her young life has ended too soon but we at Wick Players will always love and remember her as one of our family. We extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to her family ❤️

Missy Faulks wrote: “Stunned and saddened to read of the loss of this beautiful young woman. I worked with Marelle 15yrs ago and she was a vibrant and special woman. She arranged a birthday party for me and made me a CD of her singing and I’d known her less than a week by then 😄 (such a Marelle thing to do! Those who know her won’t be surprised by this!); she was a force of nature and I expect has left an imprint on many peoples lives. Even after all these years, I still spoke of her occasionally. You certainly made a mark on mine, Marelle 🫶🏻 Rest in peace with your baby, gorgeous girl. xx”

Friend Alec Nicholson described Marelle as a ‘kind’ and ‘talented’ person in a touching tribute to ‘an exceptionally beautiful human’’. He told the Mirror: “I mean, of course anyone would say that about someone whose loss they’re mourning, but she really was incredibly special. So beautiful, so talented, but so kind. She really was the very last person anyone could ever want to come to harm. Just a lovely, lovely girl.”

Authorities are currently looking into Marelle Sturrock’s death circumstances, which are yet unclear. The news has obviously crushed Marelle Sturrock’s family and friends, and the community has been horrified by the tragic loss. The news of Marelle Sturrock’s passing has understandably devastated her family and friends, and condolences have poured in from all over the neighborhood. Many people have expressed their sympathies and offered support to Marelle Sturrock’s loved ones on social media during this difficult period.

We send our sympathies to Marelle Sturrock’s family and friends during this difficult time.


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