How did Fevzi Zemzem die? What happened? Cause of death

How did Fevzi Zemzem die

How did Fevzi Zemzem die: Fevzi Zemzem, a legendary football player and former Göztepe coach, has died at the age of 80.

Became a King with 19 Goals

Zemzem, who wore the yellow-red jersey for 11 years, scored 144 goals and established himself as a community legend. Fevzi Zemzem, who won two Turkish Cups and one Presidential Cup with Göztepe, was the top scorer in the 1967-1968 season, with 19 goals. In 1968-1969, Fevzi Zemzem played a significant role in Göztepe’s promotion to the semi-finals of the UEFA Europa League, which was then famed as the Fair Cities Cup. Fevzi Zemzem appeared for the National Team 18 times and scored 6 goals. Zemzem, who has coached numerous clubs, was a coach at Göztepe for four different periods. Halil Kiraz and Nezzat Güzelrmak, two legendary Göztepe staff members, died in 2020, as did Ertan Znur previous year.

Fevzi Zemzem Cause of Death

How did Fevzi Zemzem die: “We are deeply saddened by this news of our legendary football player, Fevzi Zemzem, who is the precious name of Turkish football and our club,” the club said in an official statement. When the details of the funeral ceremony are finalized, we will inform our community. “Our condolences go out to Turkish football and our community.” Fevzi Zemzem, nicknamed “Bulldozer,” began playing football in Göztepe in 1959 and died at the age of 80. but the cause of death is not revealed yet.

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