How did Giovanna Fabrica die? Italian teacher cause of death Explained

How did Giovanna Fabrica die

On Monday afternoon, L’Arena, Giovanna Fabrica, a teacher collapsed and died in front of her young students at a primary school near Verona in northern Italy. Let’s see How did Giovanna Fabrica die and her cause of death in detail.

According to the local newspaper L’Arena, Giovanna Fabrica, a 44-year-old teacher, passed away during a class at the Carlo Ederle school in Villa Bartolomea, Verona, Italy.

How did Giovanna Fabrica die?

Giovanna Fabrica fell unwell yesterday, Monday, October 10, shortly after 2 p.m., in front of the classroom. She was in the second classroom and finished her classes. She collapsed after greeting fellow teacher Tommaso De Stefani who was scheduled to take the next two hours of classes. As soon as she fell, she was given immediate aid by fellow teacher Tommaso De Stefani while instructing colleagues to evacuate the children from the classroom.

Until the arrival of emergency personnel, De Stefani continued his efforts to revive Fabrica, using a defibrillator, but all efforts to save her proved unsuccessful. After doing all the maneuvers for almost a quarter of an hour in an effort to save her colleague, he can’t save her.

An ambulance from 118 arrived at the Ederle first and shortly after the Verona Emergency helicopter rescue, landed on the football ground near the school. However, the teacher passed away after another half an hour of attempts at resuscitation by the medical and paramedical professionals.

Later De Stefani stated that,

It all happened in a few seconds, I had just said goodbye. She was calm and smiling, as always. I went to the front door for a moment when I heard a thud.

Who was L’Arena, Giovanna Fabrica?

Giovanna Fabrica was a 44 years old woman who worked as a primary school teacher in Villa Bartolomea, Veronese. Her husband Angelo, was also a teacher at the institute in the area. She is from Naro in the Agrigento region. She lived in Cerea before she moved to Comprehensive Ederle last year. Giovanna had a specialization in teaching academic subjects like geography and science at Carlo Ederle school in Verona, Italy.

Giovanna’s cause of death

Giovanna’s husband Angelo, a teacher at another nearby school, had to be informed of the situation by principal Cristina Ferrazza, who emphasized that his wife had no known medical issues. The teacher’s funeral will be held in Naro, a town close to Agrigento in her native Sicily.

On School’s website, condolences to the staff were posted and the message reads, “Dear Maestra Giovanna, Your smile went out too soon in the place you loved most. We hug you tightly on your last journey so that you are not afraid.”

The exact cause of the death was not known clearly. Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on the teacher’s cause of death will be added soon.

The Headteacher of the school said,

An admirable person who reacted with great composure to this immense and sudden pain that not even he would have expected to experience. Also because, as you assured us, Giovanna did not suffer from diseases.

We are all shocked and still can’t believe it. Even with a broken heart, however, an applause, as also noted by the rescuers himself, certainly goes to the master De Stefani who performed the necessary maneuvers with extreme professionalism and without ever losing control of the situation.

Maria Grazia Brandara, Mayor of Naro, stated:

“Giovanna was a sunny, serene, sweet woman. She deeply loved her job as a teacher and the little ones. Her passing leaves us astonished. Another daughter of this land who had to leave, this time never to return. May the earth be kind to her.”

Tributes to Giovanna Fabrica

Maria Grazia Brandara – Sindaco di Naro posted,

al dolore della famiglia di Giovanna Fabrica, maestra originaria di Naro che viveva a Cerea, in provincia di Verona, insieme al marito Angelo, e che è stata stroncata da un improvviso malore mentre era a scuola. Giovanna era una donna solare, serena, dolcissima. Amava profondamente il suo lavoro di insegnante e i più piccoli. La sua scompars.

GeMa7799 tweeted,

Malore fatale, maestra di 44 anni muore davanti agli alunni…Dramma a Verona:, stroncata da un malore improvviso, nonostante i soccorsi tempestivi, non c’è stato nulla da fare. Giovanna Fabrica, 44 anni, è deceduta nella scuola in cui insegnava.

QdSit tweeted,

Una insegnante di Naro, Giovanna Fabrica, 44 anni, maestra alla primariaCarlo Ederle di Villa Bartolomea, in provincia di Verona, è morta … #naro


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