Did Hiphop singer Crush really say racial remarks? Explained


Did Hiphop singer Crush really say racial remarks? Explained

Fans are unimpressed with Rush Hour singer Crush’s apology for alleged racist behavior. Let’s see Did Hiphop singer Crush really say racial remarks in detail

Hiphop singer Crush Racist behavior

R&B musician Crush, who is most known for his soulful OSTs and current single Rush Hour with BTS’ j-hope, has gotten himself into some serious problems.

A regrettable occurrence from Crush’s performance at the 2022 SOMEDAY PLEMORA Festival on October 10, 2022, has now gone viral on social media.

In the video, the Rush Hour singer can be seen embracing and shaking hands with fans who are close to the stage.

He might have avoided shaking hands with a few Black K-pop fans at one point, though.

The video, which was posted by Twitter user @tulipyeo, quickly gained popularity as viewers criticized Crush for what they saw to be his racial behavior.

Soon after, the musician posted on Instagram to clarify that he had “no discriminating intents” and was merely trying to “ensure fans’ safety.” Fans, however, did not accept the artist’s apologies and kept criticizing him.

Social media users go viral over Crush’s alleged racist behavior toward two Black K-pop fans.

The Twitter user @tulipyeo revealed that they are a Black K-pop lover who went to the concert where Crush was performing with their roommate. She recounted her experience of seeing Crush perform at 2022 SOMEDAY PLEMORA Festival.

The performer excitedly greeted audience members who were close to the stage at one point, shaking hands and handing out quick high-fives. However, he allegedly ignored them and their roommate because they are Black, as claimed in the video tweeted by @tulipyeo.

The Rush Hour fan said that they had never experienced such overt racism firsthand and that it had left them utterly upset because they were such ardent supporters of the musician.

They added that one of their other friends, who has a paler skin tone, had to move her hand to make room for @tulipyeo and their roommate to shake the singer’s hand. He allegedly avoided the two fans and instead shook hands with their friend who has a lighter skin tone.

The alleged roommate, @brinaxv, supported @tulipyeo and shared that they were both deeply saddened by this situation.

K-pop fans have already expressed their outrage over this widely publicized incident on social media, labeling the artist a “racist” and denouncing his despicable actions.

Several more concertgoers are now supporting the two Black K-pop fans’ narrative with their versions. One fan said that he had previously turned down gifts from a Black K-pop enthusiast as well.

After the viral incident, the Rush Hour singer issued a formal statement on his own Instagram outlining his position and stating that after the incident became viral

“he was performing for a live audience after two years, he was excited and instinctively walked towards the stage to greet fans close to the stage. As fans were getting too close to the fences and he was worried for their safety, he backed off from giving more high-fives and handshakes.”

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He continued by professing his heartfelt regret for this oversight and declaring that he “loves all his fans regardless of their nationality and ethnicity” and “would never demonstrate racist or discriminating behavior” against anyone.

However, K-pop fans did not appear to accept his apologies and continued to criticize him, branding the singer a “huge liar” and saying that Crush ought to have offered a more true and honest apology.


Who was Hiphop singer Crush?

The Korean musician, born Shin Hyo-seob, is a singer-songwriter and producer who mostly works in the R&B and hip-hop genres.

His debut single, Sometimes, was published on April 1 of the same year as his debut album, Crush On You, which came out on June 5 of the same year.

The song Beautiful from the Kim Go-eun and Gong Yoo drama The Guardian: Lonely and Great God, Sleepless Night featuring Punch from It’s Okay, That’s Love, and No Words from Itaewon Class starring Park Seo-joon are a few of his best known compositions.

People’s reactions to Crush’s behavior

Riy tweeted,

that’s beyond messed up and disgusting behavior from crush, i’m so sorry this happened to you and your roommate that absolutely shouldn’t have happened to neither of you at all and should never have had to experience such r3cism 😕

Rwa tweeted,

@tulipyeo that’s so sick?? nd the fact that you were super excited … honestly screw him!! I’m so sorry that happened to you sending big hugs :((

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