How did Heinz Winkler die? Celebrity chef cause of death Explained

At the age of 73, Heinz Winkler, one of Germany’s most celebrated chefs, passed away suddenly after a drinking session in Germany. Let’s see How did Heinz Winkler die and Heinz Winkler cause of death in detail.

How did Heinz Winkler die?

After a drinking session in Germany, a well-known chef Heinz Winkler passed away under “strange” circumstances.

Heinz Winkler, 73, who was just 32 years old when he became the youngest person ever to receive three stars from the Michelin Guide, passed away on October 27 after collapsing outside his restaurant in Aschau im Chiemgau, Germany.

Heinz Winkler cause of death

Winkler’s hotel and restaurant Residenz Heinz Winkler, confirmed his death via a Facebook post. “A great person has passed away,” the post reads. “After a short, serious illness, his family said goodbye in deep mourning.”

Winkler reportedly passed out at home in Aschau on Friday night and was rushed to a clinic in Rosenheim, according to media sources.

“Mysterious” death

Currently, police are looking into how he fell and what happened.

According to the local media, Winkler’s first wife Daniella Hain’s friend, an unknown off-duty cook, allegedly urged him to drink excessively before offering to drive him home in his car. Winkler’s initial spouse was Daniella Hain.

The off-duty chef was then seen yelling, “Heinz fell!” as he hurried back to the restaurant with blood on his shirt.

Doctors battled to save Winkler’s life

According to a manager of the house who spoke with BR, the cook was still standing at the stove on Thursday, and later that day while walking to his car due to a heart attack, he passed out and went to the hospital.

For the moment, it was possible to revive him. He underwent multiple organ failure and was placed into a medically induced coma before his life support system was turned off on Friday night despite efforts to restore him.

The management said that for a day, the medical staff “fought for his life.” His entire family was present in the hospital and was present for his farewell.

Who was Heinz Winkler?

German-Italian chef Heinz Winkler, who received three Michelin stars, lived from 17 July 1949 to 29 October 2022.

Winkler had a significant impact on Germany’s culinary scene. The South Tyrolean was the youngest of a family of mountain farmers who had 11 children when she was born in Bolzano in 1949.

Career begins

When he began his training at the Hotel Laurenz in Bolzano at the age of 14 in 1963, he began his career in the kitchen. Chef of cuisine at the Schlosshotel Pontresina and Kulm Hotel in St. Moritz ten years later.

Chef of the century

Winkler moved to Germany and contributed to the development of the product-focused nouvelle cuisine after working under French “chef of the century” Paul Bocuse.

He succeeded renowned Austrian chef Eckart Witzigmann, who had elevated Tantris in Munich to a culinary destination, as the restaurant’s executive chef in 1978.


Keeping the restaurant’s two Michelin stars, he achieved the greatest honour in the culinary world—three Michelin stars—in 1981, when he was just 31 years old. Thus, Winkler became the world’s youngest three-star chef.

Cooking wild game was his area of expertise.In 2001, the Federal Cross of Merit was awarded to him.

Heinz’s Hotel

In 1991, Winkler inaugurated the two-star Residenz Heinz Winkler. His family and closest friends would continue the chef’s legacy, according to the post that announced his passing.

Winkler’s retreat plan

Aschau is also home to actor Christian Wolff (84) and his wife Marina Wolff. The German publication received confirmation from Marina Wolff that “We have just received the news from his first wife Evi that Heinz has died. We are very upset. Heinz was a good friend.”

The pair frequently went to their Aschau restaurant, Residenz. The apartment complex doubles as a two-star restaurant and a five-star hotel.

Winkler told “Bild” a few days ago about his future plans: “I would like to retire immediately, to Mallorca. In the winter in my apartment there, in the summer in my house.”

Planted a Rose in the name of “Heinz Winkler”

The director of tourist information, Herbert Reiter, is surprised and utters some extremely intimate comments. Reiter told the BR-Studio Rosenheim,  “I not only valued Heinz infinitely as a person but also as a host at the highest level,”

They just recently planted their “Heinz Winkler” rose in Aschau, and they had a great time doing it.“Heinz Winkler will remain rooted in our place forever.”

With his extravagant culinary prowess and his gourmet temple, the “Residenz,” Heinz Winkler was not just a world figurehead but also a doer seeking an equal.

Tributes to Heinz Winkler

Aschau am Chiemgau is saddened by the news of the passing of its renowned star chef. Many people from around the world are sharing their sadness via social media.

𝙵𝚒𝚙𝚜𝚢 tweeted,

“RIP 🪦 Heinz Winkler – ein grandioser Koch und Bekannter 😢”

Richard Vines tweeted,

“Heinz Winkler, the first Italian chef with three Michelin stars, dies”

Andy Hayler tweeted,

“Very sad to hear about the death of the hugely gifted chef Heinz Winkler, who at just 32 was the youngest 3 star Michelin chef in the world (until, much later, 28 year old Massiliano Alajmo). I loved his food ”

We send Heinz Winkler’s friends and family our sincere condolences as we are devastated to see another legend pass away.


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