How did Janet Hill die? Grant Hill’s mother Cause of death


How did Janet Hill die? Grant Hill's mother Cause of death Revealed

Janet Hill tragically passed away at 74 on 15 August 2022. Let’s see How did Janet Hill die and Grant Hill’s mother Cause of death

The tragically died Janet Hill, the spouse of former running back and team consultant Calvin Hill, was made public by the Dallas Cowboys on Monday.

Independent and employed as a consultant by Hill Family Advisors, Mrs. Hill was responsible for managing the family’s money and assets.

How did Janet Hill die? 

On August 15, 2022, Janet passed away surrounded by her family and friends.

She was taking use of her retirement after leaving the Duke University Board of Trustees in 2021. She continued to serve as a consultant for several businesses nonetheless.

The devastating news of Hill’s passing broke, shocking her supporters and well-wishers.

Recently, her health and the absence of any serious health difficulties were thought to be stable.

The hill family is made of well-known figures from the American sports industry.

Grant Hill’s mother Cause of death

Janet Hill, the widow of former running back and team consultant Calvin Hill, passed suddenly, the Dallas Cowboys announced on Monday night.

“The news of Janet Hill’s passing makes us very sad.

She was first and foremost a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and member of the Dallas Cowboys Family “Cowboys released a statement.

“In addition to being a tremendous leader and role model for many, Janet left a lasting impression on everyone she knew and worked with.

Throughout her incredible life journey, she made a very particular contribution to and served our community and nation.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Calvin, Grant, the entire Hill family, and the countless other people whose lives, like ours, were impacted and improved by Janet’s presence.”

Grant Hill’s mother Cause of death hasn’t been revealed. The Cowboys could praise Hill at some point during the preseason or regular season.

Our thoughts are with the Hill family at this time.

Who is Janet Hill?

She was well-known in the sports world as the wife of former Washington and Dallas Cowboys running back Calvin Hill and the mother of NBA great Grant Hill.

However, Janet Hill is now regarded as a Black woman icon and a legend in her own right.

Black women now have the opportunity to fill roles that were previously out of reach thanks to Hill, who passed away on Saturday at the age of 74.

Who is Grant Hill?

American Grant Henry Hill, a former professional basketball player, is a co-owner and executive of the National Basketball Association’s Atlanta Hawks. 

He attended Duke University and is regarded as one of the best players there. Janet Hill, a Duke trustee emerita was the mother of a former Duke basketball star.

Janet hill’s Education

She attended Wellesley College in the late 1960s to receive her undergraduate degree, and Hillary Clinton was a classmate of hers.

Later, she graduated from the University of Chicago with a master’s in arts in mathematics instruction.

From there, she worked in a variety of positions, including research in mathematics and teaching math in high school and college.

Janet hill’s Career

The first Black person to fill the job was Hill, who served as the secretary of the Army’s special assistant and White House liaison coordinator in the late 1970s.

Later, she had positions on several corporate boards, including those of the Carlyle Group, Sprint, Houghton Mifflin Dean Foods, Wendy’s Company, and Esquire Bank.

Both the Washington Business Hall of Fame and the National Association of Corporate Directors’ Hall of Fame inducted her.

Grant Hill described his mother as not bending her self-worth for the sake of conformity when living in a foreign country in his autobiography, “Game: An Autobiography.”

For her, she caused the earth to budge. She would spend a lot of her life in boardrooms and corporate conference rooms as the only woman of color, and frequently the only woman overall.

She frequently held the door open from behind herself, paving the way for other people with similar looks to finally follow.

Serving as Duke University trustee

Former President Barack Obama selected Hill to be a trustee at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

She served as a Duke University trustee for 15 years, and later this year, she was scheduled to receive the Duke University Medals for Distinguished Meritorious Service.

What Duke President Vincent Price stated about Janet?

In a statement, Duke President Vincent Price stated, “We remember Janet Hill for her diligence, knowledge, and direction in service to Duke.”

“Janet has always fought to make Duke even better because she adored Duke with the same unwavering dedication she put into all of her obligations.

Our sincere sympathies to Calvin, Grant, and the entire Hill family. We are so grateful for her life, passion, and leadership.The Duke flags at Duke University will be flown at half-staff through Thursday in memory of Hill.

Tributes to Janet Hill

Don Harris tweeted,

RIP Janet Hill. Grant Hill’s mom was extraordinary. A member of too many boards to count. Wendy’s, Sprint, Houghton Mifflin etc. Trustee at Duke & Kennedy Center for performing arts. Also former Asst. to the Secretary of the Army. Thoughts to go out to Grant and family.

Bill Castorena tweeted,

May God engulf you & your family in his comforting & loving arms. Your in my prayers.

GpTeacher tweeted,

Oh this makes me so sad. I remember seeing her at @DukeMB games (I was just a few years behind Grant at Duke.) She was so accomplished. Just bought Grants book, and she was what a mom should be

NOD tweeted,

Yeah I was a couple yrs behind Grant. She and Calvin — such kind people. Condolences to Grant and the family.

Sharon adams tweeted,

I knew her. She was the sweetest woman.

T_Believes tweeted,
Rest in heaven. So many lives you touched while you were here. You did your job well and God is well pleased.

Beth ncc-1701 tweeted,
Prayers for comfort and peace for all who knew her.


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