How did Liz Sheridan die? Seinfeld actress Cause of death

How did Liz Sheridan die

Liz Sheridan, best known for her roles on the hit sitcoms “Seinfeld” and “Alf,” has died, according to Sheridan’s agent Amanda Hendon. She was 93 years old. Let’s see how did Liz Sheridan die.

Hendon said in a press release that Sheridan “died peacefully in her sleep from natural causes at 2:30 am Friday, just five days after her 93rd birthday.”


Who was Liz Sheridan?

On “Seinfeld,” she played Helen Seinfeld, the mother of the show’s title character, Jerry Seinfeld.

Sheridan portrayed eccentric neighbor Raquel Ochmonek in the sci-fi comedy “Alf,” about a furry alien who moves in with a human family.

Sheridan appeared in shows like “Kojak,” “One Day at a Time,” and “The A-Team” before landing major roles in “Seinfeld” and “Alf.” Sheridan was also a veteran stage performer with numerous Broadway credits, including the musical comedy “Happy End,” in which she co-starred with Meryl Streep.

Sheridan also wrote a memoir about her “ill-fated romance” with film icon James Dean when they were both aspiring actors in New York City. In September 2000, “Dizzy & Jimmy: My Life with James Dean: A Love Story” was released. According to the press release, a feature film adaptation of the book is currently in the works.

“Liz’s global fan base will continue to enjoy her extensive body of work for years to come,” according to the press release. “She was always very grateful to her fans and felt blessed to have worked in the entertainment industry for decades.”


Cause of death

Liz Sheridan, a veteran stage and screen actress who played Jerry Seinfeld’s mother, Helen, on “Seinfeld,” died in her sleep from natural causes on Friday morning.

Sheridan died five days after her birthday on April 10th. Amanda Hendon, her manager, and friend, confirmed her death.

Hendon said Sheridan had celebrated her 93rd birthday earlier this week. Her daughter and son-in-law survive her.


Celebs react to Liz Sheridan death

Jerry just broke his silence on Liz’s death by posting an old photo of him with her on the “Seinfeld” set.
Liz, according to Jerry, was “always the sweetest, nicest TV mom a son could wish for.”

He continues “It was the coziest feeling for me every time she appeared on our show. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have known her.”

Mark Hamill tweeted,

Loved her on #Seinfeld. Loved her on #ALF. Loved her in everything she did.
Jerry Seinfeld tweeted,
Liz was always the sweetest, nicest TV mom a son could wish for. Every time she came on our show it was the coziest feeling for me. So lucky to have known her.
Eric Alper tweeted,
Liz Sheridan, who played Jerry Seinfeld’s mother and the only guest star to appear in every season, has died at 93. She was also in Alf, St. Elsewhere, Moonlighting and Who’s The Boss, AND on Broadway AND had a short-lived romance with James Dean. THAT’s a life, right there.
ALF tweeted,
“Liz Sheridan was funny. She gave her all to every scene and rose to every comedic challenge. She was a charming, sweet, wonderfully funny woman. I had the pleasure to share many laughs with her both on & off screen. I was incredibly lucky to have her on team ALF.” — Paul Fusco

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