How did Evelyn Ogutu die? Kenyan Journalist cause of death Explained



How did Evelyn Ogutu die? Kenyan Journalist cause of death Explained


After giving birth to twins, Kenyan journalist Evelyn Ogutu passed away unexpectedly. Let’s learn more about what happened to her and Evelyn Ogutu cause of death in detail

  • On Friday, a media figure who was affiliated with Standard Media Group passed away.
  • The prominent journalist passed away soon after having twins delivered through c-section at a nearby hospital.
  • Kenyans sent letters of sympathy to the dead, who left a sizable void in the PR and media sectors.


Who was Evelyn Ogutu?

She was born in Kisumu before her family relocated to Kericho, where she went to Mercy Girls Secondary School and Kipkelion Township Primary School.

Ogutu, a graduate of the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) and Kenyatta University, worked for the Standard Group (SG) on Mombasa Road for a time before starting her journalism career.

Before moving to Nairobi, she worked as a writer for the news organization headquartered in its Nyeri Bureau. She has contributed to SG publications like Instinct and Eve Woman.

She eventually made a foray into public relations, where she too enjoyed a colorful career; at one point, she worked on PR strategy for the East African Community (EAC). The deceased’s survivors include five, as was previously mentioned.

She is an award-winning media consultant as per the reports that we have with us this evening.

Evelyn Ogutu cause of death

Kenyan journalists have used social media to express their sorrow over a colleague who passed very soon after giving birth to twins.

Evelyn Ogutu reportedly passed away as a result of difficulties related to her caesarian delivery, according to reports.

Fortunately, the twins are still alive and receiving medical care at an undisclosed city hospital.

According to her Facebook profile, Ogutu previously had two sons and a girl, making three children in total.

Anyone who had contact with the deceased praised her for the fervor and passion with which she pursued a career in journalism.

Tributes to Evelyn Ogutu

Others expressed their sincere eulogies to honor the life well lived.

Dennis Itumbi said,

“There are some we meet and make friends with, and then there are those we make friends with even before we do. 

Those who simply text and say, “I called to slow you down by saying Hello,” said Dennis Itumbi, Kenya Kwanza’s lead social media activist. “Those who fill our lives with a passion to fight just once more…those who just text and say”

Moses Njagih replied

“As our respective families developed, we remained close friends. 

Unfortunately, you lost your vital fourth life. 

Rest in peace, my good friend—I hate to say it. 

Certainly, even as we grieve for you, the angels in heaven are jubilating 

Jacob Mogoa, a seasoned journalist, stated.

“Although we loved you, Evelyn Ogutu, God loved you more. 

Still, in disbelief, You were the best friend anyone could have asked for. RIP, sweetheart “

Luiza Mwambah said,

Pole Sana to friends and family for the loss. May she rest in Eternal Peace

Mapolomoko Madd said,

Long ago the shock was spread out. Telex. Phone call. Word of mouth “umeskia flani…?” Today social media has made it instant. Frightening.

Cheptoo Ngeno said,

It’s never goodbye’s but goodnight, this year was tough on us losing three loved ones in a row. We believe when the trumpet sounds, we shall meet on that beautiful shore. It is well.

Fredrick Otieno said,

We are hopeful that the hustler government is going to perform beyond the expectation of the enemies of development.

God bless Kenya!



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