How did LJ McCutcheon die? Martine McCutcheon’ brother cause of death Explained


Martine McCutcheon’ brother Died: Martine McCutcheon is an actress best recognized for her work in EastEnders and Love. Her brother LJ McCutcheon died suddenly. Martine McCutcheon is devastated by her brother’s tragic death at age 31. Let’s see how he died and Martine McCutcheon’ brother cause of death in detail

How did LJ McCutcheon die? Martine McCutcheon' brother cause of death Explained

How did LJ McCutcheon die?

Martine McCutcheon, a former EastEnders actor, has said that her brother passed away and that there is “no medical explanation.”

When Martine McCutcheon revealed the unexpected passing of her brother LJ, she shared her sorrow with the world.

The actress said her brother passed away suddenly at the age of 31.

Martine, a star of Love Actually, shared two pictures of her brother on her Instagram page to express her sorrow.

The 46-year-old then penned the following caption: “My heart is destroyed forever… “My gentle giant, my baby brother, tragically went away two weeks ago. Age-wise, he was 31.”

Martine continued by stating that the family is still investigating the cause of her brother’s death and that there is “no medical explanation” for it.

There is no medical reason for why we lost him so quickly, and while we continue to look into it, we must come to terms with the fact that nothing will bring our boy back to us.

Martine McCutcheon’ brother cause of death 

As per the reports, Martine McCutcheon’ brother does not have any health issues.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Laurence John cause of death will be added soon.


Who was Laurence Jhon?

“L.J. (Laurence John) was born when I was 15 years old, and I can still remember how proud and intensely protective I felt the first time I held him in my arms.

Such a character, he was! He was hilarious and enjoyed nothing more than making plans, creating an awesome playlist, bringing people together, and generally giggling.

He always moved on to the next thing since he detested the idea of a celebration coming to an end.

With constant love, support, and a commitment to himself, Laurence grasped hold of life with both hands and exceeded any expectations we had of him, Martine continued, despite having a “moderate kind of special needs.”

She continued: He was my anchor and my radar for what mattered in life. And even though he was always so proud of me and would tell everyone I was his sister, I always wanted to shield him from the spotlight and people who might be attracted to him for the wrong reasons.

“LJ fell in love and was set to wed the following month… The last time I saw him was a few days before he passed away, and I was invited to be a bridesmaid.

He, Jack, and his future stepson had gone to try on wedding suits before returning for supper with the family and to visit our new house with his fiancee.

“He appeared so tall and attractive, and tanned. I’ve never seen him better, Ironic, in a way My heart grieves for everyone who lost him. However, my heart aches for our mother, his father John, and his stepparents.

You shouldn’t live longer than your kids. Although I know you will want us to fully live, laugh, and love in your memory, I’m afraid of life without you, LJ. I’ll try, I swear.”


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