Why did Tulsi Gabbard leave Democratic party? Explained


Why did Tulsi Gabbard leave Democratic party? Explained


Tulsi Gabbard claims she has left the Democratic Party. Let’s look at Why did Tulsi Gabbard leave the Democratic party in detail

Why did Tulsi Gabbard leave Democratic party?

After years of rumors about her party affiliation, former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has declared that she is no longer a Democrat.

The former Democratic senator, who was ultimately defeated by Joe Biden for the 2020 candidacy, said on Tuesday that she was leaving the party she had tried to lead as president.

In statements resembling Republican attack lines on Mr. Biden, Ms. Gabbard released a long statement on Tuesday criticizing what she has called “an aristocratic conspiracy of warmongers fueled by cowardly weakness.”

Ms. Gabbard mentioned the Democratic “ideology,” the US president’s immigration policy, supposed antagonism “to persons of faith & spirituality,” and the purported “demonization” of the police as the reasons for her resignation.

However, Mr. Biden, a practicing Catholic, has frequently stated his support for law enforcement, particularly in light of the attack on the US Capitol on January 6 by Trump supporters.

The current Democratic party, according to Ms. Gabbard, “weaponizes the national security state to go after political opponents, and above all, driving us ever closer to nuclear war,” she continued.

These comments appeared to be in response to Republican criticism of the Justice Department’s investigation into former US president Donald Trump for improper handling of secret information as well as US backing for Ukraine’s stand against Russia.

Many Democrats and political commentators indicated a lack of astonishment over the former congresswoman’s exit from the party in their responses to the news on Twitter on Tuesday morning.

Regarding Ms. Gabbard’s remarks on “anti-white racism,” political analyst Joan Walsh opined, “Tulsi is such a phony, and shame on every progressive who tried to sell her as one of ‘we’.”

Another Twitter user questioned: “Was she ever a Democrat? No one cares that Tulsi Gabbard is no longer a Democrat.

“Wait. Did you use to be a Democrat? I might have been deceived, for sure,” said MSNBC host Katie Phang. Ms. Gabbard has long been critical of Mr. Biden and the Democratic Party as a whole; the former candidate for president has described his critique of Republican attacks on democracy as an instance of “authoritarian” control meant “to intimidate those who oppose him politically into silence.”


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